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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Leo-rume
    Yes, It is indeed odd, only time will tell. I'm hoping it's not just a one time thing and actually a third revision. I like the texture better. The thinner layer just does it for me. The OG starlines I found too hard and thick. They irritate my ears after long listening sessions. It's a shame I only use size L tips, these would have been my go to tips as I like the general design of the starlines. They fit me very well, but the thickness and hardness gets to me after listening for 2hrs+.
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  2. maxxevv
    Screenshot_2019-04-28-19-05-28~2.png KZ AS16 anyone ??
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  3. mbwilson111
    I am not going to worry about it. It fits and was made for that connector. That cable is on to stay :)
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  4. Caipirina
    Price? Up anywhere yet? Pre-sale specials?
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  5. jibberish
    I use RHA double flange silicone tips. After a couple months of use they do occasionally slide off when removing them from my ears, but I've got tons of those tips and just swap in a new pair. They provide an incredible seal, which does the job for noise isolation and bass.
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  6. antdroid
    I just bought the sr15 and I really like it. Nice inviting and lively sound signature and good about UI. It's definitely better than the fiio M9 I ended up returning and I like it more than the pioneer xdp300r I still own.
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  7. Slater
    The stock Starlines included on the ZS4 are an odd Starline, with a larger-than-normal core. If you switch to a 'regular' Starline, found on just about any other KZ, it will work on the ZS4.

    You can see what I'm talking about below. The oddball ZS4 Starline is on the far right, with the regular (grey and black) Starlines being on the left and middle.

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  8. Slater
    Just go to the audio store by boat!

  9. courierdriver
    Ok, fair enough. Looks like I'll add that cable to my cart, along with the ZS10 Pro. Thanks for the help.
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  10. KimChee
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  11. Slater
  12. B9Scrambler
    Checked. The other model is the ZS3E.

    And here is the ZS10 Pro among some other similarly housed earphones; ZSN, C10, and ZST. Quite similar to the ZSN. That chrome finish sure does shine.

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  13. Slater
    Thanks a bunch B9. I appreciate it :)

    That ZS10 sure is a looker. I can’t wait for mine to show up
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  14. KimChee
    I’ve done some extensive listening between the KZ ZS7 and KZ ZS10 Pro. Let me just say first I’m not a fan of the memory wire on the ZS10 Pro. It is way too loose and doesn’t hold the iem in place, fortunately I swapped the cable for another KZ cable I had in my collection. Most of my testing was done with my Hidizs AP80, Lotoo Paw Gold, and Burson Soloist.

    KZ10 Pro Sound

    The treble is detailed, with good extension and air. The timbre is darker and laid back. There is a slight grain but not that noticeable for the price range. Compared to the ZS7 it is less bright, less energetic, with a similar level of detail just a different presentation. As a side note I don’t find the treble in the 7 to be offensive since it’s a bit rolled off.

    The mids are very similar to the ZS7, a bit more present and forward. The V shape overall isn’t as sharp as with the ZS7. There is no upper mid emphasis as with the 7, this area is clearer, vocals are cleaner.

    The bass has a nice low end grunt to it, it has good texture, and control, the quantity to my ears is less than the 7, which sounds more punchy and dynamic in comparison. I find the 7 more “boomy” and I don’t mean that in a negative way. I will break in the 10Pro more but I suspect this won’t change much.

    The soundstage is wide and spacious even more so than the 7, which I found wide to begin with. When the JH Roxanne and Angie came out people used words to describe them like “out of head experience, headphone like” regarding the soundstage, and I don’t think the 10Pro is quite there, but the soundstage is on the edge of being headphone like. The stage also has good depth, imaging, layering, and positional cues and instrument separation are also a step above the 7. I was impressed with the instrument positioning and separation is excellent.

    In technical abilities it is for the most part better than the Zs7, but I prefer the more aggressive, punchy dynamic sound of the ZS7 personally, even though it has less clarity and separation. The ZS10 Pro is more laid back sounding, more detailed with better imaging, separation, and a great soundstage.

    The ZS7/ZS10Pro reminds me of owning the Denon D7000 and the Fostex TH900. They both had a V shaped signature, the Fostex was clearer and cleaner but a bit too “reference” (I know these aren’t reference phones, but you follow my idea), while the D7000 was the more fun phone with less technical abilities.

    The ZS7 reminds me of a custom I owned a long time ago that was one of the first hybrid customs the Thousand Sounds TS842. It had a deep dynamic driver with the Ety ER4P treble/mids on top.

    Hope this helps anyone in the fence and honestly you can’t go wrong with either iem or you can own both like me lol, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. I love listening to new gear and testing out new toys, I’m waiting on the CCA20 next.

    Last edited: Apr 28, 2019
  15. VICosPhi
    So I had Kanas Pros, ZS7 and just got ZS10 Pro. I had somewhat similar experience between ZS7 and ZS10 Pro as @KimChee mentioned in his post earlier. Here is my take:

    - Nice sub bass, I guess you need a dynamic driver for a sub bass like this.
    - Treble is forward and there are times when it may sound harsh
    - Mids and vocals are forward and clear
    - Fit is fine as long as you get foam tips
    - Recessed 2pin connector works fine and this is what KZ should be using for future models

    ZS10 Pro
    - Slightly more sub bass, mid bass is similar to ZS7
    - Treble is "refined", it is not as forward as ZS7 but it sounds "cleaner"
    - Mids and vocals are more forward and natural sounding than ZS7 mids, they sound similar to the mids on Kanas Pro
    - Fit is fine as long as you get foam tips
    - Protruding 2pin C type connector is an unnecessary bulge. They should just standardize on a 2pin recessed connector like some of the TOTL IEMs use. Now we must get a C type cable that works with these, which is pointless.

    Overall sound signature of ZS10 Pro sounds more natural than ZS7 (ZS7 sounds like it is EQ'd by default for a V sound signature). Guitars sound more natural on ZS10 Pro.

    I like ZS10 Pro better between the two because it sounds more refined and natural, treble is more controlled and there is very slight edge on sub bass over ZS7.
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2019

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