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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. loomisjohnson
    to my ears, the ed16 is much better tuned than the zst. it's not super-bassy but has good low end with proper seal--the zsr (not the zst) has more extension at both ends and might be better for heavier genres
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  2. Wiljen
    I'm with @loomisjohnson , The Zst would not be on any short list for me at this point as too many better options exist. ED16, ES4, ZsR all are better choices than Zst.

    16 has a bit better detail but lacks the extension of the ZsR.
    Zsr has best extension of the 3 but fit is on the large side.
    ES4 is basically a sonically improved Zst. Doesn't have the detail of the 16 or quite the extension of the ZsR, but has a really good listenable signature and size is such that fit shouldn't be an issue for most. If you go the ES4 route, hop on RadioShack's website and grab some of the Auvio Wide bore tips as they help a good bit with smoothing out the ES4.
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  3. FastAndClean
    When is 10BA out?
  4. fatality_strykes
    Thank you so much. Just checked out the ZSR. Found one that costs nearly the same so I'll pull the trigger soon. Got to decide between the white and black now.
  5. Wiljen
    AS10 is in pre-order right now at the KZ store on Aliexpress. Usually that means within the next 30 days.
  6. FastAndClean
    No I mean the flagship made from metal
  7. FastAndClean
    The "coming soon" one
  8. B9Scrambler
    I think he's asking about the BA10.
  9. Aparker2005
    And would this as10 or the other new one be worth buying for stage iems if I have the zs10?

    The zsr I've been liking less and less lately so I'm looking for a 2nd backup to my zs10. Deciding on either these or waiting for the new 16 driver that's supposedly coming soon
  10. hiflofi
    Regarding the 5BA KZ IEMs, I think you'll be waiting a while for KZ to get these pre-orders shipped, followed by the reviews (and many contrasting opinions there will be), followed by the a rational decision to purchase or not; It's gonna take some patience.
    Sidenote: Slightly annoyed at KZ mislabelling it a 10BA IEM.
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  11. alex5908
    Could you post a picture of your modded IEMs?
  12. andry.dvt
    Can you
    can you recommend me a pair of eartips for kzes4? are the whirlwind of kz good? what do you think about the foam earpad?
  13. Wiljen
    I would think isolation and sound signature would be more important than number of drivers. I understand the thinking that more drivers bring more detail but they also bring more crossover distortion and a host of other potential problems. I'd hold off and see what reports come out about the quality of the new models before taking the plunge on any of them.
  14. andry.dvt
    can you recommend me a pair of eartips for kzes4? are the whirlwind of kz good? what do you think about the foam earpad?
  15. Wiljen
    Any of the wide bore tips should be good. I think the foams are good for isolation but not the best for sound as most dampen the treble more than I would like on the ES4. Foams on the Zs6 are a good match as it has a pronounced treble spike the foam helps calm, on the ES4, it actually is a bit much.

    I like the Tenmak whirlwinds or the Auvio wide bores. (RadioShack still has the Auvio on sale cheap too.)

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