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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

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  1. 1clearhead
    I don't shop at gearbest, but people in this forum say it's a good place to shop.
    My best quick impression on the ATR's.....It has a wide soundstage with natural sounding life-like midrange and great surprising details on top when used with aftermarket narrow-bore medium silicone tips. This is the latest I can say for the ATR's.
    These are really good. I can not find any fault on these! But, if it were priced any higher?....then the cables can be an issue for that matter -rubbery-like. [​IMG]
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  2. haiku

    Don´t own the ATE S yet? It´s a must buy, too.  [​IMG]
  3. mebaali

    To my ears and source gear, they are pretty balanced sounding with a tinge of warmth and that's a legit ATR (i got mine from the same source) in your link.
  4. CoiL
    Ok guys... I tried some different configurations and tweaks, also ran through most of my 37 pairs of small size tips collection and this is the best and closest configuration to my 2nd gen ATE FF-mod I`ve got so far:
    1) Remove back covers (airiness and decays/reverb improves slightly)
    2) tape, glue or whatever shut nozzle port holes (improves bass tightness mainly and give overall more accurate "thump")
    3) Use KZ newest "starline" tips: http://bit.ly/2dHEK1O
    Newest-KZ-Eartips-3-Pairs-6pcs-L-M-S-In-Ear-Tips-Earbuds-Headphone-Silicone-Eartips.jpg   Newest-KZ-Eartips-3-Pairs-6pcs-L-M-S-In-Ear-Tips-Earbuds-Headphone-Silicone-Eartips.jpg
    I think I can not take You further closer to FF-mod without some more serious modding. FF-mod sounds little airier and more open, larger soundstage and better frontal depth, little more transparency and with slightly less bass quantity(more distant).
    To get ATR closer to FF-mod, I think nozzle mod is mandatory. ATR nozzle inner size is 3mm while my FF-mod has 4mm inner size and "trompet" like nozzle edge. Nozzle material should also be brass or steel instead plastic.
    If I get more time, then will do those mods and give feedback how it turns up. 
    But for now - go and mod You ATR. If You dont like it, it`s reversable [​IMG] 
    Btw, I bought all my 8x ATR from gearbest for 4.65$. Will be getting more for sure. LOL - it`s insane value!
    Edit: Forgot to mention that I haven`t measured cable and driver impedances yet, due to having no multimeter atm.
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  5. mebaali
    Just tried (still using) KZ Star Tips (medium size) on my ATR. Isolation and fit are simply fantastic. Overall, sound seems even more coherent (was using Spiral Dot before) than before (or just my mind playing tricks) [​IMG] 
  6. Ruben123

    So with the ATR: remove the backplate (does that reduce isolation much?) and where are the nozzle holes? The ATR is on the warm side of natural so a bit colder sounding mod would be excellent.
  7. CoiL
    Imo isolation doesn`t change much. Nozzle port holes are tiny holes down the neck of the plastic nozzle - close them. My pair that I modded hasn`t had any driver flex or issues.
    Mod doesn`t make ATR colder (imho it doesn`t need to be colder - vocals and midrange are spot-on and natural). Mod just makes everything littlebit more open, accurate and clearer (specific changes mentioned in previous post).
  8. mebaali
    Received my ZS3 (bought from Gearbest for 8 US$) an hour back. OOTB (with KZ's Star shape medium sized tips), these are very impressive for my ears. This is how I wanted (and expected) my ZST to sound. 
    A quick A-Bing of ZS3 with ATR shows the latter ones are leaner across frequencies.There is more body to the overall sound signature in ZS3 with (mid)bass being the prominent one without bleeding into other frequencies. Vocals appear clear and natural. Treble is smooth but still detailed. Overall, a warm sounding phones with good Clarity.
    This is just an hour's impression I have had with ZS3 and could change with more listening time.
    (Sourcegear used: Fujitsu laptop, AIMP music player with WASAPI output, system volume at 25. Music listened to;  Mixed playlist consists of Armin van Buuren, Arno Cost, Alesso, Aerosmith, Ilaiyaraja, FM-84, Santhosh Narayanan in MP3 320 kbps or M4a 256 kbps)
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  9. Ruben123
    Any more impressions on the HD9? Comparisons? Who ordered it too (I havent)?
  10. B9Scrambler
    Brought out the EDR2 and have been listening to them with KZ's new 'Starline' tips. Great match! They also fit the odd nozzle length perfectly and are more comfortable than any other tip I've tried to date. While they're not as flashy looking as the new models, they sound awesome and are still one of my top KZ's.

    IMAG1905.jpg     IMAG1904.jpg

  11. CoiL
    Keep us updated about ZS3 vs. ATR impressions after some playtime. What do You yhink - should I get my hands on ZS3 or not? I don`t like "boosted" mid-bass, like for example A2S has.
    How`s the soundstage and imaging on ZS3? Larger and better than ATR?
  12. mebaali
    Just listening to A2S now, ZS3's mid-bass, (though, low in quantity) sounds a bit tighter than A2S (to my ears).
    Imaging seems decent (nothing spectacular), soundstage width is average(maybe a tad wider than ATR).
    Will sure update further with more usage [​IMG] 
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  13. B9Scrambler
    The ZS3 is a bit thicker sounding and puts a touch more focus on the low end vs. the ATR. It is boosted in the mid-bass, but not anywhere near to the extent of the A2S. Personally I think the ATR sounds more airy and spacious with better detailing, probably as a result of a thinner, tighter treble presentation. Imaging is excellent on both. Keep in mind the ZS3 is easier to drive to the same volumes, and sound from both is easily affected by tip choice and fitment.I'm running stock large tips on the ATR. Medium UE600 tips are being used on the ZS3 as the wide bore tames the mid-bass quite well.
    The ZS3 is definitely worth checking out. I'm sure you'd have some fun modding their housing. It's a bit more curvaceous than their other products. Could be a nice challenge?
  14. Ruben123
    I think, but that of course is my opinion :), the ATR and ZS3 sound too much alike to own both. Yes there are differences but the sound signature is somewhat the same. Better spend the money on another earphone that sounds much different (or is a league above KZ).
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  15. Podster

    I agree with you and B9 Ruben, I prefer the ZS3 over the ATR but as I've said before I find the ZS3 to be the final product of the ZS/ZN series as I found the ATR to be the end result of many variations of the ATE lineup. For sure the ATR is the sexiest of them[​IMG]
    Of course the ZS3 in mat is just beautiful to me as well[​IMG]
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