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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. toddy0191
    The AS10 are more bass heavy than the T2 and have more rolled off highs. They are probably KZs most balanced effort that I own though. I listen to them a lot more than the T2 s and are my current favourites, along with the hifi walker a7 and ety hf3.

    The ZS10 are described by many as v shaped, but I think they are also quite balanced with foam tips, although again their highs are more rolled off than the T2 s. They're my second favourite KZ.
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2018
  2. Adide
    Imo ED16 is much better tuned than ZS10 (still lacking sub-bass for my taste though, easy fixable via mod) while ZS10 easy tops it technically.

    I can't listen to my ZS10 without heavy EQ, then it becomes very good.

    But I also can't listen to ED16 on commute as it has far worse isolation so it sits in the drawer waiting for second chances.

    Overall ED16 lost in my case while ZS10 is used almost daily but I still wouldn't recommend it as it needs heavy EQ to shine.

    Take ED16 if isolation is not important.
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  3. jeromeaparis
    Yes,, ZSR does it !
    I have both and never listen to the ZS3 again.
    My opinion is that ZSR has much better bass & sub, when they come, they kick stronger and deeper
    ZSR has good trebles (ZS3 has no real treble), voices are fine, slightly recessed.
    ZS3 is more confortable cause ZSR's nozle is large.
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2018
  4. ThanosD
    Hmm, good to know that. With ZS3 my problem was the shape, and I don't have particularly small ear canals, so the bigger nozzles might not be a problem at all. Thanks for the useful info.
  5. C2thew
    ok so my coworker purchased the uiisii cm5 headphones from amazon and I got a chance to compare them to my zs3's. (finally right?) So they do a decent job of sealing out the outside environment and they are definitely comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. They do not have the amazing pressure seal that the ZS3's / ZS4's are known for. One thing I like about the CM5's is that they have a rubber coating on the inside of the IEM where the shell makes contact with your ear area which is much more pleasant than the plastic feel of the KZ headphones.

    On to the audio: The CM5's seem more neutral compared to the V shaped sound signature of the ZS3's. They do not give the impression of "hey let's bring these with me on a run so I can really feel the bass" compared to the ZS3's. The ZS4's are much more forward in the treble and the bass.

    Isolation ZS3 wins
    Sound: slightly more expansive then the ZS3
    Comfort: Has a neutral fit rather than the sealed pressure compared to the ZS3/ZS4. (KZ wins)
    Cost: It does cost $16 on amazon compared to the $10 on aliexpress for the ZS3 and $16 to the ZS4 so.... I'd still take the ZS4's. (they are honestly my favorite IEM's for chifi)
    Aesthetics: looks like a clamshell with glitter on it. no seriously.
    Fit: it is comfortable with it's design but it doesn't have the ergonomic sealing power of the ZS3's or ZS4's.

    Compared to the ZS10's (no contest -- different class)

    They do produce slightly warmer bass compared to the ZS10's however the ZS10's are much more clearer in microdetail for the treble. I honestly feel that the rubber liner of the CM5's should have been used on the ZS10's, AS10's, to aid with the comfort and isolation of the bass for KZ's headphones. It's interesting that this little thing could make such a difference in comfort.

    TL:DR: Would still pick the ZS4's or ZS3's over the CM5's but do like the rubber inside lining of the CM5.s

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  6. blur.png
    i wonder which earphone is worth the jump from the ES4 & ZS6, es4 bass is good & fun to listen though it gets overwhelmed on some tracks while the zs6 treble is stupid without an impedance adapter (8 ohm)
    on my local store the AS10 is 39 usd while the T2 Pro is around 55 & the BA10 is about 53 and the trn V80 around 25.6
    any suggestion to which should i pick ? or im just wasting money by this point (lol)
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2018
  7. khighly
    ZSR is in no way a quoted 'bass head level' IEM. I haven't heard the ZS3's or ZS4's, but the AS10 would be a much better fit for the bass head level IEM than the ZSR. ZSR has more high extension but the AS10 is plenty detailed with a much more competent low end.
  8. ShakyJake
    Is the screen needed? I don't have any spares lying around, although I probably should.
  9. HAMS
    Does AS10 has faster bass than ZS10, Because it's all BA?
  10. nofacemonster
    PS : Before you proceed please note that i am not a audiophile, just an enthusiast of music and electronics. I don't have equipment nor the knowledge to review these hardware. But i do when something sounds good, it sounds good. So here i am to share my experience.

    I have been using KZ ZS5 for more than a year now and i simply love it. I am planing on upgrading its stock cable soon because i think it is a keeper. I just want to share something with the community so i thought of writing this to the KZ ZS5 thread. You probably may have heard of this and tried it but i am sure there are plenty of people out there who has no idea what i am about to write below.

    I've been using KZ ZS5 with various mobile phones and notebooks for the past year and honestly all my xiaomi phones were not good enough to make it sound its best. Currently i am using a xiaomi redmi 5 AI and it is very bad when it comes down to sound quality with KZ ZS5. Anemic bass and can't drive them properly. I was looking for a cheap amplifier to carry along with me when i take long trips and i came across this wonderful, little thing called

    "Venture Electronics Odyssey"

    First i mistakenly thought it was some kind of dongle / cable by them on their website. Later i figured out it is actually a USB DAC/AMP combo like dragonfly and it is only 10$. i was thinking WTH can i buy for 10$? not even a part of an amplifier. So i ordered one out of curiosity to use with my VE Monk plus because it was clearly said that it will not sound good with headphones that is based on BA drivers.

    Few days back i received it and guess what....?

    It turned my KZ ZS5 in to a whole new level of music nirvana. Everything came so alive, wide sound stage, superb bass, and it sounds out of this world. So i just want to say if you are just like me who is looking for a solution to power the KZ ZS5 or you feel like it is not doing its job. Do yourself a favor, get a "VE ODYSSEY". Try it on ZS5 and see what i am talking about. It sounds better with KZ ZS5 than anything i have ever heard before.


    Venture-Electronics-Odyssey-Type-C-to-3-5mm-DAC-dongle (1).jpg Venture-Electronics-Odyssey-Type-C-to-3-5mm-DAC-dongle.jpg
  11. maxxevv
  12. TLDRonin
    Armin from audiosciencereview is such an underrated guy in the audio community, IMO.

    Funny how apple sells a much better dongle for even less than venture electronics....
  13. nxnje
    I feel like my right ZS6 sounds very little softer than my left one.
    Did anyone experience this problem before?
    How can i check if that is a headphone problem?
  14. nofacemonster
    Should i upgrade the Stock KZ ZS5 cable? If so which one should i buy? will it make a huge difference in sound quality etc...?

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