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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Otto Motor
    Not sure but they stay in my ears even better than the EDR1/2. But that does not work for everybody.
  2. Bartig
    Yes, I find the same thing! I keep on coming back to the spiced up versions of the music the ZSR serves. Also, the spicing up seems to work on every music genre!

    Love the ZSR.
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  3. DocHoliday
    While the 30095 BA treble can be described by many as being too dominant in the ZS6 it is not the case with the ZSR and reportedly not the case with the ZS10 so this appears to be more a matter of tuning via crossover.

    The inclusion of better cables is actually something that I've been quite vocal about from time to time. I thoroughly appreciated the sturdy, albeit rubbery, cables that Knowledge Zenith outfitted most of their models with for the last three years (2014 - 2017) because few to zero of my KZ IEMs have failed due to cable connection failures but be aware that 95% of my KZ's have no microphone. If KZ didn't offer the "no mic" version I probably would not have started collecting KZ's the way I do. My experience has been that most failures in IEMs occur at one of the strain reliefs or at the microphone junction so I avoid IEMs with microphones for the most part. Speaking of my own collection, said failures are practically nonexistent due to KZ's well designed strain reliefs. The cables may not look like much but in my eyes they hold up incredibly well (detachable or permanently affixed).

    That said about KZ's previous cables I think they made the right choice to upgrade to the cables that are currently being included. If the upgraded cables currently being shipped hold up just as well and the microphonics are kept to a minimum then, to me, it will be worth the few extra dollars. I do wish that KZ would have included the upgrade cable with the ZSR; I can't imagine the ZS10 having the older standby cable. The ZS3 cable that was shipped with the ZS6 was nothing less than scandalous if you ask me so it's high time that KZ tackled this issue sooner rather than later. It would be great if they designed an upgrade cable specifically for the ZS6 and shipped the newly minted ZS6 with said cable......just mark down the existing stock to clear the marketplace of old stock with frumpy cables.

    Just as an aside, think back on all the reviews we've read regarding various KZ's. One common thread over the past three years has been the less than flattering remarks about the stock cable. It's time to move forward.
    This sounds like a good option, Slater. I must have a dozen or so KZ cables that still haven't seen the light of day. Great suggestion.
    Last edited: May 2, 2018
  4. B9Scrambler
    I think I'm the only one that legit enjoys KZ's stock cables, haha. The EDse's is the best of the bunch though. Looks similar to their usual stock cable but isn't sticky at all. One of my fav cables of all time.
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  5. SomeTechNoob
    You have to keep in mind that most people buying KZs aren't collectors with full inventories of what KZ has already put out. I'm all for an upgraded cable.
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  6. DocHoliday
    Now you've got my motor running.

    White Castle was the place.


    The fries are somewhat forgettable but the onion-laden meat is iconic.

    No White Castle in California but we've got another iconic burger that's worth the trip.

    .....think I'll put on my ZSR's and head over to In-N-Out for dinner. They literally cut the potatoes just before cooking them so they taste just like "Lay's" classic potato chips. Order the fires with melted cheese and grilled onions to put things over the top.

    Love this thread. Day after day......find a need and fill it!
    Last edited: May 2, 2018
  7. Slater
    I've even seen the ZSE on sale in the $4 range too (11.11 and anniversary sales, gearbest flash sales, etc). At $4 and change, it's a no-brainer.
  8. Slater
    ZSE is kind of an oddball fit due to it's oblong shape. It may not fit everyone (some better than others). Don't get me wrong; they're not uncomfortable. Mine just like to loosen themselves for some reason (in my ears anyways; YMMV). It's one of the few IEMs I own that does that, and I can wear any other IEM fine - ZST, ZSR, ZS3, ZS5, ZS6, etc. I have to use foam tips to lock them in my ears - they they don't budge. Unfortunately, I don't like how the foams change the sound, so they sit unused, which is sad because they don't sound that bad.

    Note that it's very microphonic, so I prefer to wear mine L/R reversed and behind the ear.

    As you said, the EDR1/2 is built like a tank and can take a beating. Don't worry about them running out either - KZ is actively manufacturing both the EDR1 and EDR2. As the old Jay Leno Doritos commercials used to say "crunch all you want; we'll make more".

    I say just stick with what works :)
    Last edited: May 2, 2018
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  9. SciOC
    My zs10 arrived today. I thought I was doing something really stupid putting them in my ears directly after taking out my isine20. It was surprising. Price versus performance you would have never guessed that one pair retails for more than 10x the other one.

    These are excellent for the price. I've not broken them in at all yet, and only listened for maybe an hour, but they really surprised me. The level of detail and staging properties are much better than other sets I've heard under 100 dollars, Dynamics are surprisingly strong as well. There are a few rough edges, but nothing that EQ can't fix or that burn in won't fix.

    So far I'm not disappointed with my first kz purchase. My zsr arrives Friday, so I'll be adding them quickly....
  10. Slater
    I'd be curious to hear your impressions once the ZSRs arrive, and if you still feel the same way about the ZS10 after hearing the ZSR.
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  11. DocHoliday
    I'm listening to the ZSR as I write this and I stand by my comments regarding comfort and capability. The juxtaposition of a warm and smooth sound signature sprinkled with a healthy amount of micro-detail make them difficult to put down. Fatigue-free joy for less than $30. Yes, please!

    Wish they actually came in this color.

  12. Sylaw
    As we speak im waiting for my Zs10 to arrive.. but i have a small question. Whats the best or maybe the closest flat + fast sounding chi-fi iem currently available in the market? ( sub50$ , because i dont believe in chi-fi over 80$ being worthy ) . by flat i mean with less peaks and a bit more mid centric sounding ( because perfect flat dont exist) than rest of the spectrum . Thank you ^_^
  13. gazzington
    Well my zst arrived yesterday. £12 from Amazon. All I can say is, that they are an absolute bargain. Great sound
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  14. snip3r77
    Tinaudio T2
  15. Bartig
    I love the stock KZ cables as well. Sure, they’re a bit hard to bend over the ear, but of all the cables I have, the original KZ cables are the only ones that never tangle!

    Heck, I even swapped the braided KZ ZS10 cable for the simple ZST ones.

    #teamoriginalcable :p
    Last edited: May 3, 2018
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