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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. khighly
    My ZS7's are really dark, as well as a friends pair I've tried. ZSN Pro extends much higher and is much brighter, which I very much welcome in newer KZ models and would really like to see the ZSN Pro highs in a ZS7 Pro.
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  2. VICosPhi
    Got the shipping notification as well. Wondering if this will support APTX as my phone does not have APTX HD. I know it supports AAC
  3. moisespr123
    It should. AptX is standard in Qualcomm's Bluetooth chips, so if the phone doesn't support AptX HD it should use AptX. Mine also does not support AptX HD, but Avantree will release a USB AptX HD transmitter soon so that would be nice to use.
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  4. Nimweth
    That's weird. With my equipment and ears, I find the ZS7 bright and clear with a lively presence region. The highs are clean and not harsh. I certainly would not describe them as 'dark'. They are among my favourite IEMs especially for electronic music.
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  5. khighly
    I didn't say they were bad, they're also my favorite KZ, but they're so much darker than ZS10, ZSN, ZSN Pro, ZS6, etc. They're even darker than the AS10 doing back to back comparisons.
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  6. Makahl
    Out of curiosity, did you try the ZS7 wired or only using the BT gear in your signature? foam tips? Might I'm wrong and I didn't try the newest codecs but so far I think BT modules have the tendency to warm up the sound quite a bit and treble extension is shorter when compared to wired in a decent amp/dac.
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  7. voicemaster
    Yes, I agree that BT does reduce the treble and bass extension.
  8. durwood
    The ZS7 is my favorite KZ out of the current models (ZSN, ZS6, AS10, ZS10). It's actually my go to IEM right now for everyday use. I can totally understand the reference to the other models but my subjective opinion is that I would call the highs delicate vs dark.
    Dark - A tonal balance that tilts downwards with increasing frequency. Opposite of bright. Weak high frequencies.
    Delicate - High frequencies extending to 15 or 20 kHz without peaks.

    My version of dark would be the Nicehck P3 so it's all relative.

    They extend pretty well, but not like say the DT6. Compared to the overdone treble on the ZS6, they can sound lacking if switching back and forth. The AS10, ZSN can come off as too much lower treble boost but again that is just how I feel. I would have to pull out my ZS10 to compare to the ZS7 since it has been a while. I do wish the ZS7 had a bit more shimmer up top (just a little +3-4db), I would be totally happy and it would be a solid 8 out of 10 if that happened.
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  9. loomisjohnson
    the zs7 is warmer and more smoothed over/less sharp in the treble than other kz hybrids, so i could see them being described as "dark" by comparison; however because bass is tight and bloom-free they sound clear and unveiled, so maybe "dark and clean" is apt?
  10. Nimweth
    Yes, they are my favourite KZ as well, I did have the ZS10 but didn't like them, I found them too harsh in the treble.
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  11. Nimweth
    Yes, I suppose that's fair enough, they end up being well balanced.
  12. Aevum
    i just got my KZ APTX bluetooth cable

    Reception is crap, it cuts out all the time.

    think that the HD version will be better ?
  13. khighly
    Yes, everything also gets tried on the schitt modi and the headphone amp I built. As someone pointed out above, these are dark/warm for KZ's. I mostly have KZ's, so really what I mean is, it's dark compared to KZ's other offerings.
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2019
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  14. khighly
    Yeah that version is not worth the money. TRN's offerings are pretty rock solid as long as they come wired in phase.
  15. Trisse
    I got my kz zs7 along with a trn 8 core cable today. How do i know if i connect the cable in phase? It's no markings on the cable.

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