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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Mikel84
    Received the ZSA today, and I have been comparing it to the kz s5 all day. My findings are these:

    Sound: very V shaped. The s5 had a peak around the mid highs, the ZSA has a peak in the highs. Very piercing highs and a lot of sibilance Yet a big Soundstage. With some eq I like these more than my s5's. But I can understand some will find it to too much.

    The ZSA are really small, and I prefer the size of the s5's.

    The free cable was a joke, it does not fit. Its a female connector instead of a male.
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  2. oneula
    I don't know the appropriate audiophile speak, but their sound feels allot smoother or soothing than the ZS3/ZST/ATRs I have
    They just don't seal out the rest of the world like the ZSR or ZS10s do
    But I could sit back and listen to them all day/night long as long as there's isn't allot of loud noises around me
    with the open backs I don't know how bad the leakage is

    The ZS10s, Yersen FEN2000s and TIN Audio T2s have been the best for me as far as sound quality and Isolation The ZSRs are pretty close as well and are easy to listen to for "my ears"
    I used to think the Shozy Hibikis were good (mainly because of the fit) but these 4 beat it handily
    Though being over 60 I have presume my hearing is or will be going bad
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  3. DocHoliday

    Photos please.

    The promotional images are as follows:

    HTB1t_SJrCtYBeNjSspaq6yOOFXaP.jpg_640x640q90 (0).jpg

    How do you use KZ's existing cables if the receptacle is female and the cable connector is female?

    HTB1_5xvrr9YBuNjy0Fgq6AxcXXaq.jpg_640x640q90 (0).jpg

    HTB1kTuTfRsmBKNjSZFFq6AT9VXa7.jpg_640x640q90 (0).jpg

    It makes no sense for KZ to rework the entire system they've employed for 18 months for one IEM.

    Photos please.

    Thus far, the overall feedback is that the new cables are a welcome change.

    Noticed this is your first post.

    Last edited: May 23, 2018
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  4. Zerohour88
    Before crucifying anyone, I'd want to confirm that the cables were either included by KZ or by the seller. Some seller might not know and wanted to throw in a free gift but the wrong type (those 2 pins female are for ATH, I think?)
  5. DocHoliday
    Highly unlikely that the ZSA was shipped without it's cable inside the sealed box like every KZ with a detachable cable even if a seller included an "additional" cable.

    HTB1LhjIi2iSBuNkSnhJq6zDcpXar.jpg_640x640q90-1 (0).jpg

    No crucifixion but physical evidence ends the confusion.

    Photos please.

    ATH cables:
    Last edited: May 23, 2018
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  6. Makahl
    Here's an unboxing and normal cable as usual:

    Tbh, that's the first time reading about female connector. Probably there's something wrong.
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  7. Dickymint
    Firstly, when I got my ZSA's, I got a free cable as well, it is also the wrong type, it fits the ZS10 better but not the ZS6 or ZSA!
    Tonight I have had a chance to do some comparisons between my ZSA, ZS6 and ZS10 headphones, one thing I did find is that all of these headphones can be tuned to suit by using the right tips. And another point I found was that the ZS6 does not like the standard cable, it makes them sound sibilant and changing to the KZ silver cable makes such a difference.
    I began by using the ZS10, I considered it to be a good all round headphone, the soundstage is right around you and you are in the middle connected with the music. Everything sounds like it is in the right place and the sound is just right! Bass is enough and well controlled, not over blown.
    While the first time I tried the ZSA, (only really run for about 4 hours, so not really a fair comparison.) I found it to have a much darker sound and heavily bass dominated which was making the vocals slightly recessed and not very clear. Soundstage was good but away from the listener, almost funnel like in the sensation and very slightly sibilant.
    Changing to the ZS6, bass was good, well controlled, still more than the ZS10, soundstage was immersive and widespread but vocals were very sibilant, annoyingly so! The midrange is forward but the very upper midrange was recessed. And the sibilance was causing cymbols to be tizzy instead of having a zingy sound.
    Once I started changing tips, the ZSA eventually became fun to listen to but very mid, mid forward, and as it ran for a while and got warmed up, the bass began to go back into a place of sensibility and control, much reduced from before, which began to relieve the midrange to start coming forward and more balanced. After and hour and a half, it had all settled down but the ZSA is still very mid forward compared to both the other headphones and when I changed back from the silver cable to the brown one, sibilance came back with a vengence on the ZSA also.
    Back to the ZS6, a change of cable to the KZ silver and the sibilance just disappeared completely, everything became so much clearer and with the right tips, again a well balanced sound was produced. In fact, I began to fall in love again with these headphones, that much of a change!
    Another thing of notice, the ZSA needs quite a bit more power to run at the same volume as the other two but it doesn't lose it's detail at lower volume thankfully. As always, this is my opinion, you form your own, this is just for me to give my personal opinion! And to be fair on the ZSA, it has only had a short run time, the fact that it changes so much over a short listening period means to me that it has not yet been fully run in and needs more time to settle.
  8. Zerohour88
    I was alluding more to the statement "free cable", as opposed to the original, included cable that would be included within the box. Hence he was able to use the ZSA. Unless he meant that KZ only gave him one cable, in which case, yes, a photo would clear it up easily.
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  9. DocHoliday
    Yeah, the "free cable" is the anomaly in the equation.

    Dickymint's feedback sheds more light on the issue but female connectors on the free cable?

    Last edited: May 23, 2018
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  10. Vestat
    does anybody got the ES4? any comments? thanks in advance
  11. 1clearhead
    Very informative!...After running more hours with the ZSA, please give us more details and your final thoughts on these, and also your selective ear tips for them, as well.:thumbsup:
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  12. CoiL
    You`re not minority. Back when ppl praised ED9, most users preferred dull brass nozzles due to more neutral signature. With golden nozzles (which btw have foam also inside), ED9 sounds clear V-shape tuning with powerful dominant bass and sparkly (but little splashy and unnatural).
    My recommendation - use dull brass nozzles and add very tiny amount of foam and use medium bore tips. Another option would be using golden nozzles but remove grill&foam to reduce bassy sound but then highs become too "splashy".
  13. misterchao
    Dang if ZSA are ZS6 but in a smaller shell I’ll be stoked. Can’t wait to get my pair in the mail.
  14. KainHighwind
    Have you received your ES4 yet? I want to buy it on gearbest for $14 USD but the pre-order ED16 is $17 USD, I'm thinking about getting that ED16. Do you like your ES4? Atm, only thephonograph reviewed it yet, and this site places it higher than the flagship models, is it that good?
  15. Slater
    I wonder how different the ED16 can really be from the ZSR? They use the same drivers - 10mm dynamic, 30095 treble BA, and 50060 midrange BA - all in a plastic shell.

    Am I missing something? Just a slightly different shaped shell, with different color options? Or is there supposed to be more?

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