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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. pbui44
    Umm...maybe??? :)
  2. KimChee
    I remember when I left the boards for about 4/5 years the driver wars for customs were starting up...I was going to just get CCA16, but I think I’ll hold off for CCA20...insane...back Roxanne had an insane amount of drivers now I believe Zeus has 14...

  3. LaughMoreDaily
    I just listened to the Astell & Kern SR15 with the CCA C10 at the Vancouver Audio Festival and wow. The A&K sure does sound like it's worth $900 and the C10 holds it's own with it. Not bad for $35 CAN.

    Should I part with my $70 AD797BR Zishan Z1 for the SR15? Lol. The 797 is dark while the SR15 is seriously musical. Amazing.
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2019
  4. Slater
    I need a favor. If someone can help me.

    I took comparison photos of the 3 different Starline tips (all medium size). You can click any of the photos for super jumbo photos.

    The old (grey) one is on the left, the 2nd revised version is in the middle, and the oddball is on the far right. You can see the how the other 2 look "flat" on the top edge, and the far right one is "sharp" on the top edge:
    Starline 05.JPG

    Here you can see how the walls of the tip are thicker on the 2 original ones, and the walls of the far right one is thinner:
    Starline 03.JPG

    Here you can see how the 2 original ones have a smaller bore, and the far right one is slightly larger bore. It's not larger by a huge amount; perhaps ~1mm:
    Starline 01.JPG
    Starline 02.JPG

    Here's what I need help with. I thought the far right one came on my ZSNs or maybe my ZS4. But I double checked and now I don't think so now. I some how got which came on what all mixed up, and now I don't really know what model the far right one came on. It could even be the ZS7, who knows.

    Could someone please check their tips and let me know which one the far right one came on? I need to know with 100% certainty which model the far right one came stock on (ie the one with the "sharp" top edge). It seems to have only come on ONE model.

    The one in the middle is the most common type, and is the type on all current KZs.

    I want to know about the one with the sharp edge, not the one with the flat edge:

    Starline 04 - Edited.jpg

    Thanks a bunch!
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2019
  5. Superluc
    My ZSN's stock tips are like the left ones, with the flat edge.
  6. B9Scrambler
    @Slater The ones with the "sharp" lip (far right) came with the ZS4 and one other model. Can't recall which. ZSN came with a standard set of 'Starlines' and a smooth medium tip pre-installed.
  7. Superluc
    They are softer than the previous ones ?
  8. Slater
    Thanks buddy. I was 90% sure they came with the ZS4, but my ZS4 have Auvios on them at the moment. So I couldn’t remember for sure what came stock on the ZS4.

    I’d love to know what the “1 other model” is :wink:

    It’s softer than previous models mainly because it’s thinner. The actual silicone material itself feels the same when I flip the tips inside out.

    If you want super soft silicone eartip, the Sony Hybrid tips are amazing. You can get them on Aliexpress fairly cheap. They’ve got a narrow bore. Besides being super soft, the silicone formula is kind of like tacky or grippy. Kinda hard to explain in words, but you can feel what I mean right away. This allows them to grip your ear canal an stay in really well. The silicone material is unlike any other tip I own (and I have loads and loads of different tips).

    In fact, it may not even be silicone at all. My guess is it’s some sort of TPE or ‘synthetic skin’ or similar material. Like the stuff they make super realistic prosthetics and high end special FX movie masks out out of (that’s similar to real skin).
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2019
  9. Leo-rume
    I distinctly remember the medium tips on my ZS3E being the ones on the far right, while the small and large tips were the regular starlines(middle in your picture). I found it really strange while unboxing, that's why I took note. I don't know if that's the same configuration as in the ZS4 as I don't have it.
  10. Slater
    Agreed; that's what originally caught my eye in the 1st place. I only use medium tips, so they stuck out like a sore thumb (especially when they're the pre-installed tip, which you noticed as soon as you removed the ZS4 from the package).

    Why on earth that ZS4 tip would be different than other KZ models, and why only the medium size (when the S and L are the normal Starline design) is beyond me.

    You see, to make a new tip requires an entirely new injection mold. And quality injection molds are not cheap to make. The tip has no flash or other rough edges, so it was made with a very good mold. Why KZ would go to the trouble to make a brand new expensive mold when they already had existing Starline tips; one that incorporates purposeful eartip design differences? And if so, why for the medium size only? And why only put it on the ZS4 and ZS3E?

    It's certainly a very odd anomaly, and I'd love to know the real story behind it. I guess only time will tell if it was just a 1-off fluke, or if it is indeed a 3rd Starline revision that they will start using on future models.
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2019
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  11. courierdriver
    So, I guess the question is: is it really a 0.75mm or a 0.78 that will actually fit? I've read that a few people have used a 0.78 2 pin and it will work...but some have also said that once doing so, if you try to go back to a 0.75, it will fall out or no longer fit snugly. Am wondering if the 0.78 stretches out the receptacle hole enough to make the stock 0.75 KZ cables unusable. Any thoughts?
  12. courierdriver
    It sucks that there aren't more physical brick & mortar shops around (like in Japan or Singapore for example) in North America or Europe, where people could test out these products for fit and comfort as well as sound quality. The biggest problem is not being able to try out how they fit. This is the same reason why I still buy clothes and shoes in an actual store and not online...you cant buy stuff like this just based on specs and descriptions. Its gotta actually fit your unique shape.
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  13. courierdriver
    Looking forward to more if your impressions. I'm narrowing it down to ZS7 and ZS10 Pro for KZ stuff. Still got my eye on TFZ King Exclusive too. The cost of the KZ's are definitely a more affordable option, but the ability to upgrade cables from a 0.78 single ended to a 0.78 balanced with a regular recessed port and cable termination might be the deal breaker
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  14. Makahl
    Out of interest, what tips are you guys using on ZS4?

    The stock starlines didn't "lock" on the nozzle and it always slips and get stuck in my ears whenever I try to go deeper than usual and taking them off on commute is a nightmare, lol.
    Tennmak Whirldwind M has that "lock" and the fit is perfect but I think due to less isolation/weaker seal and rather wide-bore I am not getting the ideal sub-bass.

    So I'd appreciate any suggestion.
  15. archdawg
    It sucks even more if you happen to live on an island somewhere in the atlantic ocean. The nearest B&M store I know of is in Valencia (Spain), 1874km/1164mi from here as the crow flies. Those folks carry a really decent selection of IEMs (Campfire & Co.) and offer a 14 day money back guarantee but most shops on the mainland don't ship anything to the Canaries because it's a special zone with it's own fiscal system (think of a paradise for alcoholics and chain smokers). Luckily most of the stuff from Aliexpress, Gearbest, etc... gets through, even though it usually takes aaaaages; usually my mail gets stuck for about two weeks in some sort of detention center ... What ???
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2019
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