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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. maxxevv
    If the ZS10 PRO price range is within your limit but you don't wish to spend that much, then procrastinate a few weeks.

    Aliexpress typically has a sale in September before the November 11 sales roll along. You should see the prices drop a few extra dollars in the sales window compared to current price levels. Pretty confident that it will drop below the US$35/- level during sales since we already find prices as low as US$37/- now.
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  2. Miyanovic
    I don't know if you had already seen this review. Anyway, I would like to know what you think about it. Honestly, my Kz zsn doesn't sound so bad, but it is true that the treble have a bit of annoying peaks. Sometimes they sound somewhat annoying and artificial.

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  3. B9Scrambler
    Kz's take on the CA shells are completely different. The CA shells are notably smaller and more ergonomic.
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  4. citral23
    Imo the best at the moment is to wait for the first reviews of the ZSX :

    Maybe it's better than ZS7 and ZS10 pro combined : no reason not to get it
    Maybe it's similar to ZS10 pro : ZS10 pro price will eventually drop because there's a newer one. Personally I'd go for ZS7 over either (if they sound similar)

    Don't think ZSN pro would bring any benefit, I'd recommend something like Einsear T2 over it
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2019
  5. Miki811
    Well, pulled the trigger just now lol! I guess when it comes to the sound, ZS10 Pro is really good. Really excited for it and nervous at the same time that maybe I can't find the difference lol
  6. Miki811
    I feel that ZSX could be around the BA10 price range. Not sure though, but looking that it has 12 drivers, I'd steer away from it mainly due to price (outside my small audio budget). Went ahead and ordered a ZS10 Pro :D
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  7. lgcubana
    ZS10 Pro vs ZS7

    As indicated in the 1st image, the two KZs do not share the same footprint. For my ears, the ZS7s are actually a better fit than the ZS10 Pro. Also, the shorter Tin Audio blue tips (vs the RIYO/New Bee tips) allowed for an ever so slightly deeper seating.

    The only con so far: the right side has driver flex. I've never experienced this before; it almost sounds like when you pop a cap off of a bottle. But the driver flex only rears it's head during seating, when I press my finger against the back plate; it shouldn't effect playback.

    KZ FtoF.jpg
    KZ side_view2.jpg
    KZ side_view1.jpg
    KZ BvsW.jpg
  8. igorneumann
    YES, its a big upgrade, get the ZS10... Once you have it I would suggest OTHER models as the ZSN is about more of the same.

    I really like the ZS4, the ZS6 (despite fitting), the AS10, the ED15 (needs spinfit or other kind of hook for me) etc...
  9. igorneumann
    Im really over the KZ driver count game... Trying with other brands, will go back in a split second when they announce a higher end model with less drivers. (Meaning, better ones)
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  10. pbui44
    Andromeda owners have reported the edges to be sharp and uncomfortable, like the KZ. Like how arbitrariness does not equate to logic, higher price in itself does not justify quality.
  11. Miki811
    Yup already purchased -- went straight to ZS10 Pro. Now just to bug one of my friends to buy my old ZS10 for cheap. :D ZS3/4 shells are the best fit for my ears. Too bad that it does not pair up to the sound sig I like. If only they created budget but detailed IEMs with ZS3/4 shells. I'd take them right away!
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  12. Dani157
    Totally agree with that sentiment. KZ needs to either get back to it's cheap DD roots or get into the $40-80 bracket with single BAs/DDs. I still find ED9 as one of the best KZs as they're actually a game-changing IEMs in so many aspects. By the looks of it, soon, they'll get into that maddening 25BA per side IEMs space. It might appeal to their local consumers but will alienate them in the foreign markets.
  13. B9Scrambler
    "A lot of people preferred various Campfire Audio Andromeda IEM models over the SE846, but I never bothered with them, as the housing is dimensionally the same as the KZ ZS6 and is not a very good fit over time for me."

    As said, the shells are completely different and not "dimensionally the same as the ZS6". No angle is the same. The size is different. The weight is different. The nozzles are totally different. The CA shells are smaller, and they do have better ergonomics, thanks to the size, weight, and additional angles and creases that for some keep the shells from jabbing sensitive ears. That's not the same as saying the CA shells are perfect. I was simply addressing your factually inaccurate statement.
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  14. pbui44
    Experiences with comfort between the CA Andromeda and KZ ZS6 are similar, so that is a dealbreaker for me. Even when physically scaled down, it would not fit in my ear properly. Just a reminder, I have been speaking about myself and no one else.
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  15. B9Scrambler
    Congrats. It's still not the same shell.

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