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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

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  1. Vidal
    I'm not narrowed minded when it comes to customisation, in fact quite the opposite as the pictures below will show.
    If an IEM is fundamentally flawed you can't dramatically change it with a cable, the effect of any cable is subtle in the extreme. As it happens I don't mind the ZST but I've a soft spot for KZ so I'll forgive a little unruliness in the mid range, sticking a different cable on it isn't going to change that. 
    Project 1 - completed. RHA 750 with shortened silver plated re-cable, along with my direct connection cable for a Fiio K1 as the cable splitter. Shortens the analogue signal path by moving the DAC further down the chain. 
    Project 2. Aluminium rebodied grados, with bluetooth 4.1 chip,
    Project 3 is a carbon fibre version with Takstar drivers (currently)
    Project 4. Lightning connection (Apple iPhone 7) with soon to be rebodied Ty HI Z 32s
    Off topic I know [​IMG] 
  2. Comebackboy
    Yooo guys chill I was just asking to see if anyone tried other cables with the ZST. I gotta say that cables do make a difference, but it definitely can't save a fundamentally flawed iem. And placebo, yes I think to some extent that's true as well but I only changed from the stock to the silver cable (which is really cheap as well) and there was definitely an improvement in sound. Not sure about the science behind it but I guess sometimes certain earphones and cables work together.
    And yes, I really like the ZSTs so I probably won't be getting another IEM anytime soon (though I am considering the senfer 4in1 and maybe the ZS3 [​IMG]) that's why I'm asking if there are any cable options, purely because I just wanted to have a few upgrade/customisation options, considering the limited range of cables that can be used with the ZSTs since its 0.75mm. Just wanted to possibly see what is the best kind of sound I could get with the ZSTs.
  3. sgl54
    You are absolutely right. That said I have ordered an upgrade cable for my Zst. Although at $10.00 how upgraded can it be? The Zst is the only phone I have with two pin cables, so for me it's worth having a spare around. I've had entry level mmcx cables get flakey. Am I hopeing for subltle changes, yes! do I expect them, no. But I expect it in about another week so I'll let you know.
  4. Comebackboy
    The silver upgrade cable improves the clarity and vocals (especially male vocals) while sacrificing a little bit a bass as compared to the original ones. Separation is also improved slightly. Of course, don't expect drastic changes, but the improvements are definitely noticeable. Or then again it could be placebo, who am I to say?[​IMG]
  5. Fishops
    Got a pair of ED12's after being really impressed with the ATE.
    They're nice looking! They fit really well! The build quality is amazing for the $15 I spent!
    Sadly, they sound hooorrrribblle.
    They retain some of the bass extension of the ATE without being too boomy, which is nice. But the treble is so rolled off past 8k and the upper mids are so crazy between about 1500 and 3k that it sounds like a telephone bandpass. I almost want to take these apart and tune them in some way because they're built so well.
    I can't really complain for $15, I guess they can't all be budget superstars. Probably won't stop me from ordering the ZS3 at some point either, though I have those TFZ 5 hypetrain monsters on the slow boat from china as well. It's a great time to be alive if you're into cheap IEMs!
  6. Redcarmoose
    Part of this hobby is dealing with slight changes. We have become spoiled too. But much of the goal is to get the music to end up being listenable and musical.

    Posting this post in a $10 IEM thread is slightly oxymoronish. Still what ever equipment used it's about slight improvements and yes, placebo can somehow go a long way to change opinion in the end.

    The end concept for many is experamenting, thus making the hobby of music listening more active. It is fact that starting from the file quality or playback software, a couple small changes end up with a slight modificafion of sound. To some myopic listeners the sound then is drasticly changed. If cables add 2% then playback software adds 2% then the DAC adds 4% and so on, we end up with different sound.

    It's not always about getting the signal flat, but making the music enjoyable and fun. I believe these same concepts pertain to $10 headphones or $1000 headphones.

    We win when we get to a point where we want to just leave stuff alone and get into the thrill of the music, not the equipment at hand. IMO
  7. haiku

    Give em some time. My ZS3 also sounded terrible ootb, but after 1 week of break in they´re opening up now.
  8. sgl54
    Well, I'm a firm believer in the placebo effect, that and burn in. Not that I want to give away any bass, but more articulate highs would be nice. It will be interesting to hear the results. Overall I like the Zst, but I'm still thinking the dynamic will settle in a bit , by the time the cables here it should as good as it will ever be.
  9. Comebackboy
    Agreed. Just want to experiment and play around until I find something that I like, though I would agree that asking for cable upgrades in a budget IEM thread is kind of stupid. My bad haha was just looking for some other cable options to play around with.
    I mean even if I used the same amount of money to buy other budget IEMs, I might not get the sound that I like from the ZSTs but if I bought a cable that somehow suits my liking then it's all good. So it's all subjective and relative, on how and where the money should be spent on.
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  10. Comebackboy
    IMO, placebo effect can't be that great here, since it's pretty much a $10 cable. I guess it's a mix of both placebo and slight actual differences. And yes, burn-in seems to help with the ZST, worked for me. Would be nice to get some updates from you when your silver cable arrives [​IMG]
  11. chaiyuta
     Glad to hear your additional intention of what you was asking for. Normally 0.75mm 2-pin is quite standard 2-pin. I also saw fiiO has both 0.75mm type and 0.78mm type. Maybe you can look up to other well-known brands except my previous suggestion.
  12. myliferockkss
    Just received... Fresh wood :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


  13. Vidal
    Technically bamboo is a grass. [​IMG]
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  14. SuperMAG
    i also have black with blue wire, the sound is cold/bright, what wire do i need to increase bass and make sound softer/warmer.
  15. Mellowship
    Having a bad experience with ED12 also. 
    I don't even find the build quality to be amazing on my pair, and I am looking forward to share some considerations about it. 
    The black lids (with ED12 written on them) are not perfectly glued our mounted on the earpieces. Instead, they are slightly elevated in one side, leaving a gap that works like a vent. I can actually ear the sound escaping through that gap. Is it the same on yours? 
    Moreover, the blue unit is actually purple, not blue. 
    I also find the mids to be weird and unbalanced. 
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