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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Mybutthurts
    Can I ask what make / model is the IEM with Chinese characters on...it looks cool even for an old sod like me.
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  2. B9Scrambler
    Special Edition ZST. There were a few different faceplates. This, a joker, and something else. Sounds the same as the regular ZST.
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  3. sino8r
    To those who's ZS10 Pros have arrived... Is there driver flex like the ZS7s?

    Will driving flex decrease the life of a dynamic driver?
  4. B9Scrambler
    No driver flex on my ZS10 Pro. Or my ZS7 for that matter.
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  5. Slater
    No flex on my ZS7.

    There should be no flex, as it has a front vent. So if you’re getting flex, it would indicate an issue with the front vent (like its clogged or just that it’s being covered up by the skin of your ear).

    You can try holding your mouth open while you insert the ZS7. Or you can try foam tips. Both of those will help with driver flex.
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  6. Folly
    how about ZS10 pro vs Kanas pro?
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  7. KimChee
    No driver flex on ZS10 Pro or ZS7
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  8. KimChee
    Hold your mouth open and pull down on your ear when you put the item in there...that’s what I do with my customs

  9. VICosPhi
    Most people will likely disagree with me here, but I am just going to state what I experienced when compared ZS10 Pros to Kanas Pros. I prefer ZS10 Pro's sound signature over Kanas Pro.

    I did A/B test between Kanas Pro and ZS10 pro and noticed the ZS10 pro had more "impactful sound". The hybrid design does help in creating a more lively sound in my opinion. They both sound like they are tuned to be neutral. Kanas Pro has a single DLC DD(corrected earlier typo as @tgx78 pointed out) and yet it sounds very good, but the impact I could get in ZS10 Pro, I could only get 80% of that impact in Kanas Pros.

    Kanas Pro has very good sub and mid bass despite the sound signature being so neutral, but it just would not hit the sub bass lows that ZS10 did while at the same time, maintaining the sweetness in treble. Mid bass was better on Kanas, Sub bass was better on ZS10, Treble was slightly better on ZS10. Mids seemed equally forward on both. Clarity wise they are both equal and you would not feel like you are missing anything unless you A/B them. If a song has extreme Stereo effect, Kanas seemed to provide slightly better Stereo representation vs ZS10, and their(Kanas Pros) recessed 2pin connector is perfect. These are the only two advantages I noticed with Kanas Pros.

    I know Kanas pro are very highly regarded by everyone, but I am just stating what I heard. Sound is perceptive and that may explain why I did not see them providing any advantage over ZS10 Pros. Also, Kanas Pros cost 3x more than ZS10 Pro so that is interesting.
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2019
  10. tgx78

    Kanas Pro has a DLC Dynamic driver not single BA driver as you stated.
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2019
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  11. VICosPhi
    Sorry, that was a typo, I meant to say single DLC DD.
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  12. courierdriver
    Great review! Thanks for that. From what I can gather from it...I'm now leaning more towards the ZS7. It's just kinda ticking more of my boxes.
    Damn...I'm still in a quandary. The biggest thing stopping me from buying ZS10 PRO is the connectors and cable upgrade options. As much as I like the sound impressions of the Pro, I absolutely HATE the fact that I can't easily upgrade the cable, cause of that weird C type connection method. You got me leaning towards the 7. I know that I could get a 0.78 balanced to fit, and a got one just ready to use. The 7 wouldn't need me to buy an upgraded cable, since I already have one. So now my question is...is the 7 smaller than the ZS10 Pro, and which has the longer stem/nozzle?
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2019
  13. courierdriver
    Thank you for 2 things. First, this is exactly what I've been looking for...a KPE owner who has both that and the KZ ZS10 PRO. I appreciate you posting your views. Second, (even though I don't share your opinion on the KPE...I'm one who holds this iem in highest regard), I applaud your courage to state that you like the ZS10 PRO more. That's exactly what I have been looking to read. I'm looking for an iem that's less expensive than the KPE, but still sounds good, with a slightly different sound sig for everyday use on the go. I still hate that KZ has all these weird 0.75 2 pin configurations, but your views have me now leaning towards the ZS10 PRO, instead of the ZS7. The 10 Pro is more expensive when I add in the balanced upgrade cable, but I'm thinking the sound might be more for what I'm looking for.
  14. VICosPhi
    Glad to hear. If you like Kanas Pros a lot, then ZS10 Pro have a sound signature closer to KP than ZS7.

    Yes I am still not pleased about that non-standard 2-pin C type connector, but since I will likely use this mostly to listen lossy streaming Spotify music over Bluetooth(using ES100 LDAC or 2pin C type Bluetooth v5 cable from KZ next month), I guess cable upgrade will not bring a lot of benefits to me. In a couple months I want to try out FH7 by Fiio. Their 13mm DD sounds intriguing, even though its not pure Beryllium. And they use standard MMCx connectors so aftermarket cables will not be an issue. DM7 also looks intriguing(also use standard MMCx connectors) but they lack DD and I am not sure if BA will be able to produce the sub bass on same level as KP or ZS7

    The sound is good enough on ZS10 Pros for gym and day to day use. ZS7 for some reason would give me fatigue after long listening hours. Kanas and ZS10 Pros I can listen for hours with very minimal fatigue.
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2019
  15. courierdriver
    Sigh...you are making it harder on my wallet, but for me, the truth is I really want a less expensive version of the KPE. My "financial head" says just get a KS7 for less than $50 CDN from Aliexpress and that's it (I already have a 2.5 balanced cable that would fit). My heart (which says I probably won't be happy with anything that won't at least give me the sound quality of the Kanas Pro), says spend the extra $40 CDN and get the ZS10 PRO with balanced cable that fits. Guess I'm going with the more expensive option. My heart rules my head...I'm such a sucker
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