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Discussion in 'Buyer/Seller Feedback ARCHIVE' started by ephrank, Aug 23, 2007.
  1. ephrank
    Here I am [​IMG]
  2. thread
    I sold ephrank my Hornet M. He was easy to deal with, good with the communication, and quick with payment. Recommended Head-fier!
  3. cafe zeenuts
    Sold my V6 to ephrank a quick and smooth transaction. Highly recommended buyer.
  4. Covenant Contributor
    I sold ephrank my M^3 amplifier. Both being in Sydney, he came over my place for an audition of the amp in question, bringing a fair few pieces of equipment I wanted to hear as well.

    The whole thing turned into a mini-meet, with source, amp and headphone comparisons abounding, and us both discovering some new artists/albums to investigate. He was friendly, communicative, and a real pleasure to deal with.

    Highly reccomended Head-Fi'er!
  5. megeso1246
    Bought the ALO mini-mini cable from ephrank. Good communication and fast shipping. Overall transaction was perfect. Definitely a recommended head-fier!

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