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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. moisespr123
    Received the KZ ZS10 Pro today. They are revealing! I find them to separate instruments better than the KZ ZS7, but it does not have the same bass punch as the ZS7. Overall, the tonality is great and it's kind of "balanced" but "bright" on the mids. I can also hear more the "Tss" in the instruments. vocals are clearer too.

    It also makes a perfect fit with my TRN BT20. Finally I can use them without having the IEM fall from my ears :)
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2019
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  2. KimChee
    You pretty much encapsulated my thoughts in less words

  3. moisespr123
    Honestly, so far, I'm enjoying the sound of the ZS10 Pro more than the KZ ZS7. Their bright highs are something that I like. But also the bass altough not as punchy as the KZ ZS7, it's nice to have to complement the highs. They also don't seem to hurt my ears, both physically and when it comes to the highs.
  4. courierdriver
    I can't say, since I currently don't own either of them. From what I have read though, it seems like the Pro has better bass, is more mid forward and has slightly better articulation in the treble. Price difference isn't that much (like, $20 maybe) so why not go with the latest fresh set? I'm just looking for a good set of iems that will complement my Kanas Pro for about $50, but won't break my wallet if they get damaged while I'm on the bus. I'm not looking for the KS10 PRO to be my "endgame" earphone...just looking for something cheaper than my KPE as a daily driver.
  5. KimChee
    I prefer a more aggressive sound so came to the opposite conclusion, and prefer the ZS7. I added the SPC upgrade cable and it added more detail, space, and layering so I’m more than happy now with my ZS7, sold the 10 Pro and am looking to get a more clinical sounding iem like the CCA C16 to round out my collection now. I am also getting my Plussound X8 Silver/Gold cable back from retermination, so I will have my Roxanne back and I can do more critical listening and comparisons. I figure I will get the CCA20 when it comes out later...ugh it never ends...but it has been a fun journey, and I for one love the Chi-Fi offerings...it’s really pushing the envelope of sound quality at a very affordable price point...

    I love the KZ ZS7 as my daily driver and I really don’t feel like I’m making any compromises which is amazing for day to day listening

    Last edited: Apr 29, 2019
  6. LaughMoreDaily
    You like the bright highs on the ZS10 Pro? Wow, I thought the highs on the ZS7 were too much, or almost too much. And, you like even brighter...
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  7. VICosPhi
    The highs on ZS7 were a little fatiguing to me as well. I like ZS10 pro highs better. Bass seemed better to me on ZS10 pros however.
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  8. randomnin
    That's Japanese, saying "it doesn't end!!"

    Why did they make that 3kHz trough in the recent models? Used to be flatter in a lot of older ones. The usual post-4kHz trough, though, is narrower. But the mid-bass bleed looks present as always. Oh well, maybe next time.
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  9. KimChee
    The ZS10 Pro highs are more laid back, just as detailed if not more so and darker and not as energetic as the 7s imo..

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  10. Mybutthurts
    ZS10 Pro arrived this morning and straight out of the box... I like it.

    A bit like the AS10 sound wise, with the dynamic drive it has more bass to it.
    It's lost that dark sound that goes with the original ZS10, vocals are now forward in the mix.

    Physically, it's lighter and smaller than the original, new C type connection is nice and is usual KZ quality.

    IHMO. I don't see it as subtle upgrade on the original, more a complete rebuild.

    Anyways I like it and think its my new main iem.

    I'll see how it sounds after a few days burn in.
  11. moisespr123
    And... This night the new KZ AptX HD cable shipped!
  12. maxxevv
    LOL ....

    That looks like PHB EM 023shell mashed with a ZS6 top cover !
  13. Mellowship
    Been away for some time from this forum and took my time with all the kzs I own. Last bought was AS10... Or ZSN. Both great.
    But I'm in the condition to elect my all time favourite.


    The ZS5v1.

    Damn. I keep getting in love with these. They like power, but I discovered that with the KZ USBC cable they can sing almost as well as when plugged into a dedicated amp. That's good. It mean I can take them with me anywhere, even in my lunch break.

  14. Caipirina
    Interesting, I have been on a break from buying every hyped new IEM for a while as well and just recently went through all my KZs again ... when I got the ZS5v1 (in that big fancy box and pre-sale discount) I was actually rather disappointed ... but I guess my ears have grown up (old?) a bit and I am appreciating them way more now!

    My last KZ purchase was the ZSR which I like for being quite a 'fun' listening experience.

    And I have to admit that getting the TRN BT20 made me dig up and listen to all my KZs (and one TRN) again
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