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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. SciOC
    This sounds like driver flex (all sets you mention have dynamic drivers). Open your mouth wide when you insert them and that could help.

    As for long term comfort, I can't do anything about that but the kz starline tips are pretty comfortable to me versus most other silicon tips. In general I just find that foam is much more comfortable over time.

    Overall, I have the same issues with silicon tips and dynamic driver sets. To test to see if it is flex, try the same tips with something with only BA drivers and see if you can replicate it, if not, it's driver flex. BA sets won't do it.
  2. Slater
    Agreed - paper cup description sounds suspiciously like they were plugged in out of phase...
  3. WildSeven
    The best seal is created when your ear oil and the silicon tip are sticked together. I don't think that tip will give you good bass.
  4. Zerohour88
    I honestly want to see if there are any reviewers/threads that thought the ZS10 would be a revelation, so I can avoid them.
  5. maxxevv
    He's just creating controversy so that more people will view his video.
  6. Podster
    So family finally had our first biking outing of the season yesterday, even my baby has great taste in iem's:grinning: Now if I could just get him to get his helmet straps right:rolling_eyes:

    Mobile Phones.JPG
    Last edited: May 7, 2018
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  7. mbwilson111
    I don't see a baby...
  8. Podster
    So true, he's about to be 15 but still my baby:wink: His big brother turned 39 back in Feb. so we won't even talk about how old the Pod is:fearful:
  9. Makahl
    I was struggling to find an eartip besides the stock ones which can stay and doesn't ending up stuck in my ears for the ZS3, so, I decided to create a foam one using 3M ear plugs + 3$ leather hole punch. I thought that would give me a darker sound and sounding way too warm, but in fact, it's really good! (maybe because I'm using a bright source like Sabaj DA2). Also, using those foams it can isolate more than Etymotic ER4 so... it's kind of creepy using them outside or at work but perfect for noisy environments. Comfort 10/10.

  10. SciOC
    Just A-B-ing the zsr and zs10 today now that both have more time on them, the zsr is generally better.

    The other day I thought the zs10 was a good deal for the $46 I paid. I still think that's probably true, it's just that the zsr is a freakin steal for $26.

    I can definitely see why a lot of people see the zs10 as a disappointment. Maybe zs10v2 will be good (assuming it happens)?
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  11. rayliam80
    I haven't noticed any driver flex since receiving my ZS10 last Friday. I used them for about an hour with the KZ starline tips then switched the tips to my Auvio Wide Bores then over to my triple flange tips from Earphone Plus (Amazon). The triple flange give me the best sound and no driver flex but I am only inserting them like 1/2 to 3/4 in so they do stick out of my ears somewhat.
  12. pbui44
    Dude, that is a HUGE age gap. It’s like the entire Austin Powers series in real life! :hushed:
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  13. Podster
    Never thought of it like that, had the first one at 22 and my second at 44! Doubt the current is going to want to try in four more years for # 4 when I'm 66 (won't be for not trying though):smiling_imp:

    Just need the Greens to round out my diet:rolling_eyes:

    The 666'ers.JPG
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  14. stryed
    How is isolation on the KZ ZS6 vs the ZS5? Does the vents make a huge downgrade? I listen to the ZS5 on commute and am thinking of a replacement pair as I've lost mine a few months ago. Which version has the lip by the way?
  15. Podster
    The newest Gray one has the lip and I personally find little difference in isolation in the 5 and 6.
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