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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. CoiL
    So... ZS4 needs to be modded with midrange BA ...or ...bass & treble tuned down to sound more balanced/more mids presence? ;P
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  2. Devodonaldson
    So, I thoroughly understand the issue people have with individuals driving wearing headphones. They can't hear other vehicles, etc. Neither can deaf drivers. Is it about possibly being distracted, then?
  3. CoiL
    Unfortunatey, ppl don`t use mirrors enough to observe traffic around them and don`t look ahead for possible dangerous situations.
    I use IEMs while driving all the time and can`t really see difference with ppl turning their stereo system loud (also can`t hear much) but they still do drive (a LOT of ppl do that and even dancing/singing behind wheel!).
    IMHO, it`s all about driving skills (mirrors,observing, proper speed etc.) and adequate behaviour behind wheel :wink:
    Also, imho, most dangerous drivers are SMOKERS, SMARTPHONE & CONSOLE USERS!
    With latter ones ppl lose contact/eyesight with traffic competely for seconds while I with my IEMs still have eyes 100% on the road/traffic/mirros with both hands on wheel!
    Ps, I don`t change tracks, playlist etc. while driving - just put it on play before moving and stop when my car is parked and off.
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  4. mbwilson111
    My uncle is deaf and he drives. Deaf people have learned to compensate. Being distracted is a big issue. I personally get lost in my music.
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  5. Slater
    Yes, it’s got a deep v. If mids were brought forward more it would be awesome.
  6. Slater
    There’s a whole thread dedicated to inexpensive and obscure ChiFi daps. You’ll have to search to find it. It has a tremendous wealth of information. And there is a fanatical following to DAPs in that category, with people who have lots of experience with those players, including people who collect them like we collect ChiFi IEMs.

    At the time I used to read the thread, the most popular ‘cheap’ DAPs were the Benjie S5, an AGPtek version of the same player (I don’t remember the exact model number, but AGPtek is only on Amazon), and the ruizu A50.

    However, I’m going by memory, and there could be better/more popular ‘cheap DAPs’ out now. So take the above list with a grain of salt.
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2018
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  7. nxnje
    Agptek m20
    My gf bought it to me for 25€ on amazon (i know it costs like 10 less euros on other stores but it was birthday gift) and i have to say i'm impressed.
    Little, solid, well built, good sound. I can't go out without it nowadays.
    I even prefer listening to music with that than listening through my presonus audiobox usb audio interface.

    Honestly i think that player deserves so much more attention than how much it actually has.
    Great pairing with my (broken) trn v80 and memt x5, and the included earbuds are impressive too.

    Anyway there's a thread about it where u can find similar products like many other Benjie products (and rebranded agptek ones), ruizu products and even other cheapos like the walnut v2 which is very vintage and solid.
    I think i'm gonna put my money on it one day.
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  8. audionab
    a knowles midrange driver would be great
    do let me know which BA will you use probably i will also try my hands on some modding :D
  9. mbwilson111
    Of those I only have the little Ruizu A50.. very pocketable but not without its quirks. It has its own thread if you are interested. One thing to double check with a cheaper player is whether or not it has gapless play... it that is important to you. It is to me as I have many albums that require seamless play where one track just flows into the next. I do not put this type of album on my Ruizu.

    If you mainly listen to songs rather than albums or to albums that are made up of individual songs then gapless will not be important. Most of the cheaper players do not have gapless play but I believe a few do. Another thing to watch for is if users are reporting a clicking noise between tracks. Some players have that problem.
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  10. tuanathon
    Curious if anyone has compared the es4 and the zs4?
  11. khighly
    Am I missing the $9.99 BTE every day? I don't see it when I get into work, only $19.99.
  12. Asymptote123
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2018
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  13. sino8r
    Speaking of the bt10, I just got mine yesterday. I don't have aptx capability unfortunately. Still rocking a Samsung Note 4 lol! But so far, I'd say it's a bit better than the BT3 with the connection. Battery life seems about the same as the BT3 at 8 hrs or so. The dangling earrings aren't so bad if you were a collared shirt. Haven't tried them with a t-shirt yet but I do have some clips that I might use designed for the old LG Bluetooth headset. Might keep the wires or components out of the way. They are definitely more flexible and can fit into any case. So they are definitely worth it if you want to be able to store in a small compartment. They take up slightly more space than a standard set of 3.5mm but not by much.
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  14. neo_styles
    Pulled the trigger and joined the T2 Pro drop. Might take a healthy minute for them to arrive, but seeing as how it's the only way to order them right now (from what I can tell), figured what the heck.

    Also treated myself to a pair of the KSC75X because I feel like my in-ears have completely taken over my headphones in terms of preference. Might have to order a smaller cord for the HE-400i so I can use them at work (I work in a maintenance shop...nobody cares about sound leakage).
  15. CoiL
    Will do when I get my ZS4 but probably there are other users who already have both.
    From what I`ve read - they are different signature and not comparable.

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