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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. nxnje
    I got:
    - ZS7 for 17$ after a discount for a review on my website (but they were at 40$ just some days after the launch)
    - CCA C10: some 0.10$ for the same reason (they were arouns 30$
    - ZS10: i've never bought it
  2. mbwilson111
    I wish you would not make statements like that as though they are fact. You do that a lot. It is your opinion, your experience...possibly due to tip and fit issues. Just say they they did not suit you... or your taste... or possibly your gear.

    There are those of us who do like the ZS10.
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  3. BadReligionPunk
    You paid $22 for the zs10 because it was a clearance sale. I paid $45 for my zs10 when it came out. I found the zs10 to be good at some things and bad at others. After eq, everything was fine outside of the fact it's pretty large.
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  4. Slater
    I like the K2. It's v shaped with a nice overall sound. Build quality is excellent. The shell is pretty big and might not fit your ears if you have really small ears. I have average sized ears and it fits me just fine. The nice thing about the BA filter is that the treble is smooth and non-offensive. No sibilance, sharpness, harshness, fatigue, etc.

    I don't have the KC2, but from what I understand it is the same as the K2, just less low end (for a more balanced sound). There is a few reviews/impressions floating around from people that own both, so maybe try a search and see if you can find the info.

    I don't have the ZS10 Pro yet, so I can't compare. Mine is on my way.
  5. TechnoidFR
    I'm waiting zsn pro and zs10 pro which arrive this week normally

    I have c10/zs7/zs10/zsn/ca4/as10 etc etc etc ( except ba10 ) so I'll can compare them
  6. moisespr123
    My KZ ZS10 Pro is now in my state. Should arrive on Monday since it's still at the regional sorting center.

    I just can't wait to receive it and use it with my balanced cable and the TRN BT20, and with the new KZ Bluetooth adapter once that ships and I get it next month.
  7. TheVortex

    Looks like the AS10 but I presume it will be 5 BA's a side and not 10 a side?

    Not that keen on the type C connector and it looks like the inner part maybe transparent where it wasn't in the C16 / AS06 / AS10 body.
  8. Caipirina
    How uncanny, I JUST spotted that one as well

    I think the big fat "5" printed on there is a good give away :wink: ... pretty sure also they will eventually call a 10BA per ear the C20 :D or something with 20 in it

    Buy now I am really confused as to what I want to get next. Somehow 40$ is my pain level ... and the 8BA per side are popping up at 90$-ish ... still contemplating if BA10 or ZS10Pro (waiting for impressions)
  9. eclein
    Thanks! The new CCA we see with large #5 on side could be darn close or its a new BA10 or similar. The BA10 is so good and so underrated imo that I’m hoping to see it in “pro” version.
  10. pbui44
    Yes, the “10” in the name refers to 10 drivers in one set and the “5” on each housing refers to the 5 drivers in each housing.
  11. eclein
    I just saw the above posts. Its A10.....the fun begins!
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  12. KimChee
    I will in a few days once the ZS10 Pro is burned in a bit...honestly at this point I’d be happy with just the ZS7 as it is s good step up from the ZS6. But I saw the ZS10 Pro coming out, so you know the mentality here “latest and greatest”...I too prefer the recessed sockets

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  13. KimChee
    Isn’t CCA20 coming out soon?

  14. eclein
    Supposed to be yes
  15. courierdriver
    Yeah, I did check the forums and found a review that compared K2 and K2C and it said pretty much what you just did. I've had them in my cart both on Ali and on Amazon, but I keep moving them out to "save for later" because everyone keeps mentioning that they are kinda large for some people. That's what I'm worried about with them and the ZS10 PRO. The fit issue is a big deal for me since I'd like to wear for at least 2-3 hours at a time without pain or discomfort and I want them to stay in my ears. My Kanas Pro is for me the ultimate fit, but they are kinda small compared to alot of other stuff I have seen. Thanks for the help though, and I'll keep an eye out for your review of the ZS10 PRO when you get them. Aside from size worries, I'm also concerned about that 2 pin connector that sticks out of the shell. I'm guessing that its gonna be a pain to find a compatible aftermarket 2.5mm balanced cable with 0.75 pins to fit that weird connector. Really wish KZ would just stick to the standard 0.78mm pins and use a regular recessed connector in their shells so that people can upgrade their cables more easily.
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