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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. archdawg
    That fast, dry bad-@ss (sub-)bass and the speed/coherence of the 7 vs. the 10Pro, pretty obvious with fast bass and other transients like in this little tune below (and pretty much the rest of that album) - huge differences in spatial reproduction as well. Just a couple months with the 7 and they basically spoiled me for anything slower, less deep and less coherent - YMMV.

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  2. citral23
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2019
  3. Slater
    Well, that's unfortunate. KZ needs to fix the problem with the crumbling sockets before they start pumping out more models with a potentially faulty plug design.
  4. Makahl
    I can't wait to see more details about it. KZ is always improving their DD in the new releases and I hope it'll the case here too. A ZS10 Pro with another BA would be meh for my taste.
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  5. lucasbrea
    Yes, I think que sound quality would be very similar to zs10 pro unless they use improved or different drivers
  6. archdawg
    ... or move back to the good ol' slightly recessed standard connectors they've used before on the ZS6, 7, ... and offer cables with angled jacks instead of messing around with the female connectors/sockets on the earpiece side. This way anyone can still use pretty much any (cheap) standard cable with decent 2-pin 0.75mm (metal) connectors without having to deal with this protruding piece of plastic junk.
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  7. Slater
    Totally agree. The old connector was bullet proof and had zero problems. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
  8. lgcubana
    Before I spend more money. The reviews that I've read (on the ZS7) share the impression that there is a sparkle/brightness on the top end that can be fatiguing; is this contrary to your experience ?
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  9. Podster
    Not top start a flame war with my fellow KZ'ers but all (since the beginning) KZ's have a tendency to be a little bright on the top end and there are tweaks/mods as well as EQ but IMHO any KZ can light you up especially when over driven. I mean without some kind of intervention. Mind you the newer models are improving and my BA10's rarely sizzle even at volume:wink:

    Now for everyone to dispel the myth:rolling_eyes:
  10. PhonoPhi
    AS10 are quite warm ("dark" in some ways/perception/language) but not loosing resolution, definitely a touch "darker" than BA10.
    Then good "old ZS10" are a reference point how "dark" KZ could go.

    I do enjoy my CCA C16 and A10 (as well as AS10) now and finally ordered KZ AS12 to embrace all new highs :)
  11. khighly
    Mine is the gold version. My source has been Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite, Google Pixel XL, and my Dell XPS 13. All work flawlessly with ATH-M50xBT, TRN headsets, the KZ aptX and aptX HD cables.

    They could definitely sound good if there wasnt so much compression on the highs. Their transmit distance, like other KZ BT products is poor. Maybe I just have too high expectations for TWS.
  12. B9Scrambler
    Yet there are still lots of complaints about it being too bright. Go figure...
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  13. PhonoPhi
    That is where those spectral graphs can be useful to have a good idea.
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  14. BadReligionPunk
    I always just chalked that up to poor fit due to its monsterous size. Poor fit=loss of low end=3k peak blasting you with full force. I think the 3k peak confuses people as the treble rolls off hard after it. It really is the definition of "dark treble" to me which is where the mid treble and high treble ranges fall below the bass frequencies.
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  15. Incel
    To everyone who says that the recessed ones were fine, they were not for me. The headphones start falling out and drop. This new method is much more secure. The new one has much more friction, and its much more sturdy. I have had ED12 now that I replaced the cable a few times, the connector port broke the case so they aren't even designed to be replaced more than maybe once or twice. I had 3 ZS3 that kept falling off too. This was a terrible flaw, didn't happen with my ZS5 though so maybe it was some bad ones. The stock cables they come with are of poor quality too, so in effect you have to offload the cost of the cables to the IEM. The old ones got sticky, the new ones are very noisy and tangle easily. You can get different ones that have decent stock cables at that point with better sound. The ATR is still their best to me because it sounds better than stock headphones, but KZ always swaps the drivers so I don't know what my ATR was like compared to the new one now.
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