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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. ssnjrthgr8
    Graphene? KZ has a new DD?
  2. ssnjrthgr8
  3. sino8r
    The KZ ES4 are supposed to have them. I wonder why the ZS10 didn't?
  4. F4yze
    Sure if they're small enough, like a microdriver iem. The case has a decent bit of height so you can stack them on top of one another. But it can only fit one big iem like the kz zs6 or zs10.
  5. nxnje
    Heyy guysss
    I've read something good about the Senfer UEs (custom iems), may someone of you compare that in order to find a similar sounding kz? Are they wort ~20€?
  6. smy1
    The silver upgraded cable for the zs5 work on the zsr right?
  7. ssnjrthgr8
    Maybe a ZS10 v2 or another KZ flagship is coming out. A leaked image of a new KZ with 12 drivers were posted in here earlier.
  8. bsoplinger
    If you're curious about headphones with wood ear cups check out the Massdrop Fostex TH-X00 thread here. A very popular headphone. I love my steal of a deal $185 instead of $450 Purpleheart ones.
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  9. TLDRonin
    They might have started producing the ZS10s before they got their hands on the graphene DDs
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  10. cleg
    I've got ZS10 and as usual made a video

    Actually, for their price — not bad at all. Not something superb, but I've actually expected much worse
  11. DocHoliday
    Thanks for loading the video.

    If you enjoy more air and better treble extension then you may prefer the ZS6 ($45) but I'd recommend ordering a better cable for them.

    rayliam80 likes this.
  12. cleg
    thank you, but ZS6's treble is to synthetic for me, unfortunately. Quality-wise ZS10 is better, they just missing some quantity. EQing actually can fix that.
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  13. TLDRonin
    Totally agree with the EQ part.

    Out of the box, It was okay, but I am thoroughly enjoying them after tweakin around with Equalizer APO. Female vocals don't sound weird, and vocals are more forward.
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  14. JohnVoight
    ZS10 is in! My first KZ.
    Listening to it since last 2 hours.
    First impression - colour me impressed! :ksc75smile:

    I like it. Really like it! The sound is as per my preference. (Electronic music and such)
  15. DeltaAudio
    Isn't all that QKZ does is rebrand other earphones? The Vk1 is literally the Trn v10 (it even has the same packaging) without the balanced armatures

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