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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Slater
    I had some trouble with the latest batch of Sharpie markers I bought from Amazon. I’m trying to determine if they changed the formula, or if is a problem with certain colors or what.

    I have been trying to find the same marker assortment locally but having trouble, which would help me determine what the issue is. If Sharpie did change their formula, I will order the Amazon Basics markers and try those.

    Basically I don’t want to give directions if they don’t even work properly. The idea with Sharpies was they’re consistent and available everywhere.

    So keep being patient while I continue my testing and I’ll let everyone know as soon as the How2 is ready.

    In the mean time, hang on to the green cables, as it doesn’t hurt anything. The green will all be covered up, whether there’s a little or a lot.
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2019
  2. mono-type
    That's great to know, @Slater. Would look forward to your guide as you improve your method on dying the cables. Fortunately, Sharpies are easy to come by at my area. So only Sharpies would do, and not any other brands of permanent markers, aside from AmazonBasics that you mentioned?
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2019
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  3. 0Siegfried0
    @1clearhead Which one do you prefer between ZSN pro and CCA C10?
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2019
  4. stuck limo
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  5. Cronnie
    So looks like I might be getting a new set after one side of my ED16s stopped working, been a while since I've checked out anything KZ related so any suggestions on something similar/a potential upgrade considering I was very happy with the fit and sound of the ED16s?

    Also on a somewhat related note I contacted the seller on AliExpress and they asked me to record a video of the problem? What would be the best way of going about that? I would assume using my phone and recording that I have them hooked up and playing a song to show the right side working and then no sound coming out of the left side? Sounds obvious but thought I'd ask :beyersmile:
  6. mono-type
    Since I also own the ED16, which is one of my current favorite KZs, and you're willing to spend a bit more, then get the ZS7.
  7. Sylmar
    I'm glad to see that others appreciate the ED16. Such a nice IEM.
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  8. mono-type
    I love how comfortable the ED16 is to my ears. It's pretty much a scaled-down ZSR (in which I also like), sound-wise. For an IEM on such a small shell, this packs a punch.
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  9. neo_styles
    Seems like the standard copy-paste "troubleshooting" done by these companies. One seller wanted me to do the same thing to prove I had a DOA pair of bone-conducting headphones. With no power/status LED, kinda defeats the point, but I took a video and sent it anyway. Suffice to say they weren't satisfied. Last time I ever did business with those guys.
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  10. DynamicEars
    About to ask @1clearhead the exact same question. I got my C10 on my desk today, and leave it for burn in process, actually I won't play in this budget area anymore, since I got enough time trapped in KZ sucking hole last time, but of course found budget gem like ZSN was great. For me now, Im happy with Moondrop Kanas Pro as my daily iem, but was really tempted to get C10 because of its positive reviews and hype. A bit regret to take but since I got it cheap enough at $23 something, so its fine I can give it to my family later on. at 0 hours sub bass not as deep as ZSN, (more over if compared to Kanas Pro of course) and too much mid bass bleed, already using spiral dots which is normally will make bass more textured and reducing mid bass bleed.
    mid is ok, and high mids are noticeable safer tuning, no harsh or peak here. Soundstage is quite good. Again, at 0 hours. Im leaving them on burning rig right now.

    Anddd I got ZSN pro on the way also. So, is the bass on ZSN pro better than C10? i assume ZSN pro can take deeper and better texture here. maybe around same quality mids and high mids, but narrower soundstage maybe?
  11. 1clearhead
    Very interesting question, since I recently asked myself that question, as well!

    My thoughts would be, if the ZSN PRO's would have been out before the C10, I would have been content with the PRO's. But, knowing now that the PRO's leans more towards a V-type sound signature, and a very good and competitive one for that matter, I am very happy to own the C10 for its more balanced approach to basically all genre's. They both play in a more mature manner, one being V-shaped, while the other balanced. They are slightly different enough for me to like them both equally! But, I can see this clearly being a tug-of-war between the ZSN PRO -VS- C10! Though, I can nick-pick more details with the C10, while the PRO's brings a crisp and airy approach. In the end, it's probably going to be anybody's guess or personal choice. ...You can't go wrong with either of them!

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  12. BrunoC
    ZS7 + Wide Bore Tips (KZ Whirlwinds) -> Treble + soundstage are extended

    = Pure Bliss (from subass to high treble).

  13. 1clearhead
    ...I'm interested more on how the CCA CA4 will play on this scenario having the ZSN PRO on one corner, and C10 on the other! :thinking:
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  14. 1clearhead
    Thanks to @Slater!...I am able to be the proud owner of a KZ ZS7, which are hard to get and where it's originally made...in China!
    I will give some impressions soon on the already positive sounding ZS7. :wink:
  15. SybilLance
    Clear, is the Pro shell exactly identical to that of the regular ZSN, including nozzle shape, dimensions (diameter, length) and projection angle? It'll help me decide to get it at around $11 for my daughter. She has my smallish ears and I think maybe also the shape and angle of my external meatus.

    If exactly identical, then it'll be perfect as her graduation gift add-on.

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