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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Devodonaldson
    Comply foam tips tone down that treble just enough
  2. JayceOoi
  3. Slater
  4. audionab
    @Slater can you comment on isolation of zs4 and hopefully its sub-bass
    or maybe how they basically feel in your ears :D
  5. zazaboy
    @Slater kz as10 is cheap too aswell
  6. Slater
    Awesome isolation. They are the next best thing to wearing earplugs. I have used them to mow the lawn with loud gas powered tools, and I can hear my ZS4 music perfectly. I can drive in the car with both windows rolled down and my passenger listening to music on my car stereo, and all I can hear is my ZS4 music. They basically isolate you in your own world of music. That can be good and bad though. I wouldn’t recommend them if you need to hear anything around you (car horns, sirens, etc). And you definitely won’t hear anyone talking to you, even if your music is low. If you’re wearing the ZS4, and pause the music to speak to someone, you still have to put your ear quite close to hear them (or else remove 1 of the ZS4 ear pieces).

    The only down side to the extreme isolation is if you really insert them deeply you risk a suction-like effect and the music sounds muffled. The ZS3 suffered from the same thing. It doesn’t happen all of the time though, and when it does all you do is adjust the earpiece fit and you’re good. Or tinker with different tips, or just don’t insert it super deeply.

    The comfort (for me) is superb. It fits exactly like the ZS3 if you have that. I can wear them all day with no soreness. They are my most comfortable and best fitting IEMs. It does vary though, as others have said it doesn't for them. Although I think some of them are just situating them in their ear incorrectly. I've seen people orient behind-the-ear IEMs in some totally odd way, then claim the IEMs fit terribly.

    The sub bass extends deep, hits hard, and the sub bass and bass is very clean and seems quite fast. If you want a club experience, listen to EDM or similar bass heavy genres (rap, dubstep, trap, etc) the ZS4 will put a smile on your face.

    It’s well worth $12. And the cable is great (the y split is super low, but it is low on all KZ upgrade cables).

    On a side note, the TRN BT10 cable came yesterday, which I like a LOT. And it fits the ZS3 perfectly! The ZS4 volume with the BT10 is reduced some though (and the sound gets degraded slightly). I just don’t know yet if that’s due to the cable or the ZS4 itself.

    The ZS3 was power hungry, and had a similar degradation when the KZ Bluetooth cable was used. And that turned out to be the cable just not being able to provide enough power or maybe an impedance thing.

    I just need more time with the BT10 and other IEMs to figure it all out.
    Last edited: Sep 17, 2018
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  7. audionab
    thank you
    i will now pull the trigger on zs4 now
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  8. Slater
    I think you’ll be very happy with the paltry $12 investment.

    Unless you’re one of those people who are unhappy with any ChiFi that doesn’t have forward midrange. The ZS4 is v shaped, just like the ZS3. The star is the low end. If you liked the ZS3, but were disappointed by the shortcomings of the ZS3 (bloat, meh treble, etc), the ZS4 fixes all that, and makes the ZS3 obsolete.

    The ZS4 is a perfect example of KZ making significant and legitimate improvements between models. Unlike the EDR1 to EDR1, or the ZS1 to ZS2. Both of those successors were worse than their predecessors - a step back not a step forward.
    Last edited: Sep 17, 2018
  9. audionab
    i needed a cheap iem to relegate my bosshifi b3 to home use only for extending its life and also i wanted a change in signature because i was missing that sub bass and isolation which b3 fails to give me
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  10. Slater
    I did see that.

    Although I have no interest in the AS10, it is really nice to see GearBest stepping up to the plate with some nice discounts this time around. They have been sorely lacking in that area for the last year.
  11. Slater
    It will be a change in signature for sure. The B3 has more midrange presence than the ZS4 (its tuning is flatter than the ZS4), and as you said the sub bass is lacking.

    They are both great IEMs, but for different reasons.
  12. maxxevv
    If you're willing to go a little higher in the price bracket, the AS10's isolation is superb too. I'm still waiting for my ZS4 to come in from Gearbest to compare.
    But as it is, on the train, I running my AS10's at 20/75 volume. I need to run my ZS10 at 34/75 to get equivalent levels of background isolation with the same music tracks.

    Not forgetting, the sound quality from the AS10 is to my ears better than the ZS6. Its a split between it and the ZS10 mainly because the signatures are a little different. The ZS10 being a more laid back tuning with a more rolled off treble.

    Addendum: Do wait for the Aliexpress sales if you're keen on the AS10. I paid just slightly more than US$41/- for mine at the last sale just last month. Its current prices are still inflated in my opinion.
    Last edited: Sep 17, 2018
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  13. audionab
    a little?
    from 12.5$ to say 50$
    thats not little
    i know that as10 has far superior SQ but i am fully satisfied with my bosshifi b3
  14. maxxevv
    As with the Tin Audio T2, which can be bought for as little as US$30/+ ( paid just under US$29 for mine when it can list for as much as US$49/-), the AS10 can be found with the right sales and discounts right about the US$40~42 mark. It will probably drop below that as the market get's more saturated with supply.

    But as Slater mentioned, the ZS4 is probably worth more than its US$12~14 price tag. I'm still waiting for mine to come in.
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  15. neo_styles
    Aside from the different neckband, is there anything about the BT10 that warrants upgrading from the BT3?

    Also noticed Massdrop went live with the T2 Pro today. Drop price is 50 USD, but ship date won't be until the end of October. For some reason, I just can't get past the MMCX connectors. Lost my M300 from a connection that degraded within a month and it's stung me ever since.

    Seems someone already posted up a review comparing it against the standard T2:
    Last edited: Sep 17, 2018

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