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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. SiggyFraud
    They look better than I expected.
    KZ ZSN: IMG_20181016_081344.jpg IMG_20181016_081347.jpg IMG_20181016_081351.jpg
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  2. phrancini
    They don't look bad at all. I'm going to grab a pair right now
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2018
  3. SiggyFraud
    I ordered the silver/purple pair from Gearbest. Seems like they have the best deal right now - USD 13,25 with cheapest registered shipping method and some GB points.
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  4. TLDRonin
    I read your comment and was going to say it isn't smart to order based on looks. After actually seeing them I'm kind of tempted to order as well
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  5. phrancini
    they are fairly new and I can't seem to find many reviews. Somebody has to take one for the team!
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  6. phrancini
    I can't find them on gearbest. I found them on AE for 17USD though
  7. SiggyFraud
    Found them just now via Gearbest app at USD 15,40.
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  8. phrancini
    it must be something country related. the link you provided is not working here in italy. it just says "suspended"

    NVM, I'll go with AE :wink:


    EDIT: I ended up buying it on GB using a VPN :wink:
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2018
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  9. zerouse7en
    Is there anyone here who owns both ED16 and Tin Audio T2? I would like to see some compare between these two iems. I have a pair of ZSR now, its shape is big for my ears, although it sounds good but I want bass to get tamed a bit.
  10. loomisjohnson
    t2 and ed16 are completely different animals--t2 is bright/balanced and audiophile-accurate; ed16 is tuned quite close to the zsr, albeit with a better-controlled low end and a little less extension.
  11. zerouse7en
    Since I have had a pair of DT1990 Pro for awhile, T2 seems to be a better choice for me :thinking: how about another option from KZ that's similar to T2?
  12. loomisjohnson
    my understanding is that the zs10 and as10 are more balanced, but i don't own 'em and gotta defer to others on that
  13. ThanosD
    Guys, does anybody have an opinion on how the ZS3 compare to the ZSR? I am looking for a bass-head level iem. I currently own the ZS3, and I am wondering if there is something with more bass, or something with better sounding mids and highs, but the same bass as ZS3 in the KZ linup
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2018
  14. Makahl
    I can't answer for the ZSR but people with ZS4 are quite confident this is an upgrade from ZS3 in all areas. I think only coil wasn't satisfied with treble at all and its extension for hi-hat and cymbals but if you're into bass-head music it shouldn't be a problem (and if you're sensitive to a possible sibilance you can fix it with foams tips or adding 1 micropore layer over the nozzle before mounting the tip).

    Nonetheless, for $12ish, it's hard to complain.
  15. ThanosD
    Yeah, that seems to be what I am looking for as far as sound goes. I am just not very satisfied with the design, it wasn't very comfortable for me. Thanks for the suggestion though, I might give them a try anyways.

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