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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. LaughMoreDaily
    I can tell by appearance the purple ZSN copper cable is better but is the dark wired cable better as well?
  2. LaughMoreDaily
    I think you mean, "a bad idea." :wink:
  3. 1clearhead
    Yea, one for the gym, one for casual use, the other to lounge around the house...:point_left::yum:
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  4. voicemaster
    Just received my silver/purple ZSN. I can say the cable is nicer than my black/black ZSN. The bass for some reason is a little bit tighter than the black one when I first listened to it. And also less sibilance than the black one (first listening). I even use the original silicone tip right now instead of foam tips that I usually use. I don't know if the cable makes these little differences or not, but I am loving the build and sound quality of both the IEM and cable.
  5. 1clearhead
    With the darker cable the ZSN sounds slightly warmer with more bass providing more of a v-shape signature. The lighter copper cable sounds more balanced.
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2018
  6. blur.png
    i just read someone said that the es4 is dry, no sub bass not detailed, but it felt detailed to me and pretty bassy (zs6 bass loses to this, while keeping the highs detailed without the piercing)
    ive read that some says the ZSA sounds better than es4 but some also says its sibilant and piercing at times
    also about the AS10 and BA10, i've heard some says that the BA10 the best tuned kz but some says is super bright & sibilant while some says the AS10 is a better tuned & warmer one
    and the ZSN cable thing, dark cable - bass/V shaped, brighter cable - balanced, can anyone proof this ?

    now im confused which one is correct as everyone says different things about the iems
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  7. KevDzn
    For the ZSN, I think the difference between the black/cyan and the purple ones are more than the cable. The purple ones has 'aluminium alloy' nozzle and the black/cyan has 'metal copper' nozzle.
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  8. Le Stef
    LOL, nice move for the pouch! I must say though, AWEI is a highly underrated company and some of their IEMs sound fantastic; before I bought the KZ-ES4, I was using the AWEI ES900i (way better than ES600i in my opinion) and I must say, once I got the ES4 I was expecting better sound from the newer KZ hybrid vs the old Awei single DD, but the Awei, even though less detailed, seems to sound overall better. Maybe it is because the ES900i are easier to drive and I listened to them mainly on a portable device. I have to A/B them again, but I find the ES900i really good and with their aluminum casing and flat cable they are almost indestructible (3 years of daily, rough use and still running perfectly); and they cost $8-10 shipping included.
    The ES4 is the first KZ I've tried so far, I have since then purchased a pair of ZSR and AS10. I hope they are both way better than the ES4. The wait is long!
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  9. LaughMoreDaily
    I think KZ is trying to put its expensive iems out of business so people buy the cheap ZSN.
  10. LaughMoreDaily
    The ZSR and AS10 better be better than the lowly ES4... it's cheap. I think I paid $12.75 for mine during 11/11 a year ago.
  11. TechnoidFR
    The problem is that the audio is rather subjective. With different tips, different ears etc can sometimes give different results.
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  12. LaughMoreDaily
    True. I hope people give us feedback on the different tips they'll be using for the ZSN. I have Spinfits and Zircon tips and am awaiting Newbee foam tips and can do those when my ZSN arrive.
  13. CoiL
    Air pressure? Your IEM doesn`t have air port holes? most KZ`s have and no issues with driver flex.
    Or You mean by air pressure too strong pressure against ear-canal walls? Then switch to 1 size smaller tips.
    Wow, thats big difference. I hope my purple ZSN won`t have it. Will measure when I get mine and report back.
    I lately like to have a look @ rather RAW graphs than different compensations with different gear etc. Gives more perspective imo.
    Then darker cable should have higher impedance than copper one.
  14. CardigdanWalk
    Would be very interested to hear how it compares to the ES100 too, if you have the chance!
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  15. CoiL
    If I get my wife setup and like ZSN... I might be getting cyan ZSN too for daily workhorse... but I`ll probably take copper cable for myself and give black one to wife to "save her hearing" :D

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