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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

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  1. Ruben123
    Zs3 cable is indeed better but what is wrong with the jack?
  2. CoiL
    it`s littlebit bulky imo and there could be better angle. But this is just my subjective opinion.
  3. jipan
    So. Just finished comparing ATR and ATE.
    Build quality: was it just me or ATR cable slightly thinner and less tangle prone than ATE? Granted, both cables are easy to tangle to death, but ATE cable is like noodle, while ATR is slightly more rigid. Gone is the pretty hard case from ATE, ATR came with standard plastic and carton box.
    Body quality more or less is same, but ATR had this small vent near the nozzle. I like ATE font better than ATR.
    Sound: I found that ATR treble is sharper and in abundance compared to rolled down treble of ATE. ATR is airier compared to ATE.
    ATE bass is bigger, more forward, boomy and slower compared to ATR bass. Vocal side, ATE is one step forward compared to ATR. Personally I prefer ATE vocal, more intimate. Separation between main vocal and background vocal is better in ATE than ATR.
    The differences in sound is not big, though. I think the first thing people notice switching from ATE to ATR were how everything take one step backward from listener. To me, ATE is intimate kind of presentation, while ATR is more spacious and less in your face kind of presentation.
    This is from my bad ears, using FiiO E10 (first gen).
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  4. exsion
    Does anyone know where the official store to buy the ATE is?  I looked on Amazon first and saw two separate listings which confused me, and then looking at Aliexpress I saw a 'KZ Headset Official Flagship Store' and a 'KZ Official Store'.
  5. boblauer
    Same experience here but I've probably got  50 hours of burn in and another 12 on the upgrade silver cable. I'm about ready to give up on these and throw them in a drawer. 
  6. squallkiercosa
    I removed the ZS3 cable sheath and the metal bar that made the ear guide stiff. To be honest, I was better the way it was intended: The 2pin connector stick out a bit far from the ear (at least in my case) and the cable doesn't stay the same way due to its suppleness. It's no big deal but definitely I would not recommend to anyone. I wonder if a 2pin connector from any CIEM might do better (the plug is shorter) Still, I could workout with them without problems. 
  7. MAntunes

    I have the same question. Do they have any official website at least?
  8. harry501501
    Got ZS3 overnight Amazon Prime. It's got a huge sound to it, it's kinda a mixture of ATR and ATE S to my ears. it has the detail of ATR and the big bass and Soundstage of ATE S. I really like it... but getting a decent fit has been a challenge. I've never struggled this much getting a proper seal. I've used the same sized foams with ATE S, ATR and ZS1... all been fine but not here. With the ZS3 some silicons go to far in and strangle the sound. Foams have to be entered EXACTLY bang on in the same either ear or you get an unbalanced volume. SpinFits get pushed too far in. JVC Spiral dots don't work for me either. in the end the closest I can get to fitting and not damaging the sound are the ones that came on it... which normally would be too small for me.
    The problem is the length of the nozzle, it's too small for such a large housing.
    A real shame as the soundstage and energy of the sound is excellent.
    Any tips? :)
  9. B9Scrambler
    @harry501501  If it's a shallow fit earphone, I choose tips that play to that quality. Largest comfortable size that provides a light seal on the outside of the canal. For my pair I run with large RHA tips (not the greatest sound, but good comfort) or medium Ultimate Ears tips (best sound, slightly less comfortable).
  10. hakuzen

    after some tip rolling with zs3, found some suitable tips for my ears.
    thought wide bore ones would open mids and highs. spiral dots, and others spares i had around, are short for the long zs3 ATE nozzles, but discovered they sound ok this way (pushed down), like happens with ibasso it03. shallow insertion, spirals ML size (13mm) for my ears.
    anyway, if those short, wide bore, are too short, you can add an spacer (rubber/silicone o-ring), to make the tips protrude a bit more (you can adjust your ideal protruding by using one or various o-rings, different thickness)
    others i liked, were the new kz's 'star' (dark gray) tips, medium bore (L size, 13.5mm, in my case). i don't know if you have tried these. i get very good seal from them, and don't notice significant frequencies filtering. their inner tube is long, and matches well with the zs3 ATE's long nozzle. they are very affordable, so they worth a try.
    EDIT: OOPS, sorry the long nozzles are those from KZ ATE and ATR, i got confused with so many new iems..
    for zs3, i'm using the stock ones (those with red plastic inside), kz's new dark grays, and spiral dots, but found that a larger diameter was sealing better in this shallow insertion.
  11. mebaali

    ZST has been a big disappointment for me. With each passing day, my dislike for how they sound is only increasing. It's a shame, as I think these are one of the better looking earphones in my collection (sound is another story, though).

    OTOH, should have my ZS3 in a week's time.
  12. boblauer
    I totally agree, I thought burn in might positively affect them nope, bought the upgraded SPC cable thinking that would nope. Basically I'm throwing them in my box with some apple ear buds and calling it a loss. Too bad as these were the first KZ's I've bought and probably the last. Too many other ones in the same price point worth buying. 
  13. jmwreck
    I absolutely agree on the ZST reviews, there is a great amount of bass but the notes seems to be blurred and undefined, the treble/clarity seems to be loss in any genres I've tried.
  14. Kelzo
    Anyone tried using the replacement silver plated cable for ZS3? Does it change the sound of ZS3?
  15. Aradea
    I've used the silver colored cable immediately after receiving the ZS3. I really hate how the stock cable sounded.

    Stock cable: more in ur face presentation, high-mid-low are all over the place.

    Silver cable: bit laid back, more focused high-mid-low. Much more enjoyable to listen to.. and perhaps a bit more clarity
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