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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

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  1. Redcarmoose

    I have just changed both Android and iPhone, iPod Touch to the new Foobar and it seems more clear? After getting Wasapi and Foobar for the PC it became my favorite software! So placebo can even be there?

    Still this hobby is about the small details. It's about getting the best tips, the price could be super expensive for an upgrade in equipment, but if you don't like the change it does not matter if you spent $100 or $10.

    I have two different $100 headphones that I like less than the ATE?

    Plus much of the time members very between a number of headphones. At one time they may like one sound, then it could change. I could never figure that out. We at times end up with a stack of gear which does not have THE sound, then suddenly go back to it. Finding a different cable to slightly change a signature is both intriging and fun. Most of the time it seems members are using super expensive cables with super expensive headphones, but that does not rule out that the same concept is in place here in low cost land?
  2. Kepller
    Hi guys what is currently the best KZ IEM in terms of clarity? I'm looking for something with a tight, clear and punchy low-end. And highs which are crisp but not sibilant. Not expecting westone BA quality but anything that has similar signature to the um 30 pro.  
  3. haiku

    I would say try the ZS3.
  4. haiku

    The ATE and ATE S are also my favourite headphones at the moment. Like them more than my HD600, Hifiman 400s and all my earbuds, because they were the first to show me that there was some life going on in the subbass realm of my music. Now I´m discovering all my music anew again. Can´t thank KZ enough for that.
  5. bertybassett
    I got the kz ZST does anyone have a good suggestion for a replacement cable that has an iPhone 3 button remote it on.
  6. B9Scrambler
    As much as I love all these new KZ's, ATR especially, the original ZS1 is still f@#$%g amazing. Nothing in this price range can touch that combination of bass, soundstage, and refinement. Really is a shame they ditched the crossover and turned them into a sports version of the ZN1 Mini [​IMG]
  7. lohjiahung
    I've used both the ZS1 and ZS2, and I can never get them to fit right in my ear due to the shape of the housing. The ATE/ATR works just fine though. Is there a way to wear it I'm missing out on?
  8. ustinj
    I just got the ZS3 in today; i don't think the bass is 'tight'. It has a deep visceral impact and slow decay, albeit a little looser, bassheads unite lol. 
    it doesn't help that my left channel is imbalanced, going to see if i can get a replacement or my money back. has anyone tried the ZS3 and felt it puts a lot more 'pressure' in your ear canal than other iems? Probably going to look into foams to help combat that.
  9. Ruben123

    Yeah more here have the problem of the pressure. I fixed it by using a wide bore tip (which came with mp8320). Also you will see the bass drops a bit when using those tips!
  10. haiku

    Don´t think the bass will impress a basshead. The bass and subbass of the ATE´s is a whole different story ....
  11. fonkepala
    Look what came in the mail today :) About 13 days from making the order to getting it in the mail, not bad for almost free shipping. Strangely enough, my ZS3 packaging was sealed with plastic cling wrap while the ATR wasn't sealed at all.
    Haven't listened to the ATR, now listening to the ZS3. Initial impression is that they sound good, real good in fact..especially when paired with my Fiio Q1 as amp & DAC. Using the stock tips. Comfort is good, no pressure point that I can tell for now. Quite pleased with the ZS3 in light of the price, for now. Will need more listening time with my test tracks playlist to be 100% certain. Also maybe a day of burning in just in case.
  12. Ruben123
    Wow, just wow... Received the ATR also, who find the zs3 refined, will not believe their ears when hearing the ATRs... Need some more testing for sure but this quality for this price is unheard of. I think we have a winner here. Probably the best KZ regarding quality, of course if you like an other sound signature you won't be as pleased. They sound very musical, warm mids but certainly no hard hitting bass, and smooth treble with a slight peak for the extra details. Amazing.
  13. Sylmar
    Glad you like them. They are now more or less my daily driver. [​IMG]
  14. CoiL
    C`mon... gotta take some ATR and do some modding. Just too much positive comments about ATR to resist and enjoy ATE FF-mod, BK50 and Senfer 4in1  -.-
    Gearbest is OK place with legit ATR`s to order from? Will take 10 of them.
  15. Sylmar
    Got mine through Gearbest. Got them pretty quick. Keep us informed of the modding!
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