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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

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  1. B9Scrambler
    I think I misunderstood in that you were saying the HD9 was not an actual KZ. My apologies. The QKZ version, yeah, that's probably going to end up being different if QKZ versions of past KZs are any indication.
  2. haiku

    My experiments with the ATE S have shown, that the bass of the ATE S is only boomy if the seal is bad, the tips aren´t right or you didn´t insert them deep enough. When the tips, seal and depth is right, the bass and subbass is nothing but powerful and hart hitting. 
  3. harry501501
    Hey Haiku, I've used various tips. Foams, silicon and even SpinFits which practically grantee a good seal for me every time. What i have noticed and mentioned was they need quite a bit of power behind them to get that slam. With my DAC the bass does tighten up, and with my Xduoo X3 DAP it takes 85/100 to get the best out of them. i still love them, still one of my favourite IEMS (currently that is lol). thanks
  4. harry501501
    Well, had a day with the ATR. These are REALLY good sounding :)
    The detail is simply stunning at this price point. Good tight bass, decent enough depth. The mids and treble remind me a bit of the re-400 which is quite a compliment given the price difference. They have just a little bit of warmth that doesn't make them bright sounding. Soundstage depth is good, width good but i've heard better even at budget prices. vocals very articulate, as is separation.
    I'm so happy to have found a set that have good clarity up top without even getting close to sibilance. 
    An absolute steal at £10
    For me they ATR give me the critical listening but still musical. The ATE S give me the all out fun factor.
    ATE S > ATR > ZS1
    What next? ZST perhaps 
    bhazard likes this.
  5. bhazard
    I think it's about time for KZ to evolve a bit. They tried with the hybrid, but I hope they learned from it and build a better one for the next model.
    Get me a great sounding hybrid at their current price structure, and I will be buying more KZ again.
  6. B9Scrambler
    bhazard Some more evolution would be nice.

    I would also like to see them refine their lineup; ZS series for the bass cannons, ED series for a fun, v-shaped sound, AT series for a more balanced or neutral sound. Something like that.
  7. Chief Stringer

    I wanna see more zs1s with the non mesh ends (unless there still is some somewhere?
  8. B9Scrambler

    I'll post some pictures of mine tomorrow when it's bright enough.
  9. mints
    the search is futile
  10. 1clearhead
    +1 Love how they sound great right out of the package! I've been listening to the ATR's for 2 days now and I like them equally as much as my original first ATE's. Awesome buy!!!
    +1 True! .....If URBANFUN can do it? KZ can too! [​IMG]
  11. CoiL
    That` s very good to hear! 2nd gen modified ATE has been my all time favorite IEM, prefer them over many other I own, including some well known chinese hybrids.
    Will probably do mods to ATR too.
  12. 1clearhead
    Good to hear, 'CoiL'!  [​IMG]
  13. haiku

    Alright. My post was also meant for some newbies, who think they just have to insert iems, then complain they sound *****, not knowing that there´s more to it to make them sound great. [​IMG]
  14. Euljiro
    Yes, I hope someone at KZ can read this. Good post!
  15. CoiL
    Wow... KZ kind of suprises me again... ATR is VERY good OOTB... for 4.65$ ? Seriously? Best deal on SQ vs. price I`ve came across! 
    Now to the bad part... 
    KZ WHY oh WHY are You still using that ****y cable (rubbery, springy, sticky) ? 90* jack is also little bulk. 
    Back to ge good part...
    They should be awesome modding material and I suspect they will top over my FF-mod after modding [​IMG]
    In stock they have quite similar overall sound to my 2nd gen ATE FF-mod but lack little in bass tightness/detail, decay/reverb detail, airiness and soundstage openness compared to FF-mod.
    But still, they have very good and well balanced and quite detailed sound with accurate imaging and presentation.
    Now... ATR to the "burning station" for a while and will listen them after some ~100h playtime. After that - tip-rolling sessions.
    Will be getting more of those for sure!
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