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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

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  1. haiku

    No hard hitting bass?? ****, and I ordered them, too.
  2. B9Scrambler
    I found a tip that ensures the earphone can seal with a very shallow fit. The memory wire has been bent so that it holds it in place. Trying to wear them like I would with a normal earphone, as you would with the ZN1 Mini, isn't anywhere near as comfortable or secure. The memory wire is key.
  3. Aradea
    Even when compared to the new ZST?
  4. CoiL
    Ok. Took 8x ATR from GB. Will let You all know when I receive them and how modding goes. 7 of them will be modded by my students and 1 by myself ;P
  5. haiku

    Don´t know, don´t own them.
  6. B9Scrambler
    Nice! Looking forward to seeing the results.
  7. Redcarmoose

    This is the only headphone that wins over my KZ collection. They have just reduced the price by 1/3 too!

    Greatest headphone I own, at just $8 it's better than anything I own at any price, even up to $1000.00.
  8. Ruben123
    When comparing the ATR &ZS3 I'm having a hard time. Mids on the ZS3 seem clearer and the sub bass a bit higher. ATR's highs are a bit more pronounced which causes it to have a bit better detail, but its mid bass is also a bit louder and the lower mids a bit toned down. More v shaped. THOUGH I might be wrong, I think they are the same drivers really. And I'd the differences are real, they are very slight. Comfort wise the zs3 wins hands down. Otherwise I'd get the ATR at half the price.
  9. Brian Coffey
    Are they better than your QKZ W1 ?
  10. B9Scrambler
    I think with these two how you hear them will really come down to tips and ear anatomy. For me, replace ZS3 with ATR;
    Mids on the ATR seem clearer and the sub bass a bit higher. ZS3's highs are a bit more pronounced which causes it to have a bit better detail, but its mid bass is also a bit louder and the lower mids a bit toned down. More v shaped.
    I also feel the ATR has a more airy and spacious soundstage, which is awesome because the ZS3 is no slouch there. On the ATR I use either the stock large tips or the large tips from the Mixcder ANC-G5. Stock tips are more comfortable, but the ANC tips have a larger bore and improve treble quality. On the ZS3 I use either UE600 medium (most balanced sound) or large RHA tips (a little bassy, but even more comfortable). 
  11. Redcarmoose

    They are.

    I have used them for 100s of hours, so I feel pretty confident in my opinions. They smoothed out nice.

    They are just a more real and full placement of sound. I love the QKZ W1 as they are different. The QKZ W1 is special, actually I have never found anything exactly like them. Still they are just not as full or relaxed sounding as the S1s. The S1 has a detail and easy going character. There is an immersive and big sound to the S1. It's also just there, there is no getting used to them or fiddling with fit, they are just ON. Though they do sound way better than when new. Even Remax suggests this long involved burn in process. I didn't follow the manual, but I can safely say they are burned in well.

    Crazy too as I don't have any megabuck IEMs. I may like them more. So I'm not an IEM expert. It would be nice if even more members would get them and voice some opinions. I have gained confidence about the sound as I always knew it was good, but now have read others finding these are up close to their way more expensive IEMs also.

    But this new build at $8 is crazy. They are not offering the complete tip range like the original S1 and they are in different colors now. A white and red, a clear red, a clear blue and a clear black.

    They just have so much lower detail and soundstage. Better than my Denon AHD 7000 full size headphones. Not the detail in mids, but for what they are, they are amazing.

    I think most here would like them better than what KZ makes. For the life of me I still don't know why they are not more popular?

    Also the fit is amazing. Just nothing not to love here.
    Brian Coffey likes this.
  12. Ruben123

    Lol Thai is really funny. I used wide standard tips on both if that makes sense.

    @ Redcar I've been buying too many earphones people hyped and were not that good in the end, that I'm not buying them. Above all if they had more bass than the ate I'm certainly not interested lol
  13. Comebackboy
    Have the sudden urge to pick up a new budget IEM again even though I just got the ZST. Was looking at the ZS3 (with silver cable), Tennmak Pro and the Senfer 4in1. If I could I would want to pick up all 3 but unfortunately I can only afford one currently. I recently tried my friend's StageDivers and I was really impressed with the fit thus the sudden interest in the ZS3 haha but seems like the Tennmak Pros and Senfer 4in1 would provide better sound quality. 
    Any suggestions? 
  14. fonkepala
    As for me, I find that I enjoy the sound from the ZS3 more than the ATR out of the box. Still early days, so I'll refrain from pointing out what I'm less keen on the ATR's sound. As of now, the ATR is undergoing burn in.

    Oh, and the ATR'S stock tips also irritated my ears quite badly. Itched something wicked, which hasn't happened to me before with other tips, be they foam or silicone. So I switched to JVC Spiral Dots medium for left ear & a single flange large tip from my Meeaudio M6 Pro on the right ear. Comply T200 won't fit on the ATR's bore.

    Also, are the cables on the ATR detachable? They look like they might be, but when I gave them a good yank no joy.

    @ruben123, was your ATR sealed with plastic cling wrap when they arrived? Any documentation inside the box?
  15. Redcarmoose

    It's more but spectacularly detailed and crisp. Where ATE is slightly muddy. If I do back to back the ATE actually has a more forward mid in comparison to the S1. I hope there are more people who find out about the S1. I only know of four here. Maybe some quality control issues too, one member reported his left driver going out in less than 30 days. They come with a six month warranty though!

    Still as always though, popularity here on Head-Fi is not always based on SQ.
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