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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Slater
    Wow, that's a name I haven't heard in a looong time! I forgot all about them!
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  2. sino8r
    Yeah, I grabbed mine on Amazon sold by Yinyoo and it claimed on the description to have the csr8645 chip. But the folks in the question section asked if it's aptx and one claimed that the seller had contacted them and described it as an older version without and that they'd have a newer version soon. Maybe I'll have to check Aliexpress. The funny thing is they state out of stock and available on the 30th. Maybe the newer ones will be available then or it's just a coincidence. I'm fairly certain these are aptx anyways. They certainly sound really good compared to the KZ and ERJIGO bluetooth cables. Those were terrible. The TRN bluetooth sounds fairly close to the silver cables in quality.
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  3. Otto Motor
    I chose my own lullaby as I never made it past French Rap (such as Ssssoon E MC and MC Ssssolaar): Sssssscarboro Fair by Sssssimon and Garfunkel from their recent box set at a healthy volume. Sssssscarboro sounded a bit ssssibilant with the ED15 but even more ssssibilant with the Ssssssennheiser Momentum in ear, and equally ssssibilant with the Focal Ssssssspark. Only the ZSssss10 were a bit less ssssibilant.

    I'd ssssay the ssssibilance of the ED15 is average on this particular track. I also checked Ssssade "Ssssmooth Operator" and could not find it overly ssssibilant with the ED15.

    The threshold is obviously personal. I remember that I thought a year ago my Senns were faulty - now they sound just fine to me. Similar with the Focal Sphear...unless they loosened up after "burn-in" :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2018
  4. DocHoliday
    Schiller - Under My Skin (feat. Kim Sanders) is a well-recorded track and is a staple in my collection. Great pick, B9.
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2018
  5. toddy0191
    I've just had a listen to mine again with a track with loads of sibillance(cologne cerrone Houdini by Glodfrapp) and can see how some people may classify them as sibillant. I'm personally not that bothered by it but that's probably due to my ageing hearing, as I was one of the many who found the zs6 fine too.

    I've got foams on mine, which may help.
  6. ChaoticKinesis
    Following up on my initial impressions of the ZS10, I am finding harshness in the upper midrange when listening at increased volumes. This was not noticeable at home and only becomes noticeable with specific music.

    For most metal and electronic music I sampled with, it did not bother me. However, it was particularly noticeable when listening to violin recordings regardless of production quality. Whenever the violin played forte and louder, especially in the higher registers, if my volume was set to relatively loud it was painful. I haven't experienced this with other earphones in some time. I haven't done much fine tuning with EQ but this is clearly associated with that peak in the 2-4 kHz range. On my very limited phone EQ, I had to cut both the 910 Hz and 3.6 kHz bands by a few dB for it to be tolerable, since those were the only bands available in that range.

    I also tried swapping to the Yersen filter tips that came with the FEN-2000 and that completely fixed the harsh mids but has also done more shaping to the FR. I have to spend some more time with them to conclude whether or not I like them for all styles of music.

    As for those who are calling the ZS10 bass cannons, have you tried the ZSR? Those have far more bass than the ZS10. I think the bass is actually very nice, smooth, and has pretty good extension.
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  7. TLDRonin
    Someone called the ZS10s bass cannons? They are far from that
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  8. snip3r77
    All in all, zxr is the best offering from kz now? Regardless of price
  9. TLDRonin
    They seem to be the "safest" of the more expensive KZ models.
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  10. Bartig
    Yes, the ZS10 is very, VERY colored. It seems to make every guitar or analog track somewhat electronic sounding. You will lose a great deal of authenticity in some songs.

    However just yesterday I found out I can actually love this signature too. They’re great on EDM and electronic music, with their separation in bass and emphasized vocals.

    Especially when it comes to price quality ratio. The ZS10 sounds a bit like the ZSR, but it takes away the mid bass bleeding and adds sometimes pronounced and sometimes blown-up mids. Also, the ZS10 has a little more detail in the instrument placement. Although they don’t sound very natural... I’d recommend the ZSR for the price.
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2018
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  11. maxxevv
    It might be 'clipping' of the frequency wave at higher volumes (higher power draw) and resulting in distorted output, hence the 'harshness'.

    Its a problem with speakers when paired with amplifiers not having a transient response that can keep up with the transient power demands of the speaker domes. Its theoretically possible with earphones though its quite unthinkable that an earphone can be that demanding.

    Just a question though, what was the driving source you used with the ZS10?

    I listen to a lot classical and in particular violins, but I have not noticed that issue yet ( I've gone through about 6 ~7 concertos and chamber pieces since getting the ZS10). But I was playing it on my LG G6 in "external device" mode or through my ES9028Q2M DAC Amp which has plenty of juice.
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  12. hydroid
    1 less BA against ZS6.. hmmm
  13. friuns
    Got zs10 first impressions those big fail they sound a lot like tin audio t2 but worse, only good thing about them there no highs piersing. But everything else a lot worse than in zs6, a lot less detail, less sound stage, mudness, less seperation, hard to belive they have 5 drivers

    Maybe burn in help but i doubt as they so far away from zs6
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2018
  14. Bartig
    Choo choo! Here comes the KZ ES4 :)

  15. harriss
    on oneplus 3 , it actualy shows Qualcomm APTX logo on the notification side and state APTX-HD .
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