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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Otto Motor
    Is 'hate" the opposite of "hype"? [I have not watched that video yet but I have not seen many decent video reviews by amateurs period...lots of good ones from Tyll H. at innerfidelity...and yeah, the dude has the cables connected wrongly...that qualifies him to write for thephonograph.net or the earphone king] :)

    KZ are clearly trying to expose themselves prominently...which makes them prone to criticism. Where there is a strong light, there is always a strong shadow.
    Last edited: May 6, 2018
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  2. Otto Motor
    I have only heard recently of driver flex - never had to deal with it. And I have tens of earphones. One way to avoid it is by opening your mouth when inserting the earpieces (into your ears)...basic physics.

    My previous take on driver flex:
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  3. WildSeven
    soak in hot water then bend? how hot, like boiling hot?
  4. stimuz
    The ZS10s are fantastic at their price point imo and are in my regular rotation of T2/IT01/ZS10. I still love CM5 but I think more than 2 regularly used IEMs is already pushing it. Pretty satisfied at this point but I still want a solid pair of earbuds. Honestly if CM5 was rereleased with a less ugly shell and 2 pin or MMCX its all I would ever need but to me it's definitely set the bar for chifi, especially at the $12.
    Last edited: May 7, 2018
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  5. HungryPanda
    not enough to burn, be safe
  6. vegetaleb
    I pushed the tips as you said, the left ear is good now but the right one is still floaty, I tried with the ZS3 cable and the seal was much better, the memory wire was sturdier, unfortunately the 2 pins adapter of the ZS3 grey cable is not 100% compatible with the ZSR, it will unplug very easily.
    I will try to find my old double flange tips to try again, the SQ is pretty good, less bassy than ZS3 and with a wider soundstage which is what I wanted, I just have to find the right seal
  7. nxnje
    Yo guys,
    trying to switch my foam tips with many silicon tips in these days (i've got plenty of them) but every time i wear ANY silicon tip i always feel strange in the ear.
    I don't know how to explain but i feel like i can't hear sound and if i turn right for example i can't hear the sound coming from the right side, or i can hear it very very bad.
    i have a strange vacuum feeling with them and i even tried friend's spinfit ones which give me the same feeling. That was another reason why i gave away my kz zs3 but now i find it in the same way with memt x5, xiaomi piston and any other iem.
    Anyone with similiar feeling? I don't know if i explained it well but i really like how bass sound with the silicon tips but i can't really wear them cuz i have these kind of problems.
    Hope someone can help me with this
  8. Wiljen
    I'm not a huge fan of the Zs10 at this point. I think the sound is a step backward from the Zsr. I don't consider saying that as hate speech, just one person's observation. There was a ton of expectation that the Zs10 would be the Kz that would crash the price barrier of the $500+ big boys and while it may be good at the $50 mark (and I think that is debatable) it is not the miraculous giant slaying second coming of the messiah that some had hoped for. Big difference in hate and pragmatism.
  9. HungryPanda
    Try to go up a size of silicone tip, if you use medium go large, that works for me with certain earphones
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  10. Otto Motor
    I completely agree with you Wiljen. Not everything is black and white. There are a lot of people who like the ZS10, like stimuz.
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  11. nxnje
    I've already tried switching to bigger silicon tips, but then they don't fit my ear as they're too big.
    The fact is that medium size is perfect as fitting for my ear, but i can't really find a way to not be fatigued by wearing silicon tips as they affect my sensations and perception with the in ear itself.
    I always have this annoying sense of vacuum in the ear as if a doctor is visiting my ear with some stuff that goes deep into the ear canal.
    And if i turn my head, the earphone of the side i turn to watch loses clarity and i hear al muffled like if the sound comes from the deepest part of the ear canal.. it's very annoying, dunno how to explain better..
  12. Otto Motor
    This reviewer is somewhat challenged. He doesn't get a decent sound out of it because he connected the cable wrong. I then watched the other youtube reviews of the ZS10, none of which had any substance. All these guys lacked a certain basic talent...but they played nice background music.
    Last edited: May 7, 2018
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  13. mbwilson111
    People pointed that out in the comments and he replied that he had tried putting on another cable and just put the stock one back on accidently for the review... that he had listened the correct way. But something does not seem right. Even people here who have not liked them have not said it sounds like a paper cup.
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  14. BrunoC
    Then try Ear Plush Tips. Maybe you'll like them. They sure are fluffy.

  15. nxnje

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