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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. HungryPanda
  2. HungryPanda
    And they are termite proof
  3. Lord Rexter
    Yes it is, they are very budget friendly :o2smile:

    Here's my collection:
  4. mbwilson111
    LOL... in MY collection! You would be surprised. I can't find them anymore on alie..I think they are sold out.
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  5. mbwilson111
    that is the best part!

  6. TLDRonin
    Slater's collection?
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  7. Otto Motor
    In Canada, I would have to stain them every couple of years and avoid exposing them to woodpeckers. They do look good, though. What brand? Fisher Price?

    These Superlux look good, too. I don't know the brand You can get them on amazon prime, though.
  8. mbwilson111
    Those are my Liboer BH718. 40mm titanium driver. Not real wood... kind of a molded plastic. Cups are detachable. They click on in different places to adjust the size. Good drivers in a really lightweight frame. About $25 on ali last July. No longer available.

    This is my other Liboer. I got the last one on amazon uk for £10. Ones like this in various colors and designs still sell on ali for about $30. For my £10 I also got a hard case and a bag! and they actually sound good. I think they are the same drivers as the other one. Fun discoveries.

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  9. Slater
    Actually, I don't own a single wooden full-size headphone. I would like to eventually get a pair of something wood. Just haven't had the right opportunity come along...
  10. TLDRonin
    You could make a pair with your nose :)
  11. Otto Motor
    Now I get it: Pinocchio = Slater. That hadn't been intended at all :)
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  12. sino8r
    I do wonder how wooden phones sound. I'd imagine that resonance would have play a huge factor in order to take advantage of the wood qualities. I've seen a few online but kinda thought that they might be a gimmick. But alas, I'm not as knowledgeable as you folks. Curious if some manufacturer went to the Alps and used a Spruce that is several hundred years old (lived through the little ice age). Would it sound better like a Stradivarius?
  13. DocHoliday
    I had hoped that KZ would offer something comparable to these at some point but I think it's best that they focus on fine-tuning the dynamic drivers for their IEMs.

    At $30 this was money well spent.

    Sound MAGIC P21
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  14. sino8r
    Someone mentioned a 12 driver/armature KZ but there's no mention of anything like that on that upcoming 2018 KZ pic. Is that common for KZ to release a model with no promotion or leak? I realize that they release a lot of models but was just curious of you guys opinions. The image that was shown looked to have a similar build as the ZS10. Could this be the ZS6 successor? Would be strange not to have a metal build though. I wonder if it's a fake?
  15. Otto Motor
    I like it traditional with technology from Hanover, Germany. My best $25 CAD spent were on the HD231...a smaller HD598 with an arid bass and therefore way superior over my PX100 and PX100ii. Nice and small for watching TV on my iPad in bed. Discontinued and hard to get. This is my most frequently used headphone, albeit far from being my best...I also like the slightly lesser $30 USD brand new Koss KPH30i.

    And even better was the unbelievable $21 CAD for an open box HD471 (the one in the first pic w/o box).

    Both are excellent but the HD 471 is harder to drive.

    Now you understand why I wasn't looking for Chinese headphone designs.

    a4283b11-0009-4d4f-bc58-2c3fc1f45801.jpg._CB526666078_.jpg sennheiser.jpg
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2018

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