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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Slater
    What's wrong with it? Too big? Too long? Too sharp?

    The BA drivers are in the nozzle, so you couldn't modify the nozzle too much without running into problems with the BAs.
  2. Nikostr8
    too wide , the 6mm nozzles destroy my ears everytime i use them... never tought that 1mm difference would do so much ( i can wear the ZST without a problem and they use a 5mm nozzle) . I was thinking about sanding them down a bit without making them too fragile knowing that the BAs are located inside.
  3. Slater
    Try a smaller tip size, which will make up the overall difference in the larger nozzle. So if you normally wear M tips, switch to S tips.

    You can also try double or triple flange tips. This moves the nozzle away from the ear canal, alleviating the irritation from the larger size.
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  4. mbwilson111
    ...and possibly spinfits.
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  5. kailashrs
    Been hearing a lot of good things about about the ZSN, would be an upgrade over the ZS10 by any means? I'm a sucker for clarity and separation and ZS10 has loads of those <3... The ZS10 is the best IEM I've ever used but would like to know this, thanks in advance :)
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  6. LaughMoreDaily
    That's what an IEM addict says about every KZ model. :wink: Like ED16, ES4, etc.
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  7. Mybutthurts
    If you want clarity & separation try the AS10. It most definitely has those qualities and little brighter than the ZS10.

    Seeing that the ZSN is half the price of a new ZS10 and that AS/BA/ZS10 are currently KZs premium models I wont say it's an upgrade.
    Even so. I have a pair on order.
  8. mbwilson111
    I know... lol... but the ZSN is really good:)

    I only have 8 KZs and I have carefully selected them. I don't like my ZST as much as the others. I find the vocals a bit harsh.
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  9. Storyteller
    I have the same problem as Niko. The nozzles are too big and no matter which tips I put on, its still too wide and I can't get a good seal or a comfortable position. I wanted to like ZSR, but I can't listen to them because those fitting problems. Tried Spinfits, Spiral dots, all kinds of silicon tips, all kinds of foams, Complys, New Bees, etc... I´m thinking of getting ZSN, so I hope the nozzles are smaller.
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2018
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  10. CoiL
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  11. BadReligionPunk
    Don't know how I missed this. I will give it a try. Ordered. :)
  12. Nikostr8
    actually im testing my other iems and i just noticed that the yersen fen-2000 also uses 6mm nozzle , but i dont have problem while using them... could it be that the nozzle is not the problem? using the fen-2000 with S-size silicone tips ( aswell as ZSR )
  13. CardigdanWalk
    Waaah, just when I thought I wouldn’t buy anything for the rest of the year and I see this.

    I’ve lost track of the number of Bluetooth solutions I’ve bought now, and this does look the nicest so far for running.

    Trying to resist buying! Do we know if it’s AAC?
  14. jant71
    If it was a Qualcomm they would have advertised it or they are dumb not to. No way it is 5100 series cause of the cost. Would be the 3026 but even the cheaper one has the better battery life. Leads me to think it might be other than Qualcomm chipset. Of course how good is the antenna is a big deal as well. Nothing on that. This may dropout a bunch for all we know. We are guinea pigs here. Not sure if you lay back on a bench they won't bob around but that doesn't mean they will come out or break your in ear seal. We need testers :) Many first gen things usually need to be improved or fixed.
  15. Slater
    Yes, it’s very possible that the nozzle isn’t the problem.

    Here’s some common problems, which may or may not affect you.

    Problem #1:
    IEM is just too large, plain and simple (or the user’s ear is too small).

    This is an example where the IEM is just too big and the user really should just find another IEM that fits better.


    Problem #2:
    IEM isn’t oriented properly.

    There are some people that are confused about how to wear ‘up’ aka behind-the-ear IEMs.

    Some IEMs can be worn ‘up’ or ‘down’. The ZSR is not one of those. It must be worn ‘up’.

    And when worn up, it must be oriented properly.

    The following is NOT the correct way to wear ‘up’ IEMs, as it is not rotated properly into position. Plus, the cables aren’t even router right.

    EB98F081-48C6-44A0-85FF-90A89A7ED68D.jpeg AA7D334D-D86C-478B-8D6E-6565F1819612.jpeg

    Problem #3:
    The pointy part of the shell that is supposed to fit into the concha of the ear is too big or too long.

    The part I’m referring to is the ‘pointy’ part (on the right side in the below photo). It is the primary reason why the ZS3 doesn’t fit some people. The ZSR has a similar part, which is why I also believe the ZSR has trouble fitting some people. Luckily that part can be sanded down somewhat, and many people have done so on the ZS3 and ZSR with positive results.


    The correct way to wear this style IEM:

    This goes along with Problem #2 above. Below is the CORRECT way to wear the ZSR style of IEM.

    The key here is to note the orientation of the IEM itself.

    The 1st photo demonstrates it perfectly.

    A901FC84-D823-4324-92C3-A3372F8AB2DA.jpeg E8A1EB05-DB4C-4477-91ED-4881E9EEDA3A.jpeg

    This last photo is a custom hearing aid (taken while I was getting ear impressions for CIEMs at the audiologist last week), but it still demonstrates the correct orientation of ergonomically-shaped IEMs.

    Last edited: Nov 11, 2018
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