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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. voicemaster
    ZS10 pro is better from ZS7 and ZSN pro in positioning, but all KZ has the same problem when projecting the sound to the front. Side and back is fine.
    The best soundstage and positioning that I've ever experienced with IEM is the Zero Audio Duoza.
    Last edited: May 23, 2019
  2. voicemaster
    i am using this track for testing positioning of IEM and headphone.
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  3. nxnje
    The real problem i have (in rainbow six siege at least) is locating enemy at different heights.
    If i'm at the second floor and there's an enemy on the third floor just above me, i can easily be confused as the sound is not clearly saying it's up. It sounds like the height is different but cannot know if up or down. I don't know if i explained it well.
  4. DynamicEars
    ZSN pro sounds more airy because of that 16khz boost (boosted more than ZS10 pro), just like tanchjim oxygen
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  5. archdawg
    Just the way the two connectors (GND/+) are positioned on the shell. On KZ IEMs the GND contact sits closer to the center of the shell, on IEMs from some other companies like BQYEZ, R...n..., it's exactly the opposite. Some folks care about it ('absolute phase'), others don't give a damn as long as the two sides (L-R) are connected equally - in phase.
    Last edited: May 23, 2019
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  6. DeltaAudio
    I recently received the zsn and zsn pro, they sound nearly identical. Just popped open the zsn's to peek inside. IMG_20190521_221003.jpg plan on comparing them to the pros driver IMG_20190521_220931.jpg
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  7. katatonicone1
    I've been using the silver KZ upgrade cable for a year or so with ZS6, then I've noticed the silver cable actually sounds odd compared to the stock cable and also same tracks I played in other headphones. I think the mids are horribly off. Now with ZS7 I have the same feeling and I get much better results with the stock cable. What's your music authenticity feeling with the silver cable?
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  8. archdawg
    If you're talking about the flat, braided 8-core cable according to Hakuzen's measurements they have a relatively high resistance and depending on your IEM and source this can easily throw things out of balance.
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  9. hakuzen
    check you are not connecting the flat cable out of phase (+ and GND pins interchanged in one side).
    like @archdawg has explained, the difference of resistance between stock and flat cable can justify tonal alteration in upper mids and highs, changing overall tone. however, sound with the flat cable should be closer to iem real sound. so you should check for anomalies in your fat cable: pins and jack (clean them), extreme oxidation (this cable is known to get a green/cyan patina due to oxidation; not a sound issue in theory, but wire could be degraded too much now).
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  10. katatonicone1
    The cable changed its color all right. Can't see anything else being the problem. I wonder whether the sound was off all along and I just adjusted to the sound. It was my daily set (silver cable and ZS6) for a long time, then one of the nosils fell of when switching the tips so I switched to BA10 and the new silver-copper upgrade cable. I once connected the silver cable to the BA10s and noticed the odd sound but blamed it on different way of how pins are curved (different pin types).

    On other note. ZS7 in my opinion has good cable apart from the hooks which I dislike. Is there any point in getting other cable type? What are the more premium cables have you been using with ZS7? Any balanced cables in particular?
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  11. nxnje
    I do not find the ZSN Pro more spacious than the ZS10 Pro.
    I think ZSN Pro is just influencing the sound perception because if its upper range boost (artificial spatial impressions so).
    I prefer the more conservative treble in the ZS10 Pro which adds more of a "closed" but well rounded space.
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  12. Slater
    Can you post a photo of which one you have, including the color of the plastic rings between the terminals of the 3.5mm plug? KZ has made about 6-8 different silver cables (not including the A/B/C ends). They’re all slightly different.
  13. Slater
    That cable is ~0.6ohms, which is quite average for KZs. There’s a bunch of KZ cables that are much higher, and a scant few that are much lower.
  14. katatonicone1

    That's from Ebay when I ordered the cable last year. Can take an exact photo when I'm back home.
  15. Caipirina
    Grrrrr. Was just tracking my AS16 delivery and found this very unfortunate message:


    So much for the nice discount I got (plus the extra speedy DHL delivery), let's see what the rules of the game are this year ... (like 3 years ago, there was a 30€ fee JUST for the inspection and THEN they added import tax)
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