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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

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  1. Vidal
    That cable doesn't have memory wire, not to mention the fact that it's £110. Why would anyone spend £110 on a cable, that would offer minimal improvements, to use with a £12 IEM?
  2. Redcarmoose

    Because sound quality results are not determined by price. A $12 could sound better than $100 IEM. That same IEM could offer dramatic improvement with a different cable.

    Many argue the effects of cables. But in my experience silver is brighter and copper warmer. Putting different cables in the stream can help fine tune a desired sound signature. You can add treble or reduce bass depending on a cable used and the effects are different than what can be obtained with simple EQ.

    Many of us have $100-$1000 headphones but rather listen to $8 KZ IEMs, and I have no idea why except they offer a charming way to hear music?
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  3. Degree
    Which model do you guys recommend for listening to chill trap (example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQeQepATL_c). 
  4. Vidal
    Without getting into the whole does a high end cable improve sound piece as that's off topic. (I'm in the slight improvement if any camp and I used to make my own with seriously high end parts)
    My comments are in the overall context of his advice, and the daft logic behind it. There's a lot of comments about the ZST being 'off'. So he's suggesting a £110 instead of maybe buying 4 other Chinese IEM which might be better suited to the end user.
    So 1 cable instead of: -
    Senfer UEs
    KZ ATE
    VE Monk+
    Havi Pro
    Tenmak Pro
  5. Ruben123

    Have you ever thought about the possibility that, because copper looks warm, your brain adjusts the sound you hear to sound warm, and that silver, which looks cold/bright, makes you perceive the sound as brighter? Most (most) cable differences come down to this simple fact and even then, replacing a good cable off a $8 in ear with a $100 one is quite, well, ridiculous :)
  6. chaiyuta
    I'm quite not sure about recent cables, however my Brimar Quantum SXC cable (obsolete model) has memory wire. (Please see picture below)
    *Updated : I just checked their official website (both Brimar and Effect Audio). It seems that some models they come with memory wire and some is not. Sorry about that.
    By the way, My suggestion is a reply for Comebackboy. I always respect one's belief. Also, I just told that I use that cable whilst I suggested only company brands. Comebackboy did not ask for which iem he should buy instead. Refer to Monk+, I always see many guys tried to mod theirs by changing with pricey cables a lot. Are they daft? or You are narrow-minded? I am a guy that never look down low price iems or hate high price iems. For me, Customize is fun. The 2 pin interface ever named "custom connector". That means they let you freely customize their cables. My suggestion is for who ask me or having belief "cable change sound change" or guy who do not bias on high-low price of iem, cables, etc.
  7. Sylmar
    Although I never had IEM's that expensive I've had Hifiman RE400 and Eytomotic HF5 and the likes but I still come back to KZ IEM's for something I just can't put my finger on yet. I've read people claim they have a analogue kind of sound. Could be that but outside of the occasional dud these are usually very enjoyable and uncomplicated. I'm glad the KZ brand exists.
  8. Redcarmoose

    I totally agree with placebo. Believe me my days on top the soap box ended years ago. Perception is a funny thing. My story though starts with me waiting years to try expensive cables. It's not that I ever gave them too much concern. But my friend gave me some super pricey solid silver RCA interconnects to try the day a big amp arrived at my house. I just wanted to hear the new amp with all it's glory.

    To make a long story short. The amp and headphones were both on the thin side and the silver interconnects boosted the thin sound even more. At the time in this hobby I had no idea that cables could do such magic. In short I went back to using my $15 Monster interconnects and the copper made the signature warmer. The silver just had too much energy in the treble.

    Plus remember it's not just me but many believe in the copper-warm, silver-bright thing. I really don't care how it all works. Still THERE is a lot of overpriced and fake stuff in audio. I agree too that it's the last bit of tweeks to get into when everything else is done.

    That said, price means nothing in many ways in audio. We have people using old $75 cartridges on there phonographs, people using $5 IEMs, people using old $100 speakers. This hobby is at times about spending money, but other times it's just about exploring the possibilities of what stuff sounds like with an open mind.
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  9. ratex
  10. Redcarmoose

    The amazing thing for me is the fact that I love these KZ $10 IEMs. The original mindset here is that you have to spend at least $75 to get enjoyable IEMs and the rest sound like a free-with-a-phone IEM.

    I guarantee there are whole groups of members which refuse to even try KZs because they just don't think cheap IEMs would sound that great. I totally agree that we all took risks of getting a bad pair due to simple quality control issues, but after getting around the price, they all sound pretty good.

    That said, placebo is a strong thing. If someone handed you a super expensive IEM you would look at it different as maybe it's so good that they charge a hundred dollars for it.

    I simply think KZ does put a lot of technology into their products but sell so many they make money due to volume. China has the internal population of Southern California's density spread from California to New York. Just a huge market to buy the IEMs.
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  11. NewWaveAudio
    Red line is with open back on KZ ATE the green one is closed
  12. dilidani
    guys, ATE vs ATR vs ATE-S? For electronic music, thanks!
  13. Sylmar
    KZ ATR for me definitely. Listening to Boards of Canada on my ATR's as I type this.
  14. Ira Delphic
     An issue with low cost earphones is quality control. You can't do much QC when it sells for $10 or so. And do later copies have the same sound, tuning, and drivers as the earlier ones? If you get an HD9 will it be the same as when it first came out. It can be disappointing to get a dud - channel imbalance etc but even that can happen with anything.
  15. pashhtk27
    Gawd, I ordered Senfer 4in1 in silver with blue cable! Guess I'll perceive the sound as the brightest. xD
    And while I don't believe cable material makes a significant difference, I think the jack does. I suffer from jack problems everyday as my headphone out on the smartphone is a bit wonky. :frowning2:

    Put HD9 on my wishlist. Maybe I'll order them next time I buy something, when I have the money that is.
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