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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Phantomize
  2. notreal
  3. randomnin
    Frankly, I only look forward to the AS10. The BA10, to me, looks less than comfortable, not a looker, having, for some reason as a full BA, back vents, and being humongous in size. Plus, I have a personal dislike of having metal in my ears. But then again it's only a picture - maybe it's actually small, the back vents are decorative and sounds good. Based on the picture, though, I doubt everything I consider a con will be remedied.
    The ZS10, ES4, AS10 design choices, on the other hand, I totally dig. And, praised be Xi Jinping almighty, they finally decided that having large, calligraphic letters on the back is a bad design choice.
  4. youngarthur
    Young Slater has hit it on the head.At 78 years old, I don't generally comment on the sound, for all the reasons stated, although, I would add Alcohol to his list!.
  5. vladstef
    Please take note that a lot of BAs have vents (fairly popular Knowles HODVTEC driver has 4 vents...) and putting vents on an IEM casing could potentially change the sound, especially if there is low volume of air left in the shells after all of the components. That said, most fully BA IEMs don't have a need for housing vents, but you can't just say that it's the rule because everyone is doing it. Maybe KZ's own bass BA (which we have yet to hear) actually needs more air than others. Maybe the shells were originally inteded for a DD and changing to BA might have happened late in development which would complicate things by removing the vents. With such small earnings per unit, KZ probably can't afford to fix things that they don't have to.

    Having said all of this, I wouldn't be surprised if the vents were purely decorative and covered from the inside.
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  6. RvTrav
    Please help I don't understand. I truly understand Phase & Polarity issues with speakers however the effect on what we hear only occurs when sound waves from one speaker interact with sound waves from the other and under certain conditions you will get some cancellation with it most evident on bass. With earphones and headphones the sound waves from each side never come in contact so there is no cancellation. Can someone tell me what an out of phase earphone sounds like compared to one that is in phase. I have spent some time with several different earphones switching the polarity in one earpiece and not been able to discern a difference. I have also listened the test tracks on this web site noted above and can't distinguish the difference. I know that the full discussion of this is better suited to the sound science forum but it keeps coming up here, probably because the KZ 2 pin connectors can easily be connected with different polarities. If someone has noted a difference can you tell me what it is so I can check again to see if I can hear it. Could just be I can't hear well enough to discern the difference.
  7. Wiljen

    What you are missing is that spatial cues are all derived from timing and phase information so, if one earphone is reversed from the other, all of the information your brain uses to process where that sound is coming from is skewed and it often sounds hollow or seems to have an echo.
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  8. mbwilson111
    You have some nice headphones. I am sure you can tell the difference between them and lesser models. I think it is fair to comment on whether or not you find something to be good or not. There is so much musical information below the point where hearing begins to roll off with age. I am not young (except in my head) and I can tell if something is good or not. I often hesitate to be the first to say so though. Later when others start to confirm my impressions then I am brave enough to say that I had the same impressions weeks earlier:)

    Sometimes I will comment on the comfort and fit when I first get something and if I generally like them.

    What I won't do is a/b comparisons, mainly because my ears become irritated if I have to keep removing and inserting iems over and over. Also, I often just end up listening to the first pair for several albums and forget to compare.

    Are you saying there comes a time when our opinions don't count?
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  9. Wiljen

    I would point out that by waiting for others to chime in, it then becomes a chorus of "Me too" and it is impossible to discern valid observation from the hype train. I avoid reading any reviews of any product I am reviewing until my writing is complete and posted so I don't bias my observations. It is way too easy (even sub-consciously) to look for things others have mentioned and find them because you expect to. I'd much rather post an honest observation even if it clashes with others (and at times I have) than have my integrity called into question because I wrote a review based on what others had said.
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  10. mbwilson111
    Great description. That is what it was like for me when I first heard my husband's ZSA when it was out of phase. Having never before heard anything that was out of phase, I was not sure if that was the problem or if the iem was truly horrible. I should listen to them again now that they are fixed but I have so much of my own stuff that I have not been motivated to do so. I really did not like the fit for me anyway. I prefer small iems to be worn cable down. They were too fiddly for me to position. My hands are no longer young. Aging sucks.
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  11. Wiljen
    I had a Zs10 that was mis-wired. Usually polarity shifts are easy to find if it is at the connector and harder to find if it is only one driver inside the housing that is out of polarity.
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  12. mbwilson111
    This was a case of needing to remove the connector thingie on the left earpiece and turn it around so that the normal angled stock cable could be used. Temporary fix was to use a straight connector and turn it around.
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  13. Wiljen
    Yep, had that on a Zs6 where I took the case apart and reversed the connector in the housing to correct. Zsa should be easy to do as well since it is screwed together rather than superglue.
  14. youngarthur
    All I would say, is that my hearing, at my age, probably won't equate to what younger ears are hearing, so my views would be invalid to most ears. For instance, HD800 treble peak?. Never heard it, didn't know what people meant by it. Perhaps there should be a section for us oldies, discussing HD800 lack of treble/sounds muffled?. All good fun guys and girls, we are here to enjoy our music/opinions after all.
  15. mbwilson111
    Yeah, I never heard a ZS6 treble peak.
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