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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. parthabhatta
    I accidentally / out of curiosity modded my ZS3 to get rid of the foam pieces inside the earbud and later found that it is already documented and known as "Slater" mod. Thanks to @Slater for this value addition. They sound more open and neutral now and I love the sound signature. But the problem of driver flex has cropped up in both the buds. It was not there before the mod. Anyways, the driver flex happens only when I push the buds in or out of the ear canal. Once in the ear, the device works without further flex and pops. I have read in this thread as also somewhere else that driver flex may happen due to pressure difference and more so with KZ drivers. I just wanted to ask if there is any mod for its remedy.
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  2. Makahl
    Well, you can try to check if this vent is clogged up and gently clean it with a needle.

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  3. Mr. Rattlehead
    Guys my year old non-stock KZ cables which I got a year back (for $6 during a sale) with my KZ ZS6 just got ripped from the left side all of a sudden today, and so I'm in need of new ones. Any special recommendations?

    BTW upon using the ones which came stock with KZ ZS6, I noticed a great deal of quality loss across the board with increased sibilance as well while A/B'ing. Now I get why some people can't bear the highs on these. Maybe it's the cables. Most people wouldn't bother changing them and then make a bad judgement of them. Can't say about others but it's 100% true for me. Never experienced the so-called piercing treble on ZS6 since I've the non-stock ones on from day 1. I too am a part of the better cables= better sound club now. Quite a revelation!
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  4. parthabhatta
    Never imagined / saw this hole. Thanks. Will try this.
  5. jeromeaparis
    With stock cable, ES4 has realy too much bass.
    The problem is totaly solved with
    # "whirl" tips with large bore, try small & medium size
    # or change cable for the same KZ twisted cable but the silver plated one, it has the "iron grey" color. then use the std starline tips.
    this cable option gives better result, cause all the character of the sound is inproved: more puch, more trebles, less bass,
    and the voices keep their natural. Cost between 5 and 10$ on Aliexpress

    And did you try the stock ES4 cable on your ZS6 ?
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  6. CoiL
    ZS5v1 is a GEM if used with neutral-warm DAC and amped properly with low output impedance. I still have it and occasionally listen instead modded IT01 - amazing live experience :wink:
    I wish more ZS5v1 owners could inject around 3V/80mA per channel into them!
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2018
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  7. phrancini

    as promised here I am.

    I made you a simple diagram. use the little "dome" in the plug as reference point! let me know if you need more help

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  8. Slater
    The driver flex is common in the ZS3, due to its very sealed design. This is the main reason it has such good isolation, but at the expense of driver flex.

    In addition to the clogged hole mentioned in the post below yours, there are 3 additional solutions. Some may work better or worse for you.

    I recommend starting with #2, as anyone can try that. Then try #1, as all it requires is a set of foam tips. Finally, if #1 and #2 don’t work, try #3 but only if you have the proper tools and skills.

    1. Use foam tips. When you smoosh the foam smaller before inserting it into your ears, the air will equalize as the foam expands in your ears. You will not get any driver flex this way. Unfortunately, the down side to this is that foam tips usually increase bass and dampen the treble, which is the exact opposite to what the ZS3 needs (in my opinion). However, it is still worth trying.

    2. Hold your mouth open as wide as possible when inserting the ZS3 into your ears. Then, when they are both inserted properly, close your mouth. Opening your mouth chanesbthe shape of your ear canal slightly, often just enough to allow the air pressure to escape and equalize upon insertion. Many people report this trick working for them. You can use this mouth open trick with any tips; silicone or foam tips as suggested in #1 above.

    3. Make a very small hole into the side of the nozzle, where it is not covered up by the eartip. The hole should be sized between 0.3mm and 0.4mm. If you make the hole too large it will kill the sound totally. If you make it too small it won’t be effective. If you do it wrong, you risk damaging the driver. You also have to make sure to do it so no dust or shavings falls down into the nozzle. This can be very tricky to do properly, and it should be done with the proper tools (micro drill bits) and with the proper experience. Luckily, if you make the hole too large, the “mistake” can be covered with micro pore tape to effectively reduce the size of the hole. It can also be covered up completely with a solid tape to totally reverse the procedure altogether.

    Note that #3 will cause a decrease in isolation, as it is allowing some of the air to leak outside. But this is the trade off required to alleviate the driver flex.
  9. blur.png
    the ES4 cable is angled while ZS6 is straight, now that you mentioned it, its possible, but it wont be secured properly, i dont notice anything different about the sound though
  10. parthabhatta
    Thanks. I will try #1&2 and not 3.
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  11. viva_360
    Thank you very much!
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  12. phrancini
    No problem
  13. Mellowship
    I was lucky to get two v1 and not getting rid of them. They sound(ed) great through the smartphone or laptop jack... until you plug them into something more powerful and then you just can't go back! My FiiO X3 II in Hi gain is enough to make them sing.

    But as stated, the Hidizs Sonata is a much better option when compared to my smartphone jack.

    Both DACs tend to be on the warmer side, but FiiO is more "midcentric".

    I also like the ZS5v1 with my DIY modified Grado RA1/Cmoy amp, though I suspect its output impedance is too high... never measured it, though.
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  14. scottySK
    Received my new TRN 8 core 0.75 upgrade cable. Feels nice and is significantly thicker than any of the stock cables I own. Just wanted to let people know the 0.75 version fits both my TRN V80 and my KZ ZS10 perfectly. Definitely recommend it for $10USD delivered. Took about 10 days to get to Australia
  15. mathi8vadhanan
    Mine are on the way, expecting them to be delivered tomorrow. Ordered the copper-spc mixed variant in 2.5mm and 3.5mm terminations.

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