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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. hakuzen
    wonder why do you suppose i haven't tried both iems.. i own 6 ED16s and 7 ZS6s now. do you really think i'd invest on them (to gift/sell) if i had not tried both enough?
    have you clicked on the links i shared to you?
    enough.. from now on, try to answer your obsessive questions by searching and reading through the threads, lazy boy
  2. nxnje
    Calm down baby, i just misunderstood the part when u wrote "would try ed16 at 11.11 sales (before they disappear..)"
    Thought you wanted to try the ed16 and that was misunderstood.
    Dunno why you became so rude, people can misunderstand ya know?
    Anyway, i'm going to ask someone else if i can't even misunderstand, didn't think people could become so aggressive just for a question.
  3. jeromeaparis
    Those last days, I did listen to KZ ZS6 and ZS7-ED16 (both with KZ silver plated cable) on my Pioneer XDP-30R dap, also on Xduoo X3 dap (moded)
    For me ZS7 has realy more details than ZS6, sound is also more "pure & natural" ZS7 is a good name cause it's a step better than ZS6.
    There are more bass and treble on ZS6, more sub bass and mediums on ZS7.
    ZSR is like ZS6 with even more bass and sub, less medium, a nice sound.
    If you find too much trebles on the ZS6, try the new std ES4 twisted KZ cable (copper color) @2.70$, it is a very good ofc cable and softens the trebles a bit.
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  4. EDG67
    I have the ED16 and don't find the treble fatiguing at all.Can listen for hours with no problem.Great detail and separation and the bass is amazing.
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  5. hakuzen
    i can understand language barriers (english is not our mother language). "i'd keep zs6, and would try ed16 at 11.11 sales (before they disappear..)." was the entire sentence, and it should be obvious that is a suggestion. anyway, in case of doubt, you can check the user profile.
    sorry if i sounded rude, but you keep making questions which have been answered many times. if you have the time to make so many questions, i'm pretty sure you have time to search and read old posts. i only was trying to educate you, forgive the rudeness.
  6. antdroid
    I work in aerospace -- so we do a lot of overkill to our parts to make sure they last 30+ years. :)

    In most cases, you can skip the anodizing and just use a spray-on conversion coating after abrasion (sanding or grit blasting) to get a good chemical surface for bonding. This gives you both a chemical bond + mechanical teeth for the primer to latch on to. It should be very durable if done correctly.

    But probably overkill for cheap ear phones. :)
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  7. nxnje
    Got it, anyway i've read back some comparisons but found so many posts without useful info, as the systems picks up the posts with every word and then you cannot know if there are comparisons or not.

    Sorry then for the misunderstanding, peace!
  8. pbui44
    I would never entrust my KZs to fly me anywhere, just for listening to music.:floatsmile:
  9. Cinder
  10. pbui44
  11. sino8r
    I got bored after work today and started playing with my old green ZS6s and decided to try Slaters mod. It sounded better but I went a bit further with it for even more treble killing without losing clarity. I blocked one of the BAs as recommended but used craft putty (aka poster tack) to completely seal on BA. Then I added a slight amount (almost nonexistent) to the other BA. If you over do it, it will muffle the second BA completely. You can remove it easily while still working with the eye end of a sowing needle so don't worry if you add to much to the second BA. Also, I pushed back the BAs further into the housing a couple of mm. Finally, I packed the nozzle end lightly with cotton. It now sounds really good like the highs of the AS10 or BA10 maybe even a bit less strong but not as weak as the ZS10. Something to try if get an hour or so of free time.
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2018
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  12. khighly
    AS10's are unbelievable for EDM. Synths of all sorts are a dream, bass is punchy, mid bass is full, male & female vocals are awesome, soundstage is huge. It's like they added a missing piece of the puzzle. I really think these are the best IEM's KZ has put out from the list in my signature. They're definitely low & mid low weighted but so worth it. I haven't found any genre's I don't like in the AS10.

    With the isolation, seal, & comfort of these they're definitely a winner.
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2018
  13. Midnstorms
    This is really interesting indeed.... please keep us posted on this.
  14. Midnstorms
    has kz advanced much since ZST? I have ZS5 ZS3 ES3 ED9 also have tried many chinese iems from other brands being revonext QT2 one of my new favorites that outplaced most kz... can you tell me a little bit more about AS10? i love bass and great soundstage find ZST perfect as you stated firts than everyone... thanks in advance
  15. DocHoliday


    Your description "almost" reads like the BA10 sound signature.
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2018

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