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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

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  1. Aradea
    Hmm which one to get first? ATE (S) or ATR for my next KZ??
    I own the ZS3 right now and curious if the other line up are better
  2. mebaali
    Yep. Indeed, these are allrounders. Mighty impressed by the imaging of these, in particular.
    Hmmm. I can see the potential in these, especially with the instrument placements. Just want a bit more in mids and somewhat clearer treble, in these.
    ATR, is a solid buy for under 5 US$. Not much can go wrong with these, IMHO.
  3. harry501501
    I have both, the ATE S is a fun, very smooth sound. Bass is big and a bit boomy, but it's that low down warmth that I love. detail is decent enough, mids slightly pulled back in the mix.
    ATR, all round better performer. Great detail, similar bass to ATE S but much more accurate and better resolution. Mids and treble nice and clear. I can see why it's so liked here... it certianly gave me the wow factor on first listen. Only had a wee listen with it as I'm at work and sneaking away to listen to it lol.
  4. harry501501
    That's what i said in the sub 100$ Asian thread... a fantastic all rounder
  5. harry501501
    Now that I've listened to the ATR I can say the ATE S is similar but a lot warmer and smoother, bass perhaps reaches a bit lower but again unless it gets power can be boomy. i mentioned already but i'm still taken aback by how much juice the ATE S need to really shine!!!
  6. trumpethead
    My experience was very close to yours. Ootb I was a bit disappointed but they did open up with burn in and ss u say just listening. I am very pleased with the sound signature right now even thought the treble is a bit role off. Clarity, soundstage and detail are all improving and the bass is enough but not too much not bad KZ but I think they can do better with more experience tuning BA, and multiple drivers...interesting time to be in the game especially at these prices!
  7. Aradea
    Thanks a lot!

    I'll try the ATR then. I dont like too much of a boomy bass
  8. salatgung
    I am newbie here, Pls, What is the best among them? I like bass and high. Thanks you very much
  9. Paulo099

    If you like bass and high you should try the KZ ED9. They have emphasis in the bass and highs and have great soundstage and imaging for the price.
  10. haiku

    Exactly. If you don´t have a powerful amp, don´t even think about pulling the trigger on the ATE S. But if you have the amp, be prepared for some full bodied and meaty sound. 
  11. Ruben123

    Theyre 16 ohms really, come on. Only if you got a very weak EU capped phone you could possibly not get all the volume you want. Were talking about IEMs, no full size hard to drive headphones.
  12. CoiL
    Imho, despite I don`t have S version, to get best bass performance out of ATE series - it needs port holes modification and right tips. 
    I should get my 8x ATR`s very soon, if not tomorrow. Then I can listen to all of them and also give some feedback on production quality and consistency.
    It`s not about loudness and volume, it`s about giving driver enough mA level to get rid of "loose" bass and unwanted membrane "delay" movement. 
    I have experienced amps (opamps) difference while maintaining same volume levels, just the difference in output power and "filtering" quality. ATE seems to be one of those IEM`s (not much though) despite being low impedance (btw, if I recall correctly, then I did measurements and ATE is actually ~18 Ohm).  
  13. haiku
    Just ordered this KZ ATE Version! Can´t wait!  [​IMG]
  14. pashhtk27
  15. Ruben123

    Still want to hear more about them, there is not any mentioning of KZ (only qkz) and there are no sellers on eBay, only three on Ali, with at least one not having them (white) in stock.
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