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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Slater
    Not that I can really tell. It pretty much boils down to a different neckband style.

    I guess it would be worth buying if you need aptX, and you only have the non-aptX version of the BT3. Or if you are in the market for a good BT cable (like if all you had was the crap KZ ones).
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  2. mbwilson111
    Please don't do this. Be safe. You and your passenger.
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  3. Phantomize
    Where did you get the Tin Audio T2 at that price?
  4. Slater
    It was only to perform an isolation test. I don’t normally do that :)

    Heck, I don’t even use IEMs when cycling anymore! Not worth dying over - I can’t enjoy my music if I’m 6 feet under lol
    Last edited: Sep 17, 2018
  5. B9Scrambler
    IMG_4395.JPG IMG_4410.JPG
    Do the robot...​
  6. neo_styles
    Looking forward to your impressions!
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  7. C2thew
    So the zs4s came in and I'm with slater on the initial thoughts. Wow the trebles are just a tad bit more forward then the zs3s and make the ZS4's have a little more depth/separation. The bass on the other hand compared to the zs3s is almost like a 20% boost over the zs3s. It really does have the oomph now which was something i wasn't expecting.

    song example:

    I too need a few more days to further analyze them but an analogy to the zs3s and the zs4s is this: the zs3s would be a well toned athletic person at the gym and the zs4s would be a body builder hitting the bench press. Definitely satisfied with the ZS4's and it is a really solid step for KZ.
    Last edited: Sep 17, 2018
  8. fuzzybabybunny
    Would you also happen to have the AS10 and ZS10 to compare them to?
  9. Slater
    My analogy was the ZS4 = the ZS3 ripped on steroids.

    Pretty much sums up your thoughts too!

    Anyone who absolutely hated the ZS3 (fit, sound, bass, etc) probably won't like the ZS4 because when you hear it you can tell it was bred from ZS3 DNA.

    But if you are one of the people that really wanted to like the ZS3, but just wished KZ had retuned it with that little extra ummph, then you'll like the ZS4.

    The ZS4 is the ZS3 we DESERVED :)

    I mean, for $12, it's a whole lotta IEM bang for the buck!
  10. Makahl
    Would you consider it superior to ZST foam modded? My ZST's left side has this driver flex issue which whenever I try to insert it I need to waste ~20secs to find the sweet spot, otherwise, there's no bass at all. It's extremely annoying. But ZST is my best KZ that works decently with the KZ BT module.
  11. B9Scrambler
    Indeed I would.
  12. maxxevv
    It was during the sales in March.
    Attached are the screen shots of the sales record.

    Screenshot_2018-09-18-09-10-14~2.png Screenshot_2018-09-18-09-10-56~2.png

    With combined purchases and discounts as well as discounts. I had a US$13/- discount for a US$88/- purchase.
    Divided evenly, its a US$4.30/- discount over the US$32/- price of the T2.

    Not that hard. But you need to spend good time going through all the possible permutations of discounts and coupons to maximise the savings.
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  13. fuzzybabybunny
    Awesome! Really looking forward to reading your impressions. I need to buy some thank-you gifts for people and I think the ZS10, AS10, or BA10 would be excellent options.
  14. Slater
    I do consider it quite superior to the ZST.

    However, I have found the same thing as you - that the ZST is the best KZ for the KZ BT module. It sounds so good you'd swear it's wired. However, when the KZ BT module is used on other KZs, like the ZS3 or ZS4, there is a noticeable reduction in quality and volume.

    Because of that reason, if you got the ZS4 and tried using it with the BT cable I think you'd be disappointed. In fact, the ZS4 (and ZS3) sounds better when powered by an amp. And the BT module just can't deliver that much power, which is obviously why it doesn't sound that great.

    Therefore, only get the ZS4 if you plan to use it wired (and even better, with an amp). Otherwise, if you're looking for something to use with the KZ BT cable, I would probably just buy another ZST.
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  15. Zerohour88
    depends on your definition of cheap. I got these Weiliang/Breeze Audio SE4 DAC for like usd$35 (ES9028Q2M, SA9226), more or less plug and play on phone (Win7 needed a driver that the seller provided on the page). Lots of power (blows my ears out with the TO180 earbuds even at 10% volume), clean sound (no hissing with multi-BA IEMs), supports DSD supposedly.

    Or you could get the more reviewed models like SMSL Idea/Sabaj DA2, Fiio Q1MkII.

    links to get you started on the search:


    pics of my SE4
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