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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

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  1. Ruben123
    Yes the box wrapped in plastic, without a manual or something the zs3 had though
  2. fonkepala
    I see. Well, my ATR wasn't sealed with plastic. Maybe it's a returned unit? Hmm.. I might take this up with Gearbest.
  3. Vidal
    A lot of GB stuff arrives unwrapped, if it had a QC sticker on it's probably been tested before going out. If there's no QC sticker it could be stock was tested on arrival at their warehouse. KZ doesn't have the best record for quality assurance and I would imagine any firm that got stung with the original ZS3 recall are probably being hyper careful.
    If it's anything like the company I work for they probably have a system the number of failed devices on previous delivery indicates on the volume of devices tested on the next.
  4. Sylmar
    I've had wrapped and unwrapped being sent to me. Personally I wouldn't worry too much about it.
  5. carltonh

    OK, I bit and bought. But better than any KZ isn't a MASSIVE upgrade. I'll see if it is better than the awesome midlevel HLSX 808, Senfer 4in1, YHS 002, or Sony AS800 and XB90, that I own. Probably not equal to these budget champ hybrids. I'll be really surprised if better than the Tennmak models like the Pro.
  6. jbusuego

  7. Redcarmoose

    I still need to hear Tennmak Pro. Will be getting the 1 More Hybrid, so my cheaper purchases will take a slow down.

    It also may have to do with the genre of music, they seem to excel with EDM.

    Did you get 100 hours of burn-in? That's when they seemed to come alive for me?

    Also the Tennmaks are not $8?
  8. fonkepala
    Ok, noted. Thanks @Vidal & @Sylmar. MY ATR are still cooking on the burn in station. Aiming for a 24 hour burn in period before I have my next listen.
    Like you, I also bought the 1More Triple Driver. Currently waiting for them to arrive. The Tennmak Pros are on my radar as well. Interesting IEM those Remax S1 tho...over here Remax is a quite well known brand for making OEM computer & mobile accessories such as cables, USB chargers, etc. Not sure about their quality though.
  9. trumpethead
    Believe it or not my ZST are staying to grow on me after about 48 hours off burn in and the proper tips for my ears..Extremely comfortable, spacious, airy sound, not the most detailed but overall sound quality is improving from OOTB. Really close to my prefered sound signature. I really feel like the BA is starting too break in...No longer disappointed, actually quite pleased...
  10. Comebackboy
    Anyone know if the UE TF10 cable can fit the ZST? 
  11. Vidal
    I'm looking at a DIY mod to turn the ZST cable into a memory wire cable, will post details of how if I can get it to work.
  12. rockingthearies

    Hi all my ZS3 red nozzle on the right is dented is there a warranty for this? I bought it from gearbest? Will this dent affect SQ in anyway if not i really don't mind
  13. B9Scrambler

    That should be an easy fix since it's just the filter slightly out of tilt. If you use something small, such as a pin, you should be able to slide it back into place so it sits flush.
  14. rockingthearies
    Thanks for the tip!
  15. B9Scrambler
    Cheers! Back to bed for me, 'cause it's 4AM. Bleh...
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