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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Devodonaldson
    Lol, I "hate" running, lve the music, but as an athlete I need to run as a complement to my sport training. So HiFi audio helps me. Anything that would be good for sitting at home listening sound, would work for me. I like to be transported to my listening location while I'm actually doing my roadwork. Been using my V-moda Crossfade 2. Enjoy them, but would like I'm as they are smaller, and not a $300 pair that I'm sweating on. Had ZST and was ok, but interested in possible upgrade of ZS6, ZSR, ZS10. Just don't know which has most realistic audio presentation and frequency response
  2. mbwilson111
    I am sitting here wearing a purple Tshirt with a purple fleece over it (chilly in the house... about 62 F) using my purple mouse on my purple mousemat, drinking tea from a purple mug that sits on a purple silicone coaster with a purple chair mat under my feet. And, there is something else purple in this photo (taken from where I sit):


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  3. manukmanohar
    how does rose pudding compare to other iems in the price range? I'm looking for a good iem in the sub 300 usd category. simply based on reviews, massdrop plus is at the top of my list of consideration.
  4. Saoshyant
    Purple should be the standard color instead of black.
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  5. mbwilson111
    I was hoping you meant the ZS10. Mine should be arriving this week. Comments have become less negative as more people get them, and get used to them. I had a long listen to my husband's pair before ordering mine and I enjoyed it. At the time it felt like he and I were the only ones enjoying them.
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  6. Saoshyant
    While I enjoy it, I really never fell in love with it, but it’s great for bassy music. Also, many Rose IEMs have QC issues.

    Which reminds me I should try ED15.
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2018
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  7. Aparker2005
    Wonder how soon this 12 driver will be out. You can't even get your pre-order iems in before kz has already announced another!

    Again I'm only using these mainly for an iem for on stage drumming and drum practice. I thought about selling my ZST locally, but at $14 for the ES4 I think I'll keep them for just in case back up.
  8. mbwilson111
    Everyone knows purple sounds best. More clarity than black. Black is slightly too dark:)
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  9. groucho69
    I had Graphene FLM once but antibiotics cleared it up
  10. Otto Motor
    The ZS6 will always be in its own league - for several reasons: super design "borrowed" from the Campfire Andromeda. Super metal housings. Great looking upgrade cables at reasonable prices available. And no other KZ model has had or will ever have this treble peak again.

    Unique in its class!
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2018
  11. zato23
    Anyone knows where can buy the KZ LP3 (sold out on most places i looked)?
    If someone from EU have a pair and dont need it ,pm me .
    kz lp3.jpg
  12. Slater
    Why do you want those turds?

    Worst pair of headphones I own.

    Built like crap. Fit like crap. Sound like crap. Drivers are crap. Pads are crap. Can't mod them at all.

    I'm in the US, but if I was in the EU I would not only send them to you free, I would pay YOU to take them off my hands.
  13. Devodonaldson
    Purple is awesome! My favorite color. Just saying
  14. Adide
    Please empty your Recycle Bin so my ocd can settle down.
    Thank you.
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  15. zato23
    What about the built of headband ?
    I wanted the headband for ksc75

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