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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. B9Scrambler
    Mine are going back into the box until I'm ready to deal with the sibilance. ZS6 is like cream in comparison. Too bad because the bass is phenomenal. That alone makes them worth the effort. Without it they'd join my ED12 in purgatory, haha.
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  2. phower
    Burn in is for loud speakers which use the surround. The surround takes sometime to become loose. Break in for tiny dynamic drivers and balanced armatures is pointless despite so many people here claiming the contrary.
    BTW surround is the cloth impregnated with a special plastic or sometimes made out of rubber. The dynamic drivers in earphones don't use them and hence no need for break-in or burn in.
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2018
  3. Viber
    Is there an easy\safe way to open the shells of the ATR and\or ZSE?

    @Slater ?
  4. sino8r
    Yeah, I'm not a fan either. They sound really flat in comparison to the ZS6 imo. I requested a return on my ZS10 and they offered me 35 bucks off. I decided to keep as backups. Maybe I'll attempt to mod them somehow but I really think it's all about the extra driver and the placement of the armatures. I'm not really sure that any dip switchs, parallel, or in a series wiring will fix that. Who knows though.
  5. Slater
    TRN cable is 4.2.

    1 version of the TRN cable has aptX (no aptX HD or aptX low latency). The pther version of the TRN cable has no aptX.
  6. Slater
    ATE and ATR is easy. Not sure about the ZSE, but I'll bet the same method would apply.

    I have used 2 methods, but a number of people jumped on me for 1 of the methods.

    Method 1 - Put the shell in your teeth, with the seam running PARALLEL with your teeth (ie nozzle pointing out of your mouth). Hold the seam exactly on your cuspids. GENTLY apply pressure, and it will break the glue seal and the shell will come right apart. It is very fast, and very easy. And before people freak out again, it is very soft plastic, and the amount of pressure you apply is equal to or less than biting a raw almond (the seed not the shell). There is as much danger to your teeth using this method as there is eating almonds. So if you have fragile teeth, wooden false teeth, dentures, crowns, or anything that would be a risk to eating almonds, don't use this method. I.e. Standard disclaimer to calm people's worries "Do not use this method - it is bad for your teeth - do it at your own risk".

    Method 2 - Use a pair of vice grip pliers. Open the jaws all of the way so that they just BARELY hold the shell at the seam (with the seam running PERPENDICULAR with the vice grip jaws, i.e. nozzle pointing away from the pliers). GENTLY tighten the knob so that it applies pressure, and it will break the glue seal and the shell will come right apart. It is very fast, and very easy.

    Both methods, if done right, are fast, easy, and won't leave any marks on the shells.
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2018
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  7. Slater
    Listen to this clip on the ED15, and your ears will melt off LOL

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  8. B9Scrambler
    Oh God... haha!
  9. Otto Motor
    Interesting: I have not identified any sibilance in mine (or something is wrong with my ears...which cannot be excluded). Bass of mine is super strong and firm: fun but not realistic. Hope sibilance is not a QC issue...or source dependency...

    Suggest a test track and I will check for sibilance again.
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2018
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  10. sino8r
    Is there any way to tell the difference? I just checked my box and it's instructions. No dice...
  11. rfsux
    editing my review
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2018
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  12. B9Scrambler
    Totally agree on the bass. It's great. Love that aspect. Wish the ZS10 had a similar presentation there. But no, I doubt sibilance is a QC issue. Just raw, unfiltered BAs. I'll probably stick on one of the RE400 filters like I did with the ZS6 to take the edge off. Maybe open up the nozzle and stick in some porous foam if needed. With some light mods they'll be great. As-is with the sibilance? Na.

    Aesop Rock - Blood Sandwich
    Schiller - Under My Skin (feat. Kim Sanders)
    Dillon Francis - We The Funk (the mild sibilance it adds to the smooth vocals here is impressive)
    Lenzman - Open Page (Feat. Riya) (another with smooth vocals that it adds sibilance to)
    BT - The Great Escape (feat. Caroline Lavelle)
    De La Soul - Attack of the Stet

    Need more?
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  13. Otto Motor
    I don't think I have any of the above...but will find them on youtube.

    Sibilance in my collection: Focal Sphear, Sennheiser Momentum in-ear, Sennheiser CX 5.00...
  14. Slater
    No clue. I only have the aptx version myself (and no aptx sources).

    I would check the listing where you bought it again very carefully. The listings that I've seen on Aliexpress have been clear on each version (and there is a price difference between the 2 versions as well).
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  15. TLDRonin
    I really want to try watching this with a ZS6 or ED15 lmaoo

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