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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. TLDRonin
    Use a program to switch the channels. If it still sounds quiet from your left ear there is either there is channel imbalance, or your left ear is a little worse than your right
  2. phrancini
    Otherwise he could try to swap the left and right cables, then he would know if the cable is the culprit.
  3. nxnje
    I hope it's not my ear then. I even feel a little thing: my zs6 go deep into my right ear canal while it stays a little bit back compared to the right when in my left channel.
  4. viva_360
    Hi would like ask for some help, if anyone knows the KZ 2 pin config layout? I am trying to repair my silver upgrade cable as the 3.5mm plug got bend and needs a replacement.

    Does KZ follow the UE layout? but i read KZ seems to have their own also? Like:

    L R
    G+ +G


    Much appreciated! Thanks!
  5. phrancini
    When I'll get back from work I can test it out with a multimeter. It'll be 10 hrs from now, be sure to send me a message if you dont hear back from me, I might forget
  6. viva_360
    Much Thanks!
  7. khighly
    You can choose any cable you want, it won't make a difference in sound quality whatsoever, but you'll get the added texture, feel, & ruggedness, possibly slightly better isolation.

    TRN has some new, nice looking KZ compatible cables someone posted a few pages back.
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  8. khighly
    I don't know what 'fast' means, but the AS10 has a much more detailed low end and can extend further in each direction. ZS10 is definitely not my favorite low end from KZ. AS10 is quite a few dB louder in sub bass and mid bass as well.
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  9. Mellowship
    Same thing here, with the ZS5 but with a different USB-C DAC-dongle, the Hidizs Sonata. The ZS5 are very hard to drive, and impossible to use with my smartphone. These USB-C DACs are really an optimal solution for small size, small price and great sonic performance. The worst is that they tend to have larger volume control steps making it difficult to lock on a perfect volume level for listening.
  10. Mellowship
    Can't wait to receive my AS10 on the mail... maybe this week...
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  11. Mellowship
    I really don't like the cable that came with the ZS5/ZS3 (and I have 4 of them), mainly because they are rubbery and tangly.
    This is a great and cheap option:


    For the ZS3/ZS5 is the A style cable. The B-style is for ZST etc...
  12. phrancini
    I bought mine two days ago. The wait is killing me :D
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  13. Slater
    No, you can run with no screen at all.

    Just remove the ear tip and check the nozzle every week or 2 for gunk, cleaning it out accordingly.
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  14. Slater
    Got a link to those replacement plugs? They look pretty nice.
  15. HungryPanda
    KZ BA10's in the house, in fact in my ears right now. With stock tips (Starlines) these sound really good. A real KZ winner in my estimation

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