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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. lgcubana
    It's all good. You can only lead me to the edge of the abyss (aka the never ending search for audio nirvana, under $100). It's on me if I choose to jump in. :sunglasses:
  2. Bartig
  3. CYoung234
    I agree. I sold mine....
  4. clerkpalmer
    Good review and fair. I’m a little higher on the sq than you. But they are barely usable on my iPhone for the reason you described. Good thing I have a Note 10 incoming. Sounds like it’s not an issue on Android?
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  5. Nimweth
    I have installed my 16 core TRN cable on my ZS7. It fits beautifully and sounds great. It's a marriage made in heaven! I am coming round to preferring the ZS7 to the ZS10 Pro. The mids on the ZS7 have a more natural timbre and I am finding the ZS10 Pro to be a little bit unremitting. It's kind of full throttle all the time which gets a bit fatiguing. ZS10 Pro review coming up.
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2019
  6. SinisterDev
    Yay! My new cable arrived today! And it fits into my phone with the case on! 20190811_130707.jpg
  7. archdawg
    Neither are mine. Maybe that's because of a switch from one type of Bellsing 30095 BAs to another batch or the late "customized" 30095 that KZ started to mention in their product images some months ago. Later production runs or generations of some models, like the ZS6 and maybe others like the ZSN as well? (I only have one set from late 2018) seem to have less aggressive or piercing treble than those from first or early production run(s). I've yet to see frequency response graphs that confirm these changes, since most of them are being published in product reviews that usually deal with first or early generations soon after the roll-out of any new model.

    I guess I get exactly what you mean by 'full throttle' and the resulting fatigue as well, I'm using my 10 Pro less and less.
    Regarding 'coming round' .... after having tried a good number of 3rd party cables on the 7 they're back on the flat, braided KZ upgrade cable I started out with. On my Sonata DAC this combo delivers the best detail resolution, separation and layering of brass, woodwind and string ensembles in some of my test tracks. In some sequences I'm able to precisely pick out single instruments, something I found a lot more difficult with most of the other cables I've tried.
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2019
  8. citral23
    That doesn't make any sense lol
  9. KimChee
    I prefer the ZS7 too, and I have it paired with cable 130.

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  10. KimChee
    Thanks for the review. I haven’t received these yet, but I do have an iPhone. Crap. Lol

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  11. courierdriver
    And that's why I always use upgraded cables. LOL!
    I bought a set of Shure E5c's back in 2005, and absolutely HATED them. I sold them after 2.5 weeks. Those things were so highly praised and hyped back then...so I was really disappointed that they didn't live up to the hype, especially after spending so much money. It wasn't until late last year, that I thought I'd give iems another try. Now, after listening to several, I'm convinced that they have become SOOOO much better. Honestly tho, I don't think I'll ever buy another Shure product again. There's just so much better sounding stuff out there now, for less $$. At least to my ears, anyway.
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  12. Slater
    There were a lot of counterfeit Shure
    E4c and E5c (among others). And sadly they were selling for as much as the genuines in many cases.

    I wonder if you got a counterfeit one?

    I loved my E4c (with Knowles ED-26805), and I still regret getting rid of it to this day. Of course, the E5c used different drivers (ED-23619 + CI-22955), so i don’t know how it would have sounded in comparison.
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  13. pstickne
    What treble? Drop right off upper-mid and it’s dead at 6k per the graph.. avoid because generic lack of quality treble..
  14. courierdriver
    Not sure, but it IS certainly possible. I bought my set from Ebay from someone who bought 3 sets brand new. My set was sold because the person didn't think his brother-in-law would appreciate them, so I ended up buying them for about $435. At the time, the exchange between US $ and CDN $ was more on par, so I splurged. He sent them to me via UPS tho, and I was dinged an extra $118 CDN for duties and taxes. After chasing the UPS guy around to pay the extra $, I got the package. The set were pristine, with only the shrinkwrap taken off. Everything else was intact and original. Either way, the set themselves sounded like crap. At the time, they reminded me of the old single earbud that used to be included with old transistor radios back in the 70's. They sounded like it too! Lol!
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  15. SinisterDev
    The same thought crossed my mind. Apparently there's been a big problem with counterfeit Shure earphones. I haven't owned any personally, but I'm an avid Amazon user, and I noticed when looking at reviews for Shure's products that a number of the negative reviews involved customers receiving fakes! Some people even had several replacements sent to them all ending up being counterfeit! So it's not even limited to sites like Wish, Aliexpress, or even Ebay that buyers have to be cautious about. And the knock offs don't sound anywhere near as good as the genuine product. I saw a few people saying the problem had become so pervasive in the market that it felt like the only way to get a legit pair of certain models anymore was to order them directly from the manufacturer...
    It seems there's a few discussions on Shure's own forums about the problem too, and on sites like Reddit, and videos on YouTube, giving people advice on how to spot the fakes. Because they can look extremely convincing. Seems like it's not only limited to their earphones either. There are lots of counterfeit microphones and other products too unfortunately.
    I saw a similar discussion recently about some expensive Sennheiser earphones too. And someone had pics of the legit ones and the counterfeits, and it was crazy how similar the two looked. What a shame.
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2019

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