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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Slater
    In case people are willing to wait for the Ailexpress sales that happen a few times a year, I paid $27 for my T2 during the anniversary sale.

    They are also around that price during 11.11, and other times (black friday/cyber monday, and I think 1 other time maybe around July for some other holiday/sale).
  2. DocHoliday
    I wholeheartedly agree. I'm willing to bet that "ROCK" farmed out the fabrication for the Rock Zircon. If KZ wants to make it happen the resources are available.......at a price. When one considers that the Rock Zircon was in the sub-$20 price bracket "before" they sold thousands of Zircons I'd say it's well within the realm of possibility to offer a premium variation of the IEM proposed.

    KZ can farm out the fabrication and do periodic quality control checks.

    ......oops......there's the rub.....QC!

    Last edited: May 3, 2018
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  3. Otto Motor
    My former family brewery (1899 - 1968)....with classic Canadian comment.

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  4. Slater
    You're right - if Rock could pull it off and make it profitable, KZ certainly could. I would also love to see another copper-bodied IEM. The ED9 was very successful; an updated version doesn't even have to have changeable filters

    KZ, are you reading this?? Could you consider a ceramic or copper housing please?

    P.S. - Hilarious movie BTW. Not everyone appreciates its satire. Funny fact, production was so incredibly difficult due to the marionettes, Matt and Trey vowed never to make another movie as long as they lived. Every time I see the Gary (with his hack-job transformation) flailing his arms trying to give the signal in the back of the jeep as they shoot at him, I spit beer out of my nose LOL

    Last edited: May 3, 2018
  5. Otto Motor
    I took my ZS10 out last night for a spin - in order to validate my head fi review of it. And yes, I wouldn't change anything. In short, after a while of listening I was totally dissatisfied by the overall impression. Sure, the resolution, layering, and imaging are very good, and the image is big, but the lack of coherence is appalling to my ears. Bass and mids are constantly fighting each other....and the bass always wins.

    I then used my ZSR. Again, technically not as advanced as the ZS10 but simply ear candy in comparison. Sorry, can't help it.
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  6. SciOC
    use some EQ. I listened my first session with no EQ, and found the mids to be too recessed and laid back. Also there was some sibilance. Listening to Ellie Goulding, for instance, was not very fun. EQ basically fixed these issues, the coherence between bass and mids is still a problem, but honestly, I think it's hard to pair a DD with BA and not have some level of difficulty due to the way they produce sound.
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  7. DocHoliday
    For the ED9 upgrade/redesign, I think a good move would be to offer wood housing. Ebony, Walnut, etcetera but I think they should still offer swappable filters. Now that KZ has graphene dynamic drivers to work with I think a single graphene DD would likely continue the legacy of KZ offering a fantastic sounding yet inexpensive single DD IEM.


    The scenes that makes me spew fluids.

    Last edited: May 3, 2018
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  8. toddy0191
    @DocHoliday no joy with the ZS10 the DD is dead as a door nail still.

    AK Audio are being very stubborn and will only accept me returning it for repair. I explained that the cost of tracked shipping from the UK makes this quite costly and offered to pay half of what I originally paid for them to send a replacement, to which they replied that I could buy a new set for $32!!!!!

    Worst cs I've had so far from a AE seller.
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  9. rokushoo
    I want to get new tips for my ATRs, but I'm not sure if I should go with the Whirlwind or the Starline tips. I'm curious to know what most people prefer between the two for the ATR. If it helps I tend to prefer a more neutral sound. Also my ATRs are the ones with the red shelled driver if that makes any difference.
  10. Otto Motor
    I had similar issues with my seller after the MMCX contacts of my Tinaudio T2 came loose. I contacted Tinaudio per their Facebook site...and voila...a new pair will be in the mail, soon. Try to get into contact with Knowledge Zenith directly - and explain them why this is no good advertisement for them as it stands.
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  11. durwood
    That could be why I prefer my ZSR over the ZS10 as well. There is this weird texture thing between the bass and midrange I cannot put my finger on, I don't know if I hate it or not. So most likely the dynamic driver to balanced armature 50096 transition? We don't actually know the crossover points. Up until this point KZ has only used their 30095 with varying dynamic drivers right? The ZSR is the only other one they mention using 2 different BA's, but they are not specific enough to mention models. I am wondering if coherency is something that would show up in measurements somewhere because...well...I like measurements too. Is it not coherent because of the crossover point, or is there a physical distance issue that causes timing differences?
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  12. B9Scrambler
    KZ's Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/kzacoustics.hk/
  13. toddy0191
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  14. mbwilson111
    I have medium Starlines on my ATR.

    You could try both yourself and see what you like best. Your ears will not be the same as someone elses.
    Last edited: May 3, 2018
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  15. Slater
    What about the buyer protection/dispute on Aliexpress? That's pretty straight forward.
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