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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Slater
  2. stimuz
    to anyone disappointed with zs10, try foam tips. i already liked zs10, but i dont think i was able to get a perfect seal without foam, theyre simply the most awkward iems ive used fit wise.
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  3. ChaoticKinesis
    I think the fit issues some people have are related to the fairly short nozzle and how it immediately transitions into the wide, expanding body.

    Personally, I thought the most awkwardly fitting IEMs were the Xiaomi Hybrid Pro HD. After trying dozens of tips, I gave them away because I couldn't get a good seal.
  4. TheVortex
    I might try my ZS10's with the New Bee foams and I like my Xiaomi Pro HD's with the KZ Starline tips in place of the crappy ones that come with it.
  5. ChaoticKinesis
    The KZ Starline tips are the longest tips I have that I'm able to use (Spinfits just don't work for me) and they came the closest to giving me a seal in the Xiaomi Pro HDs but it still was not enough.

    I also want to take back my initial statement that the Starlines are too long for the ZS10, as they're not. However, then the upper mids kill my ears. So far I'm liking them with the Yersen filter tips but haven't had a chance to A/B them with anything else yet. Based on the frequency response of the ZS6 with Ostry 200 posted earlier in this thread, that 2-6 kHz cut looks perfect for the ZS10.
  6. sino8r
    Seem to fit me well although mine came with foam since I pre-ordered. To me the zs6 fit poorly even with foam. I have to really turn and maneuver one side to seal perfectly. Maybe I'm lopsided or the nozzle is too long.
  7. sino8r
    Are we sure these aren't the metal YZ35 models that are due this year or a these like the old stock that's housed in a new shell? They looks similar and have the same amount of drivers. Or does the upcoming coming model have 2 BA and 1 DD? I'm still curious if the YZ35 is a new version of the ZS6?
  8. paulindss
    The description page says that its a completely new model. Not a rebrand.

    They say...
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  9. Otto Motor
  10. bhazard
    Yes! The big bass boom is top notch for movies and video games. Mids and highs need tweaking. I haven't figured out a perfect EQ curve for that yet.
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  11. kr0mka
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Really enjoying my ZS10 with Yinyoo 2.5mm balanced cable + X5III as source. Compared to ZS5v1 the treble is a bit more refined, bass is also on the stronger side and the soundstage expanded a little. The fit was perfect out of the box, these are quite more comfortable than zs5. It's my first day with them, so far everything seems good :smile_phones:
  12. rfsux
    I have the ZS10 but skipped the ZS5v1 and want to know if this has the same sound or tone as the ZS5v1 .
  13. Otto Motor
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  14. Otto Motor
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