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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Sylaw
    how does it stack against the Zs5 v1 and possibly ZS10? in terms of sheer resolution and instrumental separation? or it better than both of them in every aspect?
  2. acia
    Makes me audeze fanboy wondering why need to spend more than 10x or 20x more.

    Bought over dozens of kz now.
  3. slowth
    May I know which model of spinfit will fit the ZS10?
  4. bsoplinger
    You can do rather well with the Yersen FEN-2000 or the TRN V20, either under $25. Neither is flat but the V is rather shallow so they allow mids to be reasonable. Nice bass and sub bass that's a bit extra but doesn't muck with the mids very much nor very often. Acceptable highs.

    Not to funny but you could have bought both for about $5 more than you paid for the ZS10 unless you got a really special deal on it. And both will sound better in my opinion. I own all 3. I find the ZS10 to be quite acceptable. But for the current non-sale price of $45 to be a horrible purchase because there are much better choices. Those I've mentioned. The TIN Audio T2 for about $5 (you can get it for less if you have a spare MMCX cable).
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  5. loomisjohnson
    sonically, at least, the zsr renders the zst and zs3 obsolete, with much better mids than the former and more extension and detail than the latter. howsoever, the comfort and fit on the zst and zs3 are superior--i'm not sure why kz went with such an odd bulbous shape for the zsr. the zst does isolate very well and makes a great gym piece, esp. after removing the memory wire
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  6. RolledOff
    for the workout (on elliptical trainer), I always use ZSE, good seal and it stays on my ear
    only have EDR1 not EDR2
    I like the sound of EDR1 over ZSE, but for workout i prefer ZSE
    Last edited: May 3, 2018
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  7. avionzero
    Is the connector (red color) sketch-1525347341660.png of the Zs10 really moving or is it just mine?
  8. nxnje
    Is thwre someone of you that tried Senfer UE or UEs? They're custom iems made by senfer and they're very affordable.
    Have someone of u tried them and can say if they sound similar to any kz model?

    Thank you for the answer, hoping there will be.
  9. slowth
    Can I get the
    Model of those spinfit? I’ve only recently gotten to know about these
  10. DSebastiao
    Currently i have the ZST's, is it worth it to get the ZSR? How do they compare?
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  11. avionzero
    It's not Spinfit, just ordinary tips that came with the EDR1
  12. snip3r77
    Consider tin audio t2
  13. loomisjohnson
    i have the ues and it's a very impressive piece--neutral and balanced. not a lot of bass impact, but very accurate and detailed. the closest kz to it would probably be something like the ed2r or ate, which are relatively balanced, but the ues is more refined. i haven't heard the ue, which is a single dynmaic and supposedly a bassier tuning.
  14. nxnje
    I like the way they are built!
  15. Otto Motor
    Great, I have never had any issues with the different kinds of the KZ rubber stock cable either. The striped one coming with the ZSR is just fine. As I wrote before, I don't think the new one is much more expensive to produce, it is just different. It is an upgrade possibly in terms of reduced microphonics, but I also never had any problems with that either. In terms of tangling up and untangling it, the new one is certainly not an upgrade at all.
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