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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Slater
    No way man - more always sounds better! Wait until they release a 30 driver IEM, which will sound 3xs better than a 10 driver one because 10x3=30! Woo hoo!
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2018
  2. Dickymint
    Change the cable to one of the silver ones and the sibilance disappears.
  3. randomnin
    Hey, KZ connoisseurs, could you point out which KZ models are most proficient at pieces which have lots of instruments, fast tempo, lots of changing rhythms and dynamics, like metal?
  4. Adide
    Technically speaking, the ZS10 is probably one of the best, with two caveats:
    - you'll probably need to eq it, about half of the owners do, including me; if you'll go this path make sure your player is competent at it;
    - if you're going to use it for commuting the isolation is about average due to the three vents.

    For me it turned out excellent after eq, it really feels high end and refined due to its awesome technical proficiency. There was a review recently which found the same thing.

    Oh and yes, I do a lot of metal and rock.

    Thats my recommendation, others feel free to chip in.

    Good luck and rock hard.
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  5. randomnin
    Yeah, the new type of BA and the crossover looked pretty promising to me, too. The isolation problem, though, is a bummer. Maybe it's worth looking forward to the upcoming all BA models. Some time ago the preliminary release date floated was end-of-July. Or has that changed?
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  6. alex5908
    Which frequencies exactly do you equalize and by how much?
  7. Slater
    Probably varies by person - their age, ear anatomy, hearing range, frequency tolerance, specific ear tips used, source used, and preferred sound signature would all come into play.
  8. thug behram
    What's the best/most v-shaped model?
  9. RvTrav
    Before I moved from speakers to earphones/headphones, I listened to a lot of Symphonic Metal with female vocals. This genre did not seem to transition well to earphones/headphones. Recently I have found 2 inexpensive earphones that seem to do a good job with this genre. Because there is a lot going on in the bass in Symphonic Metal the bass needs to be powerful but it also needs to be quick and if not then the bass gets congested. The other thing with Symphonic Metal is that there are times when the female vocals need to get out in front of the bass so the mids can't be recessed. Not sure exactly what sub-genre of Metal you listen to but I find that the KZ ED16 and TRN V20 work well with Symphonic Metal. Since I purchased these two earphones I have been spending a lot more time listening to Nightwish, Within Temptation and a number of other Symphonic Metal Bands. Hope this helps.
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  10. Slater
    I listen to Epica from time to time. Sounds great on the Tin Audio T2, and also the VSonic GR07 Bass. Unfortunately I don’t own the ED16 or the V20.
  11. MDH12AX7
    +1 for the ED16. It has very fast controlled bass. Not too boomy in the upper bass. Good detailed mids and treble.
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  12. Adide
    My eq settings are somewhere back in the thread.

    What I did and would also recommend to others: if applicable start with Neutralizer android app and see if the result is good enough and works with your setup (was not having effect with dual dac phones for instance).

    If you need more eq tweaking (Neutralizer won't step beyond certain values) or the app won't work with your player just copy the Neutralizer result curve to your eq app and adjust more.

    Adjust the lesser freq you can, the least you can and it would be best to do mainly cut downs.
    My adjustments pretty much went in line with ZS10 FR curve (see crinacle measurements database on this site): cuts on mid bass and upper mids, big boost on upper treble.

    ZS10 is extremely eq friendly without distortion and one can profit from this.
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  13. Phantomize
    Does anybody know what the differences are going to be between the AS10 and the BA10?
  14. Miki811
    This one! I've been trying between random eartips I have versus foams and I get more detail on stock starline tips, but all the more on wide bore ones. In return, the bass gets noticeably lighter, but still has the good 'ol punch. If you'd like to use foams, use the short ones. I have pretty long foams. I did cut up one set of foams by 3/4 where the nozzle is almost at the end of the foam tips, and I got similar results with silicones but with better seal.
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2018

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