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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. SinisterDev
    Hrrm.. it seems my initial quoting of the msg about the Shure earphones didn't take for some reason...
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  2. courierdriver
    Maybe it was me...my phone died when I was writing my response to @Slater. I sent it posted my reply, and halfway through, my phone shut down. Anyhow, I got your post...and like. For me, I just don't think I'm a Shure kinda guy. I've heard great things about the 846, but I'm just not in a position to drop that kinda coin. Even on cunuckaudiomart.com, a used set is going for many hundreds of $$'s. For the same price, their are many others that I'd give a shot to first.
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2019
  3. courierdriver
    I still think I'm gonna pull the plug on the ZS7, next month. From everything I've read so far (and it's been months of reading and seeing this model come up over and over again), I really think it's time to add this to my collection. I absolutely love my ZS10 PRO, but I'm curious about the ZS7. If the bass and soundstage is everything that members have been talking about, I'm certain I'll be happy. Only thing for me is, will they fit me comfortably enough. Time will soon tell, I guess.
  4. SinisterDev
    Totally understandable. Honestly, I've never had enough disposable income to drop that much $ on a pair of headphones lol. That's why I'm very grateful for all this variety in these wild ChiFi IEMs lol. Never would have dreamed of earphones sounding this dang good for such affordable prices! This is a hobby I can totally afford. I'm really enjoying it.
  5. SinisterDev
    I've been wondering the same. I picked up the ZS10 Pro because of all the praises it's gotten and now I'm really curious about the ZS7 too. They do look a bit big and blocky, but I'd be willing to give em a try, just for the experience. But now I'm also considering waiting for that sexy looking ZSX to come out and see what the community thinks about it and maybe pick that up instead if it ends up being an improved version of the ZS7...
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  6. Assimilator702
    I'll be getting a pair the day they become available. They can't be a downgrade as that would be foolish for thKZ and they do look damn sexy. They actually look to be the same housing as the CCA A10 and KZ AS12 so I'm hoping they take advantage of that and use the same plastic housing with the tuning tubes that's used to hold the BA drivers in those 2 models.

    My next one might be the ZS7 which I never picked up.
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  7. LaughMoreDaily
    Has anyone else noticed that the KZ 8 Core Silver Upgrade "A" (ZS7) cable is either out of stock or discontinued?

    I believe KZ does have one on Amazon Canada but it's like $40!

    I have 3 KZ 8 Core Silver Upgrade "B" cables.
    Brand new... if anyone wants to trade.
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2019
  8. archdawg
    I mentioned my Shure E4 a while ago, I liked them so much that I bought 2 sets back in the day (US$ 399 retail back in 2005/06, bought mine in the US). They've been my daily bangers for a couple years until one earpiece got killed by a drop of sweat and the other side slowly followed suit. The fixed cables got stiffer and stiffer over the years and finally broke on both sides of both sets, close to the earpieces - no need to mention those critters were out of warranty at that time. Shure offered to send me a replacement set for little less than the same price I originally paid - no thanks (go ..... yourself).
    As to the sound of the E4 - maybe as good as it gets for a single BA IEM or close but then single BAs have their limits, no matter how well they're tuned (> Etys) and these days a good number of 12-30€ chi-fi IEMs (QT5, ZSN(Pro), ZS7, Tin T2, BQEYZ KC2, MD Crescents,...) get pretty close to the technical level of the E4 or even above IMO (details, imaging and separation, especially with busy tracks, (sub-)bass quality, ...).

    Lessons learned:
    - no more Shure products for me
    - same story with 30+€ IEMs without replaceable cables and generally expensive stuff I can't easily open and fix myself
    - I make sure my (multi-)BA or hybrids stay dry at all times (sweat, humidity, ...) and use sh.tloads of Silica-Gel in my waterproof cases

    Anyway, I still have those two sets in storage somewhere, no big deal to fix them, I might even try to install MMCX connectors, time will tell.
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2019
  9. Nimweth
  10. xxAMAROKxx
    I ordered the BQEYZ KB100 as a counterweight to the treble forward KZ models. I have some music/mixes that need laid-back sort of treble. Thanks for a tip.
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  11. citral23
    You're welcome, it's not only the treble, it's the general tonal/balance that is more relaxed, includes mids and bass that hasn't as much impact (but isn't lacking in any way imo)

    Hope you'll enjoy them, they are not super far in sound quality from the KPE imho
  12. Miki811
    Hey guys! I've owned my KZ ZS10 for a couple of months and until now, I'm really happy with the sound. However, I'm getting that chifi itch again and would want to get another one. I'm currently looking at three; KZ ZSN Pro, KZ ZS10 Pro, and CCA C10. I don't have any reference, but based on the reviews I've seen these three are really good. To be honest, I don't find anything wrong with the ZS10, but I'm itching to have something like a "modernized" ZS10. If the new one will introduce better details and tighter bass, then that's a bonus!

    I know most might say go for the ZS10 Pro, but I'd like to keep my budget small.

    -Will the ZSN Pro be a downgrade from the old KZ ZS10?
    -How good is the CCA C10 compared to KZ ZS10? I've hear/seen that the CCA C10 is really smooth without compromising bass and treble.
    -Out of the 3, KZ ZS10 Pro is the best (based on multiple reviews). But is the upgrade worth it from ZS10?
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  13. baskingshark
    I haven't heard the ZSN pro or C10 but i have ZS10 and ZS10Pro and they are very different IEMs and the pro is not really a direct successor actually.

    The ZS10 Pro is less V shaped and brighter than the original ZS10. The former also has better details, instrument separation and clarity than the latter. Importantly, the fit and comfort is better on the ZS10 pro.
    I personally think the soundstage is wider on the original ZS10, and the original also has deeper and louder bass (but it is not as detailed and quite muddy with a midbass bleed).
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2019
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  14. pbui44
    I have owned the SE846 and it is a great IEM...but it is truly worth price as a mundane professional monitor. It has lots of sub-bass, but will expose a recording’s flaws, especially when there is a ton of quantity bass. This will make you think that the bass is bleeding everywhere else, but it’s just the recording itself. The mids are intimate and lush, which will expose flaws in recording overtones and make you wish you could adjust the tone knob on the recording. The treble has a taut sparkle...which does not leave much to the imagination. The soundstage is about below average and will need better amping to improve upon it.

    I enjoyed the JH Roxanne much more, which also has its own advantageous monitoring qualities. You can take almost all of the SE846’s qualities (except bass impact) and put them all into a larger soundstage in the Roxannes. Granted, the fit is terrible and I finally found a use for some SpinFit toddler-sized (XS) ear tips that I received from a trade.

    A lot of people preferred various Campfire Audio Andromeda IEM models over the SE846, but I never bothered with them, as the housing is dimensionally the same as the KZ ZS6 and is not a very good fit over time for me. Either way, diminishing leisure values come into consideration for me and expensive IEMs, as I have other stuff that I can use for monitoring and do not need such precision in a portable monitor. Yes, I prefer Over-Ear and On-Ears over In-Ears for monitoring, but my need for monitoring portability is almost always considered and it is just not really at the SE846/Roxanne/Andromeda level.
  15. Miki811
    Yeah that's the praise I'm seeing as well, but the price is just right below my budget ceiling for these things lol! If C10 or ZSN Pro doesn't do the job, I might go straight to ZS10 Pro. I definitely like details, clarity, and instrument separation. Keeps my ears and mind alert to look for small details in the music. Like hearing the sticks of the drummer hitting the ride or hi-hat (actual stick sound, not the cymbal sound) and looking for those small but natural sounds (string slides, inconsistent but natural voice tone, etc.)

    I really have high hopes for the CCA C10, but if it's a downgrade, I might pass on it.

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