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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. stuck limo
    ZS3e came out with a retune and I have seen no mention of it anywhere.

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  2. Sylmar
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  3. 1clearhead
    De nada. :thumbsup::nerd:
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  4. mbwilson111
    I did not find a black ZS3e
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  5. Sylmar
  6. Slater
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  7. ShakyJake
  8. stuck limo
    Ah, sorry, I mean: ZS3 was retuned to a ZS3e version 1.

    Can you do a comparison of the ZS3 vs ZS3e? (and maybe the ZS3e vs Slater Mod?) I watched a YouTube video and the guy said the ZS3e sounded better but also sounded "hollow".

    @Slater I used your Slater Mod on the ZS3. I really like what it did, but I am noticing now the highs can be somewhat piercing. It seems the foam kept those frequencies at bay. It's definitely not bad, and I've only encountered it on a couple of tracks so far, so right now I'm enjoying the tighter bass and clearer mids especially. It's not as "fun" sounding though, for sure.
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  9. Leo-rume
    I've had the ZS3e's for about a week now and I've been comparing it closely with the regular ZS3's, and here's what I think;

    The ZS3 used for this comparison is the one with the slater mod done on them.

    At first listen, what is clearly obvious is that the ZS3e is clearly much bassier than the ZS3, although after continuous listen, it becomes obvious that the bass is not as tight or articulated as that on the modded ZS3. The highs on the ZS3e are a bit more pronounced and sparkly while the mids are just a tad bit more recessed. Generally the ZS3 sounds more natural to listen, but the ZS3e are definitely more fun and exciting to my ears. I find them very much suited to old recordings. It gives them that much needed warmth. For modern music (especially electronic), It can get a bit overwhelming sometimes, I listened to Black Eyed Pea's "Request Line" and there was just so much "boom"... Too much. I can't say much about soundstage, they're very similar, but the ZS3 sounds more airy especially the vocals. With the ZS3E, there's a certain kind of warmth added to the vocals which might either be a good or bad thing depending on personal preferences. I personally love that. Both sound really clear. No muffled sound, but the modded ZS3 just edges its counterpart slightly in clarity.

    I listened to both directly from my smartphone. Volume levels seem to be almost exactly the same.

    Some tracks I used for testing;

    Enya - My! My! Time flies!
    Michael Jackson - Liberian Girl
    Kat Edmondson - Sparkle and Shine
    Smokie - For a Few Dollars More
    First Aid Kit - I Just Needed A Friend
    The Mamas and The Papas - No Salt On Her Tail

    And on a side note.
    Initially when I did the slater mod on the ZS3, I took out both the foams and the red cloth-like filters. I tried it on and the sound was much more open with much better controlled bass, but I noticed some harshness and sibilance here and there same as someone just pointed out. So I replaced the filter onIy and it solved the problem. The clarity and bass tightness still maintained but the harshness gone, although still a bit sibilant in some sibilant prone tracks but overall that mod turns the ZS3 from an okay IEM into a really good one. And I'm just sitting here wondering why the Hell it wasn't tuned like this in the first place.
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  10. stuck limo
    Good review, that tells me what I want to know.

    I may have to get a second ZS3 set, I lost one of my red filters somehow. Does anyone know if they're sold separately?
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  11. Slater
    Same filters come on EDR1 and EDR2. They can be found for a few dollars. So that would be the cheapest way to get some red filters :wink:
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  12. HungryPanda
    I ordered ZS3e so will mod my ZS3 once they arrive
  13. stuck limo
    I'm finding them for about 5-9 bucks, but all they ship from Hong Kong/China. At that price and wait time, I may as well just get a second set of ZS3 delivered Monday.
  14. Slater
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  15. ephrank
    First impression: CCA C10

    Purchased CCA C10 from AliExpress 3.28 sale - AUD $35

    In my hands: Excellent construction - Zinc alloy plates feel beefy and have a nice finish. The dynamic drivers, BAs are clearly visible behind the transparent shell. Overall quality & craftmanship are noticibly better than ZST Colorful, which have similar outer shells.

    In my ears: Very comfortable. The total lack of sharp corners is the first thing I noticed (compared with ZS5 v1). The added weight from the zinc alloy plates doesn't bother me. Stock tips feel kind of cheap, so I put on my well worn pair of ZS5 black starline tips (medium size). The C10s are just as secure in my ears compared to the ZS5s.

    Drivability: The electronic crossover in the CCA C10 is something I really look forward to. ZS5s have no such device, making them very current hungry, and the battery life of my DAP suffered as a result. My Shanling can get quite warm if left in a pocket while driving the ZS5s in balanced mode. CCA C10s seem to behave much better. In my unscientific test, my Shanling still had 3 bars of battery after playing non-stop for over 5 hours with the CCA C10s. (Low gain, volume around 22-26). Moreover, I found the C10s can produce the same loudness while running 3-4 volume steps lower than the ZS5s.

    The Sound: I played some loud music for 15 minutes to loosen up the drivers before listening. Using Shanling M3s balanced out low gain -> KZ 2.5mm balanced SPC cables -> CCA C10s -> KZ black starline tips. My first impression is very good musicality, pleasantness, and smooth sound produced by the CCA C10s. No piercing peaks in the treble region, and no noticible sibliance in my test tracks. Soundstage is on-par with the ZS5 v1, may be a little bit narrower. Bass has a strong, grooving presence, making the C10s suitable for use on public transport where there's constant background noises. Without a doubt, they are very suitable for listening to modern rock / pop genre. Overall they're some very enjoying IEMs and the asking price is a steal.

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