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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. phrancini
    mine are close to be 1yo and they have been beaten up in every possible way (almost used daily, never stored in a pouch/box) and the anodization is a little worn out on the edges but nothing major.

  2. randomnin
    That's much better than my TRN V80. After slightly more than a week's daily use they already look a bit worse than the photo you provided. And I can readily scratch more off with my nails without much pressure. Kudos to KZ.
  3. phrancini
    I don't own those TRNs but judging by some photos I found with google, I can say with 100% certainty that they have a paint coat on them, KZs are anodized instead.
  4. mbwilson111
    What is causing this? Does the paint just fall off for no reason? Can it happen even if they are always iin a soft case when not in the ears?
  5. phrancini
    I can't speak for the TRNs, as I said that I don't own them, but as a general rule of thumb, a bad paint job can be "peeled off" from a surface if it doesn't stick well to it, that's because the paint layer sits on top of the surface. (maybe they used some cheap paint? idk). Anodization on the other hand is different. Aluminium is electrochemically treated and the dye penetrates the metal, therefore the colour cannot chip, but can be ruined on the parts more exposed to wear (eg. sharp edges on the zs6 which are rubbing onto eachother when I place them in my pocket).

    It's the same process Apple used for the iphone, up until the X: the colour wouldn't come off unless you scratched the surface

    EDIT: spelling
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2018
  6. antdroid
    To properly paint aluminum or most metals, the same anodizing process should occur with a good primer coating as well. Sanding works in a pinch but anodizing really helps strip the metal of the oxide layer and puts a fresh clean coat on which if done right will chemically bond to your primer (granted you need to pick the right primer too) and top coat.

    If it's peeling off that quick, it's not being properly surface prepped, either by abrasion or chemical processing and ideally both.

    I hadn't had issues with my trn v80 though after owning them a month before giving them to my coworker. I can check to see if it's peeled off this week but he hasn't complained yet.
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  7. antdroid
    Baby steps :wink:
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  8. nxnje
    Hey boys, i need your opinion.
    I actually own a pair of KZ ZS6 which i bought nearly 2 weeks ago.

    I'm just wondering if i should return my KZ ZS6 back to amazon to pick up a KZ ED16 in order to get rid of the fatiguing treble.

    What do you tip? Could the ED16 be compared with the ZS6 in detail retrieval?
    What is your opinion about it?
  9. mbwilson111
    I have both but cannot answer your question because you are asking the "boys" :ksc75smile:
  10. nxnje
    Then, sorry for this.. just habitude.

    Boys and girls*
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  11. hakuzen
    no. zs6 is more detailed.
    to get rid of the fatiguing treble, you can search for @Slater 's and others' mods in this thread (better try first reversible mods, like micropore tape onto BAs), use foams, and/or try a simple eq (look at taming zs6 treble peaks (vs zs5 v1)).
    i've installed knowles dampers (grey ones) onto one of the BAs recently. will measure FR when i can, but seems to be effective as well.
    i'd keep zs6, and would try ed16 at 11.11 sales (before they disappear..).
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  12. phrancini
    I didn't know you could prime metals by anodization before painting them. nice to know! but yes, as you said, probably the earphones were primed incorrectly
  13. Letm
    Hi. A question for all the experts in this thread. I have the kz ed16 (zs7) and it is really good. What other kz product would be an interesting upgrade?
  14. nxnje
    I mean, my problem is not that i can't stand the treble, i'm getting on with it and i'm starting to like it. Many tracks now show many things i had never heard and i love this sensation.
    Bass is quick, sub-bass is amazing, just there when needed.
    Mids are recessed but sound very clear even if they're in an odd position.

    Was just wondering how the ed16 compares to the zs6, maybe less detail but more pleasant sound signature and equilibrium.

    In any case, how can u know its detail is not comparable if you haven't tried it? xD

    That's why i was searching for opinions.
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2018
  15. nxnje
    Plus, my zs6 shows now a bit more soft sound on the right earbud.
    What can it be?

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