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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. mikp
    Got the es4 now since I was happy with the zs3, Holy bass difference.
    Sound also narrower and warmer, but do not have the great fit as the zs3.

    For me personally the es4 is for bass moods, and the zs3 I think is better for longer sessions and background music.

    Positiv that there was such a difference between these Earbuds.

    Also ordered the trn v20 since I got out at 10 USD and can use my Bluetooth cables with it, any idea hope that compares to the zs3 and ES4?
  2. alex5908
    Which KZ models does it work with?
    I am looking for APT-X earphones or wireless cables for KZ ZS series. What are the best models to get a good sound without a sound quality loss?
  3. alex5908
    I have both of them. And not only two models. To me ZS6 has the best bass. I'd be happy with it if I could kill the sibilants. Actually I can using the Rockbox but unfortunately I have only one player supporting Rockbox.
  4. dhruvmeena96
    That's because of the tip difference

    Try wide bore and listen to low volume, I think it is a league above ZS3. ZS3 roll off treble gives the mid range a space feeling but ES4 is way better
  5. Makahl
    Have you tried putting a micropore tape over the BA drivers or the nozzle? That's a good way to tame ZS6's highs without EQ.
  6. alex5908
    Yes, I have but not for ZS6. That was ZS5. It helped but not much. May be I'll try it with ZS6 too. Some time later.
  7. hiflofi
    Won't link the Ali, but KZ AS10 (shell that looks like ZS10) is out. Also not sure why the BA10 (the one that has a shell more similar to the ZS6) has vents when it's pure BA.
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2018
  8. Makahl
    The good thing is you can add layers if only one isn't enough to your own taste. Btw placing the tape like that won't change the bass, you just need to make sure the tape is covering the BAs though.
  9. alex5908
    What's the use for putting this tape?
  10. fluteloop
    What I did with micropore was cover the whole chrome grille. I got the dense micropore. I understand there's more breathable styles too. That might just be different brands regardless, I thought I'd pull the tape mesh apart to my liking as opposed to layering. I tested a few scenarios, covering completely left the bass almost unaffected maybe more midcentric boosted, my zs6 is so bizarre with low bass, tracks that are bass heavy sound thin and then all of a sudden some random tune will have champion bass levels. I'm still scratching my head. Anyway, the bass was all but for some shallow effect generally unchanged, the highs were greatly reduced. Some trial and error got my preferred sound, I can generally set and forget the eq since I did the mod. The method I settled on was to cut 0.5 -1mm thin strips maybe 10mm in length and then just go across the face of the grill and down the side of the nozzle. I didn't pay any attention to the positioning of the BA's. This has worked very (for me) of i could position the strip across the face of the grille in line with the BA tubes then I could probably get an even better result. I found the blanketing method required more fine tuning (work) and the thin strip method to quickly get more into the ballpark.
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  11. fluteloop
    Double post
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 26, 2018
  12. Miki811
    Hey guys, I've been a lurker here for the past couple of months. I've tried looking for reviews and comparisons of KZ's USB-C cable vs the traditional ES4 stock cable (basically the same, except for the connectors). Is it worth it to purchase the USB-C? I'm currently using my phone (P20 lite) as the means for music playing, and knowing that the USB-C has its own DAC, I'm not so confident anymore about my mobile's internal DAC.

    I've did some research but it was just a general USB-C vs 3.5mm comparisons. Did search in the forums as well and it was only mentioned but no reviews.
  13. mikp
    So the wide bore is better than the stock on es4?

    Looked through my purchases, and supposed to have these blue tips somewhere.
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2018
  14. mikp
    The trn works on my zs3 and es4, I think those uses different kz cables.

    Anyways the es4 cable does not for the zs3
  15. fatality_strykes
    Hi, Any help for a total noob? Ive been trying to read up and select a cheap IEM for my daily commute and have been stuck on the ED16 and ZST. I listen to a wide variety of music (Dance, House, Hip Hop, Reggaeton, Spanish).

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